Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Sweats Vol 4

This week was a bit lazy to be honest. I didn't go to the gym once. I only ran once. I yoga'd a bit. I need to find the balance. Again, no need to read these if they aren't your jam!

Monday: yoga (20 mins) + strength-ish workout (10 mins)
I didn't get to sleep until after midnight, so there was no gym going in the morning.

I decided to do something different when I got home and attempt this yoga for weight loss video - not because I want to lose weight (though I do), it just looked interesting. I only managed about half the video, it was a bit hard and I wasn't 100% feeling it. I was sweating a bit and almost face planted on my mat, it was super slippery. Not sure why, I never had that issue with my old mat. Sad face. Finished up with this video which deconstructed some harder poses and was very helpful.

Then I did 50 squats, 3 x 20 second planks and 15 push ups. Not sure whether to count these as strength workouts though, but why not. they are for a 30 day challenge thingy (pinned here). I am trying to do strength training more frequently even if it's just those 3 things. Can't hurt, right?

Tuesday: yoga (30 mins) + strength-ish workout (10 mins)

I didn't get up again but I'm not mad about it. I woke up to a slightly lower number on the scales and even though that shouldn't be my motivation, and it's really not I promise, it doesn't hurt.

Unfortunately, I had a shit day at work with shitty people and all around shit storms. I was looking forward to going home and relaxing, yoga-ing the stress away. Unfortunately my mood was crappy and though this instagram challenge has been fun it's certainly made me realise how unaware I was of how many poses I've been doing incorrectly. Adding to the crapometer scale for the day.

Oh well, the only way to get better is to practice! I did the hips & hamstrings video and then the yoga for hangovers video (really dig it). Then I did 55 squats, 3 x 20 second planks and 16 push ups.

Wednesday: yoga (20 mins) + strength-ish workout (10 mins)

My lower back is in a world of pain, thankfully Alyssa just happened to be talking about it on her blog today and sent me further info. When I got home, I did everything she told me to plus did 60 squats, 17 push ups and 3 x 30 second planks. My lower back was still sore after doing the lower back yoga again so I just moped around the house, stuffed my face and went to sleep.

Thursday: yoga (10 mins)

This morning I woke up and checked my phone like I always do. It wasn't until I saw an email from Alyssa that I remembered my lower back was supposed to be in pain.. the pain was completely gone. I jumped out of bed, twisted and turned, bent down, picked heavy things up trying to aggravate my lower back to see if the pain was still there (I'm so bright) and I could feel a slight twinge, but it's like 98% gone. This is why I love yoga (and Alyssa!). You'd think I'd just won a millon dollars I was so happy.

When I got home, I did the lower back yoga again to make sure this pain gets gone. My squat challenge was supposed to be a rest day so I decided to take the whole day off.

Friday: yoga (10 mins) + strength-ish workout (10 mins)
Today I did 18 push ups, 3 x 30 seconds planks and 70 squats. Then I did this easy abs for lazy people video, but didn't feel like doing much else, so.. I didn't.

Saturday: Ran 3 miles (9:48p/m) + strength-ish workout (10 mins)

Yeah, first run this week. Good job Kristen. I only felt like 3, so thats what I did. Then I did 19 push ups, 3 x 40 seconds planks and 75 squats. Zero yoga today.

Sunday: Yoga (75 mins) 
I finally went to my Sunday yoga class. It wasn't an easy class but I did enjoy it.. some parts not so much but nothing too bad. Unfortunately my brand new mat and I are not friends, no matter what I do, I slip and slide on that thing like it's a slip n slide. So disappointing. I also accidentally took the whole day off from my little challenges.

A photo posted by Kristen (@seeyouinaporridge) on

Yoga 6 /  165 minutes
Running 1 /  3 miles
Strength 5 but like little baby ones


- Sweet running game this week Kristen.

- The yoga teacher was nice but she was a bit snarky. I'm hoping she just had an off day because she seemed to be well liked. It was also super busy and some girl hit my face with her feet 3 times. Plus she started snoring during the last pose, as you do...

Please let next week be better... It's all on you, Kristen!


  1. You've been doing so well lately, girl! I wish I could steal some of your motivation! I need to get my ass in gear BADLY!

  2. Ugh, what was it about Tuesday? I had an absolutely awful day at work too. Gross.
    I can't tell you how big I smiled when I got to Thursday! I'm so glad it was helpful and that you're out of pain! As for your frustration about the poses you've been setting up wrong, don't worry. That's one of the benefits of taking a class. Sorry your teacher wasn't great this week—what was it about the class you didn't like? Also, if you want to make sure you're aligning properly at home, you can try videoing yourself and watching it back or doing it in a mirror. Seriously, I can't tell you how many times I catch my reflection in home practice and realize I do NOT look like I thought I did. In certain poses it's just really hard to see what your whole body is doing. Don't feel bad about it. It happens to every home practicing yogi. Practice makes perfect!
    And as for your slippery mat, that happens :/ try cleaning it. You can use like a natural all-purpose cleaner (I use an apple scented Method cleaner haha) or mix white vinegar and water with a little dish soap. If that doesn't work, it's totally normal to grab yourself a yoga towel or even just a regular hand or body towel and lay it down. I put a small yoga towel at the top of my mat in class because my palms sweat a lot and I move around way too much in plank/down dog/etc.
    ALSO, that's definitely strength training and it's awesome that you're sticking to another home workout! You are a rock star.

  3. My mat is super slippery too. I've tried all the cleaning tricks and whatnot but it's just slippery no matter what. It's gotten slightly better but when I used to go to class and would get sweaty and then have to go into downward dog or something, I'd be slipping and sliding all over the place. Really pisses me off because it was an expensive mat!
    I'm sorry you had a rough beginning to your week :/ It sounds like this just wasn't anyone's week for some reason.
    Sorry about your snarky teacher and the annoying girl in your class. Totally LOL'ed at her snoring though ;)

  4. I am dying at the girl snoring. That is great. Last week was off for me too, hopefully I am more motivated this week. Although it is Monday morning and we managed to sleep through our alarm... Not a good start.

  5. For your yoga at home, do you try your poses in front of a mirror? I usually do yoga/Pilates in front of a full length mirror so I can make corrections. It helps.
    And I get it: some weeks just suck. Do you think you're asking too much of yourself during busy weeks?

  6. don't even think that what you did last week was in any way "not great" - it was GREAT! you moved, you did stuff, you exercised. that's the whole point!! there are days you can't go hard and there are days you can but the most important part is to *never discount any day where you worked out light or hard*.

  7. snoring during yoga? now that i could be into! hehe.

  8. Love seeing all the yoga in your "sweats" and so glad it's helped your back! That's the greatest thing about yoga - it helps relieve physical and emotional pain. Well, that combined with running... Gotta get some aggression out too! Don't worry about falling, I fell in a packed class yesterday trying to show off a fancy arm balance. The teacher called me out and told advanced students to follow my lead. And then I face-planted HARD and people laughed. That's what I get for letting my ego get in the way, eh? (I'm Canadian now).

  9. I'm loving all of your yoga pics on IG. I'm trying to figure out a way for Dustin and I both to fit in some yoga in our week. We need it!

  10. snoring during yoga? LOL PS You are doing so awaesome! Keep up the great work =)

  11. Loving these posts and all your yoga inspiration. Keep it up gurlie :)

  12. Hope you have a better week sans crap at work and feet hitting you in the face. My mat is slippy to. I started using a towel on it and that helped. One of those dry wick towels

  13. Your "lazy" week is still a great one!!! Love seeing all your yoga poses on Insta!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  14. Hm, when you write it all out like this it doesn't seem like it was a lazy week! It seems like you really made an effort most days! Plus 165 minutes of yoga per week sounds like a lot to me. :) I always love your yoga pics on Instagram. They make me want to get up and stretch!! ha ha.

  15. I love your description of "stregnth-ish" :) You did great girl! Look at all that yoga!!!! Speaking of yoga, why are all the mats so slippery? And you don't even want to know how long it takes me to "run" 3 miles. Not that I can run 3 miles straight at all and most of the end is walking.

  16. Bahaha gotta love getting a foot in the face! I've been making my way through all the Erin Motz videos, but I still haven't done that yoga for hangovers video. Not sure why considering my love of wine! I think I'll check that one out tomorrow. I was feeling all confident about my yoga and pulled out this Vinyasa Flow Seane Corn video that I bought in high school. I decided to do the long version and it kicked my ass. My shoulders were so sore and my body was like shaking lol I still have some work to do! Glad your back is feeling better :-)

  17. I need to get back on schedule with an exercise routine! Seeing this is great motivation!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  18. My mat gets slippery too and it freaking sucks - I even googled whether yoga mats are supposed to be slippery haha. Apparently mine is just cheap ahh well. Even though it wasn't an action packed workout week you did great. I actually worked out a lot but failed to post because - tired and needed a break. lol

  19. all of your yoga posts on instagram make me miss working out sooo much! im only a week away from getting cleared to start up again, can't wait! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  20. Umm...I would probably start laughing if someone was really snoring in yoga class - I'm not very classy:)

  21. I thought I hated yoga but once I got a non-slip mat I realized I just hated sldiing around on my mat. I think it's definitely worth spending the extra money (and I don't spend money on anything). I love your instagram challenge! It makes me kick my butt into yoga action!

  22. Wait a girl was snoring during yoga? And you got hit in the face with a foot 3 times? Are you sure you're taking yoga and not kickboxing? :)

  23. Great job Kristin!! I love Adriene's videos! I've been doing the Yoga for Weight-loss ones lately, and did her 30 day challenge last month. I really like the strength and length one in the weight-loss series. Have you tried washing your mat and then drying it back out? Mine was slick when I first got it and it is still a little, but "washing" it really did help so much. I got it wet, then used dish soap (so it breaks up oil), rinsed/like soaked, rolled it to squeeze out the water and then laid it flat outside to dry. Total pain in the ass :)


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