Saturday, April 4, 2015

March Shopping

First off, this really is mainly for me so there is no need for anyone to read or comment unless they really want to. K? K.

I really hoped March would be a quiet month for shopping. I didn't need anything, really. I have everything I need for Europe (you know I've planned what I'm packing, don't be cray) and I had no real 'holes' in my closet that needed filling.

But then, I started thinking more about that capsule wardrobe. What I actually want is a wardrobe full of things I love and actually wear. Mainly, I need to organise my work wardrobe, and do some sort of capsule-ish thing there. Like, year long. No pressure. To do that, I need at least 20 tops I really like and will wear. So, this month I made a huge dent in that, and I am pretty much done for work clothes now.

1 - Windowpane Utility Blouse
2 - Utility Blouse Deep Bayou Blue
3 - Painted Floral Utility Blouse 
4 - Striped Two In One Sweater 
5 - Striped Utility Blouse 
6 - Signature Sweetheart Print Bow Blouse
7 - Marker Stripe Utility Blouse
8 - Shadow Animal Spot Utility Blouse
9 - Dotted Bow Neck Blouse (sold out)
10 - Bow Neck Blouse Petal Red
11 - Pocket Blouse Bright Blue Bonnet
12 - Striped Flounce Bikini Top - hopefully I can get the bottoms in store, they are sold out online.
13 - Ikat Shirred Utility Blouse
14 - Blossom Shirred Utility Blouse
15 - Utility Blouse Soft Feather Blue
16 - Denim Leggings in Center Blue Wash - too big, going back.
17 - Turban Headband - purely got this to get to free shipping and because why not.

I didn't buy anything in DC (unheard of for me!) but when I got back..

newton gravity shoes

In all fairness, I saved over $100 on them. I am all about supporting local running stores, but I simply could not afford almost $200 on shoes. Seriously, they were $70 on Amazon. Also, we used $50 in Amazon points, so really they cost me $20.

And then of course, stitch fix happened. I had a $25 credit, but still. It took my expenditure for the month way over. Then I went to goodwill, and TJ Maxx for some new workout clothes. Then I bought a new yoga mat (using swagbucks though) and some shoes from Target. I'm so far over the 'budget' I can't even see it any more.

Here's to April! It needs to be a slow month for shopping. Really, really. No stitch fix, no online shopping, no goodwill, no nothing.


  1. I love the tops, I'm also thinking about doing a Capsule Wardrobe but I don't think I have the budget for that, lol. And if we order things online here, you end up paying the difference with the 'import taxes' ugh. Anyway, can't wait to see your choices for your European wardrobe!

  2. I need to go get some workout clothes too! And my stitchfix is on the way. Hope it's not too expensive this time! Love the bikini top.

  3. I have such a weird obsession with reading people's shopping posts. I get so crazy trying to figure out the exact amount I need to get free shipping, haha, love the headband you picked out! Actually I love all of the tops and it looks like you have some great pieces now! Also $20 for new shoes after all those discounts is pretty impressive and totally counts as a budgeting win if you ask me!

  4. You crack me up with the "so far over the budget, I can't see it". I'm keeping track of how much I'm spending on clothes this year, just to prove to my husband that it's not that much. He thought my $50 trips to Target were for clothes. Uh no. Groceries.
    Which top there is your favorite? I can always use recommendations.

  5. Cute work tops, especially #6. I thought I was good on clothes for work, but it's getting REALLY hot here and I just realized that I hardly have any work appropriate short sleeve shirts. Another excuse to go shopping, I guess!!

  6. This was a crazy over-budget month for me too. I thought DC was going to be what put me over budget but that ended up being the least of my worries, haha! We got our tax return and weren't planning on spending a lot of it, but just knowing we had that money definitely made it easier to do so. Between using that to splurge on a lot of things we didn't really need, and my capsule-buying, it has been a crazy month. I don't even know what the word "budget" means anymore.
    I LOVE everything you got from Loft! I want to do a work capsule for the summer (since I will need to wear work clothes most days and won't really have a need for an everyday summer capsule) so of course I just want to buy like everything you bought. Even though I want to buy new things, I have all of my old work clothes in storage and will probably just pull them out instead. I might buy one or two things - actually I already did, that teal top tom H&M (it felt a little too heavy for spring so I thought it might be better to save for work).
    Also the Newtons were totally necessary (have you gotten used to them yet? I hope they aren't still giving you problems :/) especially when they only cost you $20. Please tell me more about Amazon points and how I get them? Do you have an Amazon CC or get Amazon points through your CC or...?

  7. I am in need of work clothes too. Number 1,5 and 6 are really pretty. The swimsuit is really cute too! Lock that wallet girly! ;)

  8. AhMAAAAzing score on finding that deal on the shoes! Awesome job, lady. As for April, you got this!

  9. I spent way too much money in March too but hey when you can justify it I say do it now and get it out of the way, Like your 17 tops, that to me is an investment. And the sneaks - man thats a deal Id tap you if you didnt snatch that up. I paid an INSANE amount for my Asics.

  10. have missed seeing your gorgeous face around! loved seeing what you picked for the capsule wardrobe. cute tops and cute bathing suit!

  11. I am going to try a capsule wardrobe too! I have pretty much everything I think I will need, so we will see how it goes!

  12. Cute clothing picks! 1,8,13,15, and 17 are my favess, but they're all cute and look very "you" (at least according to what you've posted here before)!

  13. Sounds like the shoes don't even count since you got such a good deal. :) (I can find a way to justify anything!!!) I love all your scores!!! I have a top that looks like #6. I really need some new work clothes, it would be nice to have 20 tops that I actually wear because then I would never run out of things! Or would feel like I never do. I only have a few tops for each season right now since I got rid of all the stuff I hated/doesn't fit.

  14. March was a big spend month for us too. We've been trying to save for our kitchen but we ended up getting a new vacuum cleaner. I know the Dyson will last for years but it still hurt to spend that much money! At least you got a good portion of your capsule wardrobe knocked out!

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  16. I'm with you in that this month needs to be WAY less in spending!! But I think your capsule wardrobe idea is great--Tracy's has been awesome and has me interested, but I'm not there yet to make it happen for me so I'll just admire yours :) Also? $20 running shoes?! YES PLEASE!!


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