Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Sweats Vol 3

It was really hard to get up this week because KC was on spring break, and he's my human alarm clock normally. Again, no need to read these unless you want to.

Monday: 4 mile treadmill run (10:14 p/m) + yoga (30 mins)
Oy I did not want to get up this morning. But I did, so yay.

When I got home, I was supposed to do day 11 (restorative yoga), but I didn't feel like it. This is why I never stick with the challenge, and I think it's a good thing - because I feel like I need a certain practice and I know the one I'm 'supposed' to do isn't it. So I did day 15 (non stop standing flow) which was good. I do all the videos all over the place, I feel like it doesn't matter what order I do them in. I also did about 15 minutes of practicing crow pose (good) and headstand (not really).

Tuesday: yoga (30 mins)
I didn't get up this morning. Gosh darn it Kristen. I was supposed to do lower body.

When I got home I did the day 13 (lower back & hip opening) + day 14 (yoga for runners!). Day 14 is my favourite and one I have done a thousand times. Love love love love it.

Wednesday: yoga (45 mins)
Again, I didn't get up. I didn't sleep well, and I pulled something in my neck while I was asleep. I felt it when I did it, like a cramp, but it didn't go away when I woke up. When I got to work I did day 26, yoga for the office. I've never done it before but I thought it would help my neck. It didn't really, so I searched for some more and found this one by Adriene. It has most of the same moves, but at the start it has some neck rolling and whatnot that really helped. I know I could have done that on my own, but I need guidance sometimes. Adriene's video is also 6 or 7 minutes where Erin's is like 10 or 11. Adriene's has words on the screen and no talking which is good because sometimes I can't use my speakers at work. I really liked Adriene's and it's discrete enough that I could do it every day if I wanted to. Which I just might.

When I got home I did day 16 (learning the splits hahahaha) + yoga for hangovers. I didn't have a hangover but I really really enjoyed this video the other week so I felt like doing it again.

Thursday: yoga (45 mins)
I did get up this morning.. but I didn't feel like going to the gym. Instead, I did day 23 (neck & upper back because my neck is still sore) + day 2 (chest & shoulders). When I got home, I did day 29 (yoga for better sleep) and slept like a baby or a person who sleeps really well. It was magical.

Friday: 3 mile treadmill run (10:24 p/m) + yoga (15 mins)
Hey Friday. I woke up at 5am and couldn't get back to sleep, so I went to the gym for an easy run, went back home to get ready for work. Normally I go straight from the gym but I would have been at work before the building even opened if I did that.

When I got home, I did day 3 (for posture) and then a whole lotta nothing.

Saturday: 6 miles outside run (9:46 p/m) + yoga (15 mins)
It basically rained all week but today was beautiful. I ran with my garmin and that's it. Beautiful. KC and I were so busy all day that I managed to squeeze in 15 minutes of random yoga before bed.

Sunday: 3 mile run (9:34 p/m) + yoga (15 mins)
I didn't wake up until 10 minutes before I would have had to leave.. so I missed class again. Maybe Sunday isn't the best choice for me, but I want it to be. We'll see. After a big breakfast and more work around the house, I went for a quick run (garmin only, such a good feeling) and did my yoga for runners video afterwards.

Yoga 7 /  195 minutes
Running 4 /  16 miles
Strength 0 

- The instagram challenge we've been doing is really helpful. Many of my only yoga days could have easily been complete rest (lazy) days but because I change into my gear for the photo / video, it doesn't take much for me to just do some actual yoga.

- My next race is in June, but it's a colour run so it's not even a 'real race', meaning it's just for fun. For the first time in ages, I don't have a race planned, so I have zero pressure. I feel like I am doing what I want, when I want and I'm enjoying it.

- This week sucked for getting up because KC was on spring break. I felt tired all week and I stayed up too late too many times. It felt like another off week for no reason. I'm not complaining or anything, just noting.

Next week:

Run more, do both strength workouts, yoga every damn day (and go to a bloody class, Kristen).

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  1. You did so good on your yoga this week. I also did more yoga than running but my week in general was kinda a bust fitness wise. Still I did something so not totally horrible. I should have started the instagram challenge when you guys did. That seems like total motivation! PS. your yoga mat looks just like mine. Pink yoga mats for the win!

  2. Wow - great job on 7 days of yoga!!! And, 4 days of running is pretty awesome!

  3. It's AWESOME that you're not forcing yourself to do whatever video day you happen to be on. You know your body and your needs; the videos weren't meant to be done in a daily order or anything like that. I rarely have any clue of what I want to do until I get on my mat in the morning and scroll through my playlist or decide to free flow. As is often said in my class: Do what serves you, because your practice is *for you.*
    And I love that you're running so much just because you're enjoying it, rather than because you feel required to for a training plan or anything. You're doing so awesome in the yoga challenge too! You go girl :_

  4. Dang get it girl!! My dog is the worst when I try to do yoga! She just constantly licks my face or thinks Im playing with her and gets all hyper haha! So annoying!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  5. I get the same way with the videos. I originally did the 30-day challenge straight through and in the right order, but every time I've tried to do it again or do the second challenge, I make it through like 3 days before being like, "But that's not what I need/want to do today, Erin!" I figure as long as I do what I feel like I need (or even if I don't, whatever, sometimes I just need a break), I'm good.
    I'll trade you headstand for crow!
    Hahaha such a good point about the challenge! I do have some days where literally all I do is the 2 minutes it takes to take the pic or video, but there have definitely been times that I'm like well...since I'm already dressed for yoga...might as well actually do some.

  6. That is a good running split for your 6 mile run!

  7. Look at all your yoga-ing this week! Go you!!! Getting up and getting your work out in the morning is so hard sometimes. It took me a month of really pushing each morning and being miserable to get used to it to where now if I miss a work out in the morning I feel off all day. This morning was rough for some reason for me. Normally I wake up a few times through the night and look at the clock. I slept so hard last night that I never woke up and when my alarm went off this morning I was confused. It took a minute to register it was Monday!

  8. I'm still failing at getting up early- even once a week- to do any exercise but maybe the closer we get to summer I'll feel more motivated. You did so good with all of your yoga and running this week- it's probably nice to just run when/how long you feel like for the day, as opposed to trying to do a certain amount of a race coming up. All your yoga poses are seriously impressive- and your cat always makes me laugh! Too funny!

  9. I fail at getting up early so much. I make it every once in a while, but for the most part...nope bed please.
    You've done great with keeping up with your work outs!
    Also, I signed up for the color run in August...eek!

  10. Getting up early can get really tough, especially if those you live with aren't getting up early!! But you did awesome with your yoga challenge! I think I may start Erin Motz's challenge in May because it just looks like fun and something challenging I need to do.


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