Thursday, May 7, 2015

April Results / May Goals

Oh hey goal time. I was quite vague last month and didn't set any real concrete goals, because I was getting in a nasty habit of not achieving any of them. So I thought if I set super attainable goals, I would, you know.. attain them.

Life According to Steph

So, did I?

General goals

- Make a few freezer meals for my friend. See said friend and harass her and her new baby when he shows up. I'm so excited!!
I made a couple of meals for my friend and her family, and only took a photo of my 'ratatouille'.

- Read some books. Because I never do that.
I read a few books, less than last month for sure. But, I still read.

- Send a gift to my bestie at home who is pregnant with her 2nd and says she doesn't need anything. 
Sent bestie a gift certificate to get pampered. Thanks for your suggestions all!

- Run a bunch.
Define a bunch? I think one week I ran once, but other than that I was pretty consistent.

- Lift some weights and do some yoga.
I didn't actually lift a whole lot of weights, but I did do push ups and squats and planks so I'm gonna go with pass. I also yoga'd a lot. Want to get back into proper (to me) weight lifting though.

- Eat well.
I'm gonna go with fail. I didn't eat very well at all.

- Lose weight. 
Half pass? The scale went down a little.

- Make new recipes. At least one? Come on Kristen.
Zero new recipes. 

- Spring clean the shit out of my house and closet.
I did spring clean a wee bit, especially at the start of the month, then my motivation kind of fizzled out.

- At work, do more work and less blogging. 
I'm gonna go half pass? I definitely need to work on this some more but I was definitely better. I still blogged a bit, but I cut down on other things like pinteresting or searching for recipes and made sure all my work was done. Because that's what I get paid for.

Finance goals:

- Sell stuff on eBay.
Oops. I will do this eventually - this weekend or next, maybe?

- Save for Europe / separate Europe $$ from normal savings.
Pass. I set up a separate savings 'plan' because I really didn't want to touch our normal savings. KC thinks we will still dip into our normal savings, I want to prove him wrong.

- Put a dent in that credit card I didn't put a dent in last month.
Fail. With the green card renewal, saving for Europe, Derby and whatnot, there was no extra $$ in April. I still made more than minimum but not as big a dent as I wanted.

- Don't buy a damn thing.

- That includes eating out for lunch, Kristen!
Fail. I ate out for lunch once, but I legit had nothing else. My fault, but hot damn it tasted good, and it was only once which is better than once a week.

Now, for May.. May May May. May is going to be so hard for me. Just kidding. READ ALL THE BOOKS. Ok, I'm not that crazy.  Read books. The summer challenge started May 1st, so that's fun. All my challenge lists are here, in case you wanted to know.

Other goals?

- Try not to get too excited for Europe. Haha jk. ALL THE EXCITEMENT.
- Continue saving - meet goal.
- Try not to shop too much.
- Exercise a bunch and lose a wee bit of weight.

Oh, guess what? The end of April marks 8 months without soda. For someone who used to drink at least 3 litres a day - at least, zero exaggeration - this is a big deal. It's the longest I've ever gone without soda since I was like 7 probably. I've almost slipped up a couple of times, especially after a run or race, but I've stayed strong. Yay me!

What you got going on, world?


  1. Dang girl! You had a lot of goals, Im proud of you! And the no spending one. Seriously, you are super human for passing that one! I need your self restraint! Fyi, that ratatouille looks SO good! Congrats on 8 months without soda, so amazing!!!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Great job getting rid of soda and not shopping! Kicking habits is sooo hard. You had a ton of goals and you hit most of them. Overall, awesome!

  3. YES alllll the excitement for Europe! And you did great on the no spending, for me it's easy to bring lunch to work every day it's the weekends that usually get bad in terms of eating out/spending money. Definitely need to work on that! You've got this gurlie :)

  4. 8 months without soda, you rock girlfriend. And weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Europe, so exciting!

  5. HOLD ON. 3 liters of soda PER DAY? I don't drink 3 liters of anything per day... Are you sure? Did your teeth rot out?! Holy cow. Good for you for breaking that habit! Keep up the good work!

  6. I think you are so smart for getting a separate savings for Europe it'll be awesome not to have to dip into your regular savings!! Eating out for lunch once - that's a pass!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. Sooooooo many goals! I'm impressed you did so many of them!!!

  8. You did so many amazing things! I barely passed on the two goals that I had LOL! Huge congrats for doing so much and accomplishing so much!

  9. Congrats on the long stretch without soda!!! I've never been more than a one can a day (at most) girl but I have friends that drink like you did and that's such a huge accomplishment! Read all the books sounds like the best plan to me!! Yay for Europe, bring on the excitement!!

  10. I am SO proud of you for so many things! Your shopping freeze is beyond admirable, and I can't tell you enough how awesome that is. And 8 months without soda after you used to drink so much of it CANNOT have been easy, but look at you totally rocking it!? Wow. After such a goal-heavy month in April (where you did pretty damn awesome!) it'll be nice to have fewer things to worry about in May. Enjoy the month :)

  11. I went 40 days without Dr Pepper. But like an idiot I started back.

  12. Eating out for lunch only once is still a win. You didn't cave on any of your other spending either! You did good overall in April! I need to get back to being better about meal planning. Best of luck with your May goals!!

  13. You did really well lady! Scale numbers down = success all day long, too! So sweet you made your friend dinner and sent the gift card. Great friend you are ;)

  14. Sometimes attainable goals is all you need :) This seems pretty darn good to me! My April goal was just to survive. And here I am alive... bhah Also not bursting into tears while setting up at the bridal show. Checked that one off. :) I'm looking forward to the rest of the year, and setting goals for it. April just could not handle any more. :) Glad you killed it last month! XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  15. Yay for separate savings fund for Europe trip! And getting stuff to sell on eBay/Craigslist always a big hurdle for me but last month I sold three things on Craigslist and it felt so good to have a little cash :). Yay for not buying anything you didn't need in April! Good job also giving up soda. I know it's hard because my husband can't go a week without it. I don't tell him to give it up because I'm afraid he might tell me to give up coffee!

  16. I am so impressed with your no buy month. You rocked it!

    I love that you're doing separate savings for Europe. I do trips like that too.

    I am the WORST at selling stuff. If I can't give it away, it's not happening.

  17. Go girl! Get those goals!! I could add some of these to my list too!!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  18. Not spending for a month is something I should try.. I should also make a freezer meal for our friends next door that are expecting a little boy in June! I thought I set a lot of goals for the month and was starting to wonder if I could do it all, but it seems you accomplished a lot in one month so feeling a bit more confident now! Have a great weekend! xo

  19. Sooo proud on you for still not having any soda! And all of your other goals that you accomplished this month-- especially the shopping one! That cleaning ecard is completely me lately and it's becoming a problem, haha. There aren't enough hours in the day!

  20. I also accept freezer meals and gift cards. ;)
    I've barely been drinking pop, either! Usually only a couple a week... down from a couple of 12 PACKS a week! lol

  21. Haha I love your honesty! Overall, pretty damn successful, especially not buying anything, you rocked that. Have fun with all the reading in May, I know you'll be awesome :)

  22. i love the fact that you made freezer meals for your friend. that is definitely a gift that will get used! i know they appreciated it.

  23. Congrats on giving up soda! That is a hard one! I still allow myself one or two fountain sodas on the weekends but strictly drink plain water, LaCroix, or Vitamin Water Zero during the week. Overall you did amazing! That no shopping thing is soo hard for me!

  24. So proud of you for not spending anything and being that long without soda. That is so hard for me, even a sip here or there. My Mom said to me tonight actually well I have been eating good, like i just had this steak and cheese and it was really good! Haha! Probably not the same meaning! ;) Love the ecard!

  25. 7 months? Holy cow! That's awesome. I think you did great for April plus you didn't buy anything! That still blows my mind. I'm in money saving mode after having to buy a new computer and forking out money for our kitchen. It's hard, though! We are gonna try not eating out at all. Europe would be a great incentive to save!

  26. Those were a lot of goals and you rocked them. those you say you didnt pass - Id still say they were ok given the sheer amount of goals you had. As for blogginf at work... I tend not to blog at work much anymore hence me being late to commenting. In the beginning I blogged at work a whole lot so I commented early in the morning. boo. Maybe I should start up again.


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