Tuesday, March 31, 2015

TFT; My 5th Half Marathon; RnR DC

First off, I know not everyone is into running or talking about running or reading about running, so feel free to skedaddle.

So. Half #5. I wish I could take this off my record. I don't even really want to talk about it but I need to.

Remember, you are supposed to get better, not worse. I am supposed to run a sub 2 hour half marathon this year. What kind of runner gets worse? Who does their worst half marathon 3 years after their best? You are not supposed to do that. You are supposed to get better. Or you are supposed to maintain, not backslide.

Supposed, schmopposed. Whatever. Moving on. For more information about the actual race, read Tracy's recap (here) or Alyssa's recap (here).

Basically, here's how my race went:

I stayed with Alyssa and Tracy for about 3 miles, I think. Maybe less. I couldn't keep that pace the whole race, and I didn't want to slow them down either. I started getting a bit dizzy around mile 6, I think. Nothing crazy, just a few black spots here and there. Sounds scarier than it is, but it's something I have dealt with all my life. About mile 10, I started to feel sick as well as dizzy, and I saw a medical tent - if it hadn't been raining, I would have sat down at any time prior to this, but I didn't feel like sitting on the wet ground (even though I was soaked, logic is not my strong suit). I told the guy I needed to sit down for a bit, he offered me a gatorade (vomit) and I drank it. From there, I guess I got a bit more dizzy because I don't remember how long I sat there - 1 minute or 5? I 'came to' with my head in between my knees. The guy didn't even realise really, so it wasn't serious, he just thought I was sitting there. Like I said, happens to me all the time but it's never happened during a race. The guy told me it would be best if I walked the rest of the race, I didn't say anything, he said he really strongly advised me not to run. I run / walked the rest, of course booking it when I saw the finish line. I felt fine after that, the 2 chocolate milks I got as I crossed the finish line helped.

So, what happened? I happened. I didn't train properly. I got cocky. I wasn't prepared. I'm not trying to say I got dizzy and blacked out to make an excuse. It slowed me down but  I was out of the game well before that. I was slow. It took me over 2 hours to run 10 miles. That embarrasses me. Whatever the circumstances, it still makes me cringe. Sure, it rained the whole bloody time, and I have never run in the rain, but that should have encouraged me to go faster - get it over with. Instead, I grumbled and moaned about how cold and soaked I was, like I was the only one out there. If I had just gone a little faster I would have been done sooner. I know I could have done better, but my mind gave up before my body.  If I had trained better, I would have been ok both mentally and physically. But I didn't, and it shows.

How did I stack up?

2011: 2:37:15
2012: 2:04:48
2014: 2:39:15
2014: 2:33:21
2015: 2:50:36

One of these is not like the other. Ok, two of these aren't but one is really bad. I can't even look at it without cringing. So let's look at this awkward photo of me instead (side note; I need to find a new outfit, I've worn this far too many times. Another side note; why are race photos so expensive? No.)

No use dwelling on it. I'm not looking for pity. This one is all on me. I wish I could say this would be my turning point, this will make me train better and harder and it will never happen again. But who knows. I have been trying to get back to where I was for so long, I just keep doing things - or not, rather - that set me back. I am ashamed of where I am today. Regardless of what anyone says, that's how I feel. But I am trying to be nicer to myself. Being mean isn't going to get me that goal. Comparing isn't going to get me there.

In the meantime, I'm not dwelling on this race. I'm not focusing on how slow I am compared to 2012. I run, I am a runner. Onwards and upwards. Every fiber of my being wants to berate myself and be disgusted, but I am forcing myself to be nice and faking it till I make it. I am proud of myself. Not for this race, but for not giving up. One day I will be proud of how far I have come, but until then I am proud that I am not giving up.

I don't feel ready for the Derby half, so I'm not sure if I will sign up for it. I need to stop expecting so much from myself without putting in the work. I am not going to get back to 2012 by running 3 miles once or twice a week. I need to put in the work if I expect to see results.

Tracy's Shamrock marathon recap inspired and motivated me and I feel a little light inside me (corny?) that I haven't felt in awhile. I love to run, but I love to run well so it's easy to get discouraged when I'm not doing well. I need to get better in order to love it as much as I used to. I'm not going to get better unless I work hard, and I need to learn to love it now even though I'm not very good. It's like an ongoing cycle or something. Love it, work hard, get better, love it some more. I can do this.

Anyway, this post is rather pointless. There are no goals, no PRs, no revelations. Just something of an update and a glimmer of hope. Wish me luck. The next Training For Tuesday is 3 days after the Derby half. Maybe I'll have some good news. Maybe not. Either way, you'll hear from me!


How do you get back on the wagon after falling off a few thousand times?

Monday, March 30, 2015

Stitch Fix Take 2

So, second stitch fix time! I loved the dress I kept in my first fix, but was so so about everything else, especially the prices. For this fix, I requested Jessica, because us bloggers help each other out, right? 

Just a reminder, the link I am using in this post is a referral link - if you sign up for stitch fix, I get a $25 credit! Which is like free money, and who doesn't like free money. Nobody, that's who.

When I got the notification that my fix had shipped, I hopped on over to get a sneak peak on what was being sent, and I was so disappointed. I googled / pinterested to see if I could see the items I was getting and nothing really screamed out to me, or made me that excited. Not to mention, the total for this one was more than my last one.

Then I opened the box. Oh holy moly was I in trouble. This stitch fix was the one I almost kept everything.

This time I took the photos in the bathroom at work. Classy like. The mirror is better. You're welcome.

Skies are blue #5138-621 Yona Printed Dress - $68 - Returned

So I saw a very similar dress (here) and pinned it, and I assume that is why Jessica sent me this one. Spot on - seriously love this one even more than the one I pinned. Blue is way more 'me' and I really love this dress. Trouble is, it was too big up top, and you can't even really see it, but I can. I really wanted to keep this dress, I really really loved it - but for the price, it needed to fit perfectly. 

Skies are blue #5138-621 Yona Printed Dress

Market & Spruce #5519-855 Corinna Striped Heathered Dolman Top - $48- Kept

Considering this is the one I asked for originally, I was really excited to receive it. When I saw what I was getting, I thought this would be the only item I would like (haha). I don't know why I didn't like the first dolman top I received in my first fix, but I don't care because I knew this little pretty and I would be best friends. 

Market & Spruce #5519-855 Corinna Striped Heathered Dolman Top

41Hawthorn #4625-584 Trip Longsleeve Colorblock Sweater - $58 - Returned

Oh my gosh you guys, this just might be the softest sweater I have ever beheld. It is so pretty, and lovely, and I wanted to love it. Purple is my favourite colour, but not on clothes. I had seen and pinned this sweater (here) and I liked the colour I pinned, I just didn't love the colour I received. I knew I would never reach for it, so back it went. It was so soft though, and I would definitely have kept it if it was the other colours.

41Hawthorn #4625-584 Trip Longsleeve Colorblock Sweater

Street Level #5709-917 Jacey Striped Reversible Tote - $62 - Returned

When I saw that I was receiving a $62 tote, I was not impressed. Then.. I opened the box. Oh my gosh. I am in love with this tote. It's reversible, and huge. It has this super cute wristlet (not reversible) which can be used on it's own or connected to the bag for things you don't want to lose. Jessica said she sent it to me because I mentioned I was going to Europe and it would be great for travelling.

That being said, I'm not big on totes, and I am still using that JustFab bag I got for $20 back in August. I don't switch out my handbag often, and I have never used a tote for travelling before. I might be inclined to try it, but not for Europe. Especially because some of the flights we are taking in Europe are very particular about the 'one item' and my purse needs to fit in my carry on suitcase for those flights. The bag had a magnetic closure which I'm not a fan of, I like to be able to zip my bag shut.

Something else - and I truly did not set out to find this out - there was nothing on the bag about if it was real leather or not. I can't tell, I'm not good with stuff like that, but I won't buy real leather. So I googled the brand and the tote, found a bunch of sites selling this brand but not this exact bag - Nordstrom, Target, GoJane, even Amazon. All their bags were vegan leather so I assumed this one was as well.. They were also all cheaper than stitch fixThat bothered me slightly. If I had kept everything and gotten the discount, the bag would have worked out to be cheaper than the other stores pricing. Now, I didn't find the striped version anywhere, and I love the stripes the most, and they were the main reason I almost kept it. Not even kidding. Stripes erryday.

In the end, I returned it because it wasn't perfect and I just didn't love it. But, the bag seemed to be great quality and if it had been a bit cheaper, it might have stayed with me.

jacey striped reversible tote

Gilli #5643-801 Kadence Cowl Drape Front Dress - $64 - Kept!

I was so disappointed when I saw this online. I asked for cute casual dresses for Europe, and this looked too fancy for me. This is what I meant by casual. 

When I opened the box, I was surprised but still not convinced. It's soft, like jersey material. Then I tried it on. This is why they tell you to try everything on! It is gorgeous. It fit so freaking well. Seriously. Jessica said it could be dressed up or down, and she was right. I could picture this with flip flops and a denim jacket for sightseeing, heels and a statement necklace for a night out on the town. Heck, I think I can even wear it to work with a blouse underneath (thoughts?). Seriously, I love it. The colour is gorgeous (navy, I tried to show it in the pictures) and did I mention I loved the way it fit? It was fitted up top and loose over my hips and booty. It's also long enough which as any somewhat tall girl knows.. is really freaking hard to find. Plus, it made my boobs look bigger than a 12 year olds, right?

I almost returned it. I am not a fan of cowl necks at all. Do I own any cowl necks? No. I didn't think I would wear it. But it pained me to put it back in the box, so I tried it on again. Sent the picture to my besties. Waited a bit. Tried it on again. Slept on it. Tried it on. Decided I loved it. The fit, length and colour trump any uneasiness about the cowl neck (which might just be me being ridiculous).

Gilli #5643-801 Kadence Cowl Drape Front Dress

So, when I saw what I was getting in my stitch fix, I was disappointed and figured I would send everything back but the striped top and maybe the first dress. But after trying everything on, and  loving the cowl neck dress more, digging the bag and being so so about the first dress and the sweater, I wasn't sure. It was cheaper and better value to keep everything than to only get the 3 things I was considering. The total for everything was $300 - to see that number after 5 items made me want to cry. But, you get the 25% discount, plus I had a $25 credit so it would have been $205. That's just $41 for each item, which is not bad at all. 

I checked 'keep it!' for everything and almost checked out, but I made myself stop. I had until today, there was no need to rush. So I went home, slept on it, tried everything on again. I really love the cowl neck dress and the striped top. The total for both of them was $112, but after the $25 off it was only $87. Which is $43.50 for each item (I know you can do the math, sorry) and not bad at all. If I added the bag, the total would have been $174 and I might as well have paid a bit more to keep everything and get the discount, which, after a night of sleep, didn't make much sense after all. I do like the bag, but for $62 I had to love it and know I would use it, and I know I won't.

So anyway, I'm rambling - I almost kept it all but I'm glad I didn't. I might have kept it all if I hadn't already spent so much this month - a trip to DC, new running shoes, a lot of work tops... but that's a story for another day.

In my opinion, Jessica hit it out of the park. With little adjustments (different colour sweater, zipper for the bag, first dress a bit smaller) everything would have been perfect, which is amazing for the first time that she's styled me. I'm still amazed that the one I thing I 'hated' before I saw it was the one thing I loved the most. Funny that. The prices are still higher than I would like to pay, and after everything I have spent in March, I am on a strict hardcore no spending absolutely no shopping ban until further notice. Which means my next stitch fix won't be for a little while, though I am already excited for it. I am definitely requesting Jessica again though, and if you sign up, I highly recommend her.

Overall, stitch fix is fun to look forward to and it helps me not shop online as much because I am waiting for my fix. Is it for everyone? No. Is that okay? Yes. If you have no problems shopping, you don't need it. If you aren't a good shopper, or you buy way too much and have nothing to show for it (aka me) it might be worth a shot. 

Any thoughts on my items? Have you tried stitch fix?

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Sweats Vol 1

I knew it was only a matter of time before I followed in Tracy, Alyssa and Jenn's footsteps. Don't judge me. Also, don't feel like you need to read these (permission to hit red X granted) because these are mainly for me and people who like reading about other people's workouts. It's okay if you aren't one of them!

Monday: 2 mile treadmill run (10:00 p/m) + yoga (15 mins)
Still taking it slow with my new shoes. Yoga for Hangovers when I got home, I didn't have a hangover but I wanted to give it a whirl; plus if one day I do have a hangover, I want to already know the video. If that makes sense. It probably doesn't. But whatever. I cannot imagine doing that video whilst hungover, I could barely do some of the poses as it were. But, the poses were those that I could just feel the improvement a few practices away. Not unattainable, if that makes sense.

Tuesday: lower body strength workout (30 mins) + yoga (15 mins)
It's been awhile since I've done a strength workout, but I worked hard. Squats, plié squats, deadlifts, lunges. I normally like to stick to the big 3, but I threw some plié squats in there because I like the inner thigh burn. That sounds odd, I know. Did a bit of yoga / stretching at the gym hoping it would help alleviate the dreaded 'leg day' soreness tomorrow. 

Was planning on doing my favourite yoga for runners video but KC decided to do abs and because I'm overjoyed he is doing even a little bit of yoga, I joined him in the day 4 yoga for abs video.

Wednesday: 2 mile treadmill run (10:00 p/m) + yoga (20 mins)
Legs were sore today, but I (cockily) thought I had dodged the worst of it because of the yoga I did at the gym yesterday. Planned on 3 miles this morning but barely got through 2. Legs sore, blister on my heel from the new shoes. Need better socks. Think I need to run outside to get a real feel for the shoes. Hurry up 6am sunrise please, you make life so much easier.

I did about 20 minutes of yoga after my run and a couple stopped to ask me what I was doing as it looked like it hurt (pigeon). I explained, the woman sounded interested, I shared the bad yogi love and she said she'd definitely be checking it out on youtube. Yay!

Thursday: Lazy rest day.
I didn't sleep well so I didn't get up and go to the gym to do my upper body workout. Womp womp.  I meant to do something when I got home, but then.. I didn't. Legs were so sore I could barely walk. Why is the second day always worse? I also got 2 lots of bad news and 1 'that's great but I'm on the other side of the world so it makes me sad that I'm not there' news and I just wanted to wallow in expat self pity for a little while.

Friday: Another lazy rest day.
I didn't get up and go to the gym this morning, most likely because I didn't yesterday. Lazy breeds lazy. Did I mention my legs are still sore from Tuesday's leg work out? Note to self, don't take so much time off again. Also, still wallowing.

Saturday: Yoga at a real live studio with real people 
(75 mins)
I went to a studio. I was so excited and ridiculously nervous. I got there super early after stressing about what to wear and if my mat was okay (I rented one instead) and did the Intro to Yoga class. The class is for beginning beginners, like yoga 101. Super helpful and I really enjoyed it. I came home feeling all yogi like, more confident and excited for the next class. Then I sat on my butt for the rest of the day.

Sunday: Yoga (30 mins)

I was going to run today because I didn't run yesterday, but I have this thing in the back of my knee that has been nagging at me all week, not sure what it is or how I did it, but I figured it would be better to take the day off, stretch some more, and start fresh tomorrow. Also, lazy breeds lazy, remember. Went to TJ Maxx for some new workout clothes, got home and obviously had to test them out. Did hamstring flow and wrists and hands videos. In class yesterday, my wrists were really hurting in down dog. The teacher explained how to avoid that, but explaining and doing are two different things and I couldn't quite get them to stop hurting.

Yoga 5 /  155 minutes
Running 2 / 4 miles


- Such a good feeling to workout in the morning. Really sets me up for the day and the week. I need to keep going throughout the week because one day off breeds more days off.

- I got a great deal on a groupon for that yoga studio that I had been wanting to try for awhile. It's for 10 classes and is valid for like 90 days, after that I would like to get to a point where I do a studio class once a week. One class down and I already feel a bit improved, or at least more confident. Bonus, because the class I went to is normally $5, they let me pay for it and save the groupon for the more expensive classes.

- The papa john's 10 miler is next weekend. I don't feel ready for it all, it's my least favourite race and I have had issues in the past. I'm not going to bail or anything, but I told myself I will not register for the Derby half unless the papa john's race goes well, and I don't think it is going to go well enough for me to sign up for the half. We'll see.

- My yoga mat is pretty embarrassing and almost falling apart. I need a new one that the cool kids at the yoga studio won't make fun of me if I bring it. Just kidding, but really, I need a new one. I tried looking but got overwhelmed with all the choices. Suggestions?

Next week:

Run more, do both strength workouts and don't be lazy.


Linking up with Holly. Here's to an even better week.

Friday, March 27, 2015

A letter to books

Dear books,

I thought I would write you a letter and post it on my blog as I never talk about books on my blog, so I figured no-one would mind.

First off, I want to say thank you for being the best friend I ever had. You've never let me down, you never left me, and you never held it against me if I didn't want to be your friend for a few months. But really, when I was an awkward kid and couldn't figure out why people didn't like me, why they were mean or why I didn't like the same things.. you never judged me. You held out your arms and welcomed me every time. You made me feel normal.

You stayed with me during the annoying teenage years when I thought I was too good for you. You said 'You'll be back Kristen. This isn't you' and I scoffed. What did you know? My 'friends' didn't like you, neither did I. But you were right. You snuck back in by introducing me to Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and my one true love, Pride & Prejudice. It was then that I realised you knew me, you had my back, and you'd never let me down. I forgive you for showing me Twilight. Just kidding, I love all of you just the way you are.. Exactly how you love me.

Our relationship is the longest I've ever had. But on top of our awesome history, I am thankful you are in my life for a multitude of reasons. Shall I share them with you?

Since I drive to work, I can't read whilst operating a vehicle. I used to, but then I had an accident, so thank goodness for audiobooks! They allow me to keep you around at all times. They allow me to combine things I love, like running and reading, and things I don't necessarily love, like cleaning and reading. So, thanks for that.

You've never judged me, even when I have to google a word within your pages. Especially when I say 'screw it' and I don't google, you don't judge me for just assuming what the word means based on the words around it. Heck, you helped me understand Americans, because I do that exact thing when I don't understand something they say.

I feel like you make me smarter. Is that true? I don't think so, but I feel it, and that's what matters (another lesson learned from you, you multi tasking teacher, you).

Sometimes I need to put the world on a time out, I need to pretend I'm a different person in a different life. Does that mean I don't like my life? Absolutely not - and you understand, and you let me be whoever I want with zero judgement.

You taught me how to feel. I have lost, loved, felt tricked, grown with, hated, laughed with, befriended more fictional characters than people in real life, and I cherish every adventure and every emotion from every relationship. I have never felt alone with you by my side, even when I was.

You taught me that no-one knows everything. Even me. You taught me that it's okay to be different, to think differently, to want something different. You taught me to think for myself. You taught me how to empathise with people, even crazy people. I am able to translate that to real life, and realise that I don't know everyone's story and shouldn't judge so quickly.

A book can change everything. You have changed the way I view a situation I thought I had a firm opinion of, you have opened my eyes to things I would never have considered on my own, you have changed the way I live and the choices I make. You make me look around and be thankful for what I have, you make me more aware of the world, you make me realise the little moments are just as important as the big ones.

Most importantly, with every book I read, you teach me something new. You have showed me things I would never have seen without you. You teach me more about myself than I ever would have learned without you.

Actually, I think most importantly would be that I can wear sweatpants or no pants when I'm with you, and still be doing something productive. So, thank you for that. Please don't ever leave me.

Ps. Training for Tuesday is next week - the 31st.  You should link up with the girls, share how your resolutions are going, or any goals you have, races you ran, if you're training for anything, changes you've made - whatever! I'd love to read them! I'll finally be talking about the RnR half, my 5th half that was by far the worst race I've ever run, but I'm not letting it get me down!


Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Operation (most of) the States

If you would like to see all my travel posts, including recaps, tips & recommendations and packing guides, please visit my travel page.

A few weeks ago, I saw people posting maps of the US with the states that they had been to. So I posted my own, and I knew I had been to 22 states (plus DC) but actually putting it on the map made me feel like I'd not accomplished that much. I mean, I know I have done more than most Americans and certainly more than most Australians, but I feel like I've travelled quite a bit and don't have the stamps on the map to prove it.

kristen has been to 22 US States

I kinda want to get this notebook to document my travelling through the States, but I honestly don't know if I'll ever go to all of them or if I want to.. or rather if my travelling partner will want to or if we can afford it. Lots of ors. I think maybe I want to at least get to where I have been to more than half. Also, technically, I have been to more than 22. Most of my travelling was done in 2009 on my first trip to the US and it was such a whirlwind that I have trouble remembering it all.

Alabama - technically I have been here. When I came to America in 2009 I did this big 3 week tour and we arrived at a campsite somewhere in Alabama, had dinner and hung out, went to sleep and left the next morning. I don't count it because I literally didn't see or do anything outside of the campsite.


Arizona -
I went to Arizona in 2009 including the Grand Canyon. Tons o Fun and I would love to go back.

the sun was so bright that it was so hard to keep our eyes open. so.. we covered them.


California -
I went here in 2011 with my Mum and we met up with KC and his Mom at Disney. We also drove around LA to see the sites, Hollywood and such. I'd love to go back, specifically to San Fran & San Diego.




Florida - I have been to Disney World twice. I really want to go back to do the Princess Half Marathon (probably Feb 2016). Of course there is so much more to Florida than Disney, and I'd love to see it.


Hawaii - I went to Hawaii with my mum and it was great except KC happened to break up with me and it kinda killed the vibe. I still managed to do lots and have a good time, though I'd love to go back to make some better memories. It is so expensive though.


Illinois - The very first city I went to in America was Chicago (not including LAX of course). I saw Rascal Flatts and did some shopping. Other than that, we go to a small town in Illinois at least twice a year because KC has family there.

Indiana - Indy is right across the river so I have been here a couple times. Hubers Winery & Football games mainly.



Kentucky - I've been here a couple times...

Louisiana - In 2009 we went to New Orleans and a smaller town that I don't remember the name of. A few people went on a swamp tour and we went to a local coffee shop where they were playing the weirdest instruments I've ever seen and made us dance with them. They were the friendliest people I've ever met and wish I could remember the name or had taken photos. We walked from one end of the town to the other in 15 minutes. Small. New Orleans was SOFUN but I would love to go back and be less drunk and remember more.

Maine - Went here recently with the girls. Kind of. In the boat. I count it. Ok, I'm counting it for all the states that I've kinda gone to.

Maryland - We stayed in Maryland the first time I went to DC in 2009. We did stuff, I just barely remember it.

Massachusetts - Boston and Salem, yay!



Mississippi - I think we drove through here. Not sure.




Nevada - Vegas! Been to Vegas 3 times, I love it. So much more than gambling and drinking.

New Hampshire - This is where our friend lives that we went to visit recently, so we spent most of our time here.

New Jersey - Technically I have been here. When we went to NYC in 2009, our tour ended here and most people stayed here. We hung out for a few hours, ate at a Burger King then caught the bus to NYC. We spent like 2 hours in NYC then I went to my hotel and crashed.

New Mexico - I don't remember much, except it was really hot and had lots of pretty shops. We went to Santa Fe.

New York - I spent like 14 hours in the city in 2009, 10 of those in my hotel room so.... yeah. We went back in December and it was amazing.

North Carolina

North Dakota

Ohio - At the end of my trip in 2009 I went to Columbus on my own to see Rascal Flatts again (don't judge) and do some more shopping. I was so worn out I spent most of my time in the hotel, eating. I have since been back to Cincy (KC's and my 'first date') and just outside Cincy to see Bill Burr with KC.



Pennsylvania - When I came to America in 2011 with my mum, her requirements were Vegas, Disney and Toby Keith. He was going to have 2 shows in PA that fit in our dates, so there we went. York and .. somewhere else I don't remember except I wore thongs (flip flops) and it was freaking freezing, something about a mountain. Mum had fun and we had great tickets for Toby both times, but our hotel was the worst I've ever stayed in and we had massive issues with rental cars.

an actual photo my mum took of her Toby
Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota

Tennessee - I have been to Tennessee 4 times, technically. Knoxville (we stopped to eat), Nashville (2010), Nashville (2012), Gatlinburg (2013).

Texas - I loved Texas. The people were so friendly here. I did get ridiculous, embarrassingly, alcohol poisoningly drunk and it was pretty sucky but other than that, a great time. We went to San Antonio.

Utah - I don't remember much except we went horse riding here and I almost got thrown off the horse because a rattlesnake scared the horse and the guy shot the snake. Scary.




West Virginia - I remember the campsite and going white water rafting (SO FUN) and the super hot guy who was our guide. So fun.

Wisconsin - KC and I drove up here for a Green Bay game and it was the coldest I've ever been. It was fun, but I still can't pronounce the state.


DC - I have been to DC three times, I love it!

Phew! Why do you all have so many states?!  When we got back from NYC, KC suggested San Fran for our trip next Christmas.. I about lost my mind. 1) he never suggests travel ever and 2) SAN FRAN!! Not sure if we will actually go, but we'll see. I think I'd rather go to that side of the country in the summer, because it would be nicer weather and we'd have more time.

Where should I go that I haven't been?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Problems only book lovers understand

I have loved reading all my life, and I love talking to other book lovers about books. Some of these might be true for everyone, or just me - but I had fun thinking them up.

When someone doesn't like your favourite book.

When everyone is talking about a book that you've not heard of or read and you feel left out.

When you finish a good book (or series) and you kind of sit there, unsure of which book to start next because you're not ready to let go of the one you just finished.

In the past, I have read on my lunch break at work. I have now given up on that because it never fails to inspire someone to interrupt and ask me what I am reading.

When an author doesn't wrap the ending up perfectly or something goes unanswered.

I understand why some things need to be changed into the book to movie transition - did you know that if you have a character named John Smith and there is a John Smith in the area that you are filming your movie, you have to change your characters name? Interesting. But anyway, I hate when they change things for no reason especially when it's like the biggest part of the book, I'm looking at you a certain book written by a very popular author but I can't say it because then it will be obvious and spoilers.

Speaking of movies, when the casting is so off based on what's in your head, you literally can't even. Hollywood you have one job. One job.

When something is happening in a book you're reading but you can't talk to anyone about it because there are 2 types of people; those who haven't read it therefore they do not care, and those who have and they will either intentionally or unintentionally ruin it for you. I remember reading a certain series a few years ago and someone told me I would love a character I currently hated. Like, that's great but you couldn't wait for me to experience that myself? Now I know it happens.

When you finish a book and you want to tell everyone how good it was but no-one cares.

When you find a new series but you didn't know it wasn't finished and now you have to wait FOREVER for the next book but not long enough to forget everything so you can reread them, I'm looking at you Lunar Chronicles. I knew I should have waited!

When people look at you funny when you want to go into a bookstore instead of sephora, or when you want to read instead of going out, or when you can't see that movie because you haven't read the book yet or when you read while walking through an airport.

Being an accidental skimmer, aka you see a word or something on the next page that ruins the page you're on, so you have to cover it with your hand. Thanks kindle, you never show me a page ahead (unless I accidentally skip 5 pages then I have no idea where I am).

Every book lover has a fictional death they will never get over. No? Just me? Even if it's not a human.

Crying more over a book than you ever have over real life. See above. I'll never forget you, H.

I used to think main characters would never die, like in a Disney movie. I feel like I have lost my blanket of security. Now I'm always scared that it will all be ripped away from me.

And of course, the most cliché - but clichés are clichés because they are true.. One more chapter, one more page, all of a sudden it's 2am but hey you might as well finish the book now that you're so close.

When people tell me they don't like to read. I understand, there are things I don't like to do as well, but all I hear is 'I don't like puppies and kittens' as well.

When a book ends abruptly or you weren't expecting it because there was so many pages left (damn book club notes or previews to next books) and you keep checking the back of the book to see if you're somehow missing pages.

When someone says the movie is better than the book.

When a book first comes out only in hardback but the rest of the series is in paperback plus you don't even like hardbacks unless they are certain books, so you have to wait but that means waiting and I don't understand. So I guess I'm buying both.

When people ask you how you read so much, you just shrug and say 'I just do' or 'it's like breathing'. When people ask you why you read so much...

When you try and write a post about bookworm problems and it's so freaking long it's ridiculous you should probably cut it down but oh well, and these aren't even problems because books equal happiness and life.

Anyone feel the same?