Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Shopping

So, after January aka the month of buying all the things, I really needed to slow down. Especially because we booked Europe and you know, I kinda want to eat when we are there.

I still went over budget this month. But not as bad. Still not good though. I did most of my shopping early on, and slowed down towards the end of the month. I realised not only do we have Europe coming up, but we just got a new (to us) car, and my green card expires in a couple months which is $600 right there (yeah being an expat is so fun!), among other things. So this really will have to calm down from now on. I think I am finally getting to the point where I am really thinking about my purchases, and if I will actually wear them etc etc.

1. A dress from sheinside - I actually already own this dress but it's too short so I thought if I bought another I could make it longer... but then I got the stitch fix striped dress and I don't think I am going to try. It's too hard to return the dress, so I will just sell them both on eBay.

2. Crocs Adrina Flats - don't judge. They are for Europe, apparently great for travel. They are super comfy. They aren't the normal ugly crocs. At least, I think they're cute.

3. Cat flats - Ok you can judge me for these, but kitties! They are fairly comfy, definitely need breaking in but I really like them.

4. Skirt from modcloth - I have been searching for a skater skirt for yonks that actually covered my butt. For once, modcloth came to the rescue. Normally I love their stuff online but it doesn't work in real life. Happy to say this skirt is long enough, cat hair resistant, and super cute.. in my opinion. It comes in navy too which is actually on super sale.

5. A dress from stitch fix - and I love it! More about my first fix here.

6. Gap knit moto jacket - Gina made me do it. Seriously though.. I am hoping this will be my go-to comfy but casual without looking like a slob jacket. I haven't got it yet, but it looks great on Gina. I have a denim jacket that I was hoping would be it, but it's just too stiff and I never grab it, so it's stupid. If this works out, I am taking it to Europe. Oh, I got it on super sale which is always awesome. It was like $76 originally, on sale for $56 and then another 30% off. I mean, I had to, right? But seriously, I really did want a jacket like this and I am hoping it will be the one and I'll never buy another jacket again. Promise.

Thrifted buys:

I bought 1 blouse and 2 dresses off eBay and thredup, I am returning the thredup dress because I simply do not need it and shouldn't have bought it, but you live shop and learn. I am losing the couple of dollars on shipping, but better that than having a dress in my closet I never wear. The blouse is more like a tunic, it's blue and white striped - super cute. My favourite purchase was this J Crew maxi dress - got it for less than $20 and it's long enough, thick enough, and I think pretty darn perfect. It's a bit boobalicious but I guess you can't win them all, plus I am president of the itty bitty titty committee.

So that's everything I bought in February. Not good, but better. March should hopefully be a quiet shopping month.

Goal wise, here's how I did:

1. No impulse shopping.
Half pass. I have wanted all of these things for a little while and have thought about them for quite some time - but as soon as I see the exact item and it fits all the criteria including budget? I buy immediately. So it's like premeditated impulse shopping.

2. No more than $100 a month.

3. No more cheap clothes that don't last.
Well the sheinside dress is the only 'cheap' thing here, and I'm not keeping it anyway, so... Pass.

4. No more getting sucked in by other bloggers.
Half pass. The only thing I really saw on other bloggers was that Gap jacket, and I love it.

5. Fill holes in my closet rather than create new spots.
Just okay. Maybe pass.

6. Buy more house stuff, but no more projects until previous projects are done.
No house stuff.

Here's to March!


  1. no judgement on the crocs! i actually think that's a great buy:
    I wore crocs on every European trip i have taken... and my husband can walk for MILES! they are amazing bc they are super lightweight, comfortable, and at the end of the day you can rinse them off in the shower. mine looked like ballet flats! xo jillian

  2. I still can't get over how much I love your stitchfix dress! The cat flats are so cute and the Croc flats definitely do look comfortable & perfect for a lot of walking. And that maxi looks gorgeous on you!

  3. You look so good in that stitch fix dress! And I love the cat flats. Good luck next month :)


  4. oh man, I love that moto jacket! and even though I am boobylicious, I think I may need that maxi for my SIL's Cancun wedding this summer!

  5. THOSE CAT FLATS! I think you did well, considering this is a learning curve for you and I know how hard you're working to break certain habits. I think these are some pretty solid purchases too. I've put a skater skirt on my shopping list for the spring/summer too, even though I'm not even sure I know how to style it yet haha. But they're just so cute!

  6. Those crocs are awesome! I'd totally wear them all the time. Also, I love your Stitch Fix Dress! Super cute on you! I have a very similar jacket from Gap that I love!

  7. Girl that striped dreadlocks fabulous on you!!

  8. I love your cat flats - perfect for you!! And, that striped dress from Stitch Fix is super cute!

  9. You got some really cute stuff! When are you going to Europe?! That is so exciting!
    Melanie @

  10. those crocs are the new jelly shoes! back in the day, jelly shoes were the bomb.

  11. OMG, you got that jacket for a STEAL!! I so hope you love it! I will withhold judgment on the jelly crocs....maybe they are big in David Hasselhoff?

  12. Damn... those are Crocs?! They ARE cute. I never thought I would say something like that! lol

  13. Oh I am loving everything you got this month!! Dying over that gap moto jacket and what a steal! I love Gap sales!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  14. Cat flats are among humanity's greatest achievements. I want/need a pair asap.

  15. Those Crocs look like jellies! Did you have those in Australia growing up? If not please google them immediately. They were my everything hah. Love all the dresses you grabbed and that jacket is way too cute to have passed up!

  16. Those crocs look like old school jellies. Rock em. The skirt looks super cute and cat/dog hair resistant is a bonus!

  17. I really appreciate what you said about your legs. We need to be grateful for EACH part of our bodies that work so hard for us.

  18. Good buys!

    I own two pairs of Croc flats that are not typical crocks. They're great for walking.

  19. That Stitch Fix dress is fabulous on you!!! And I don't think those crocks are near as bad as the regular ones! They remind me of the jellies I used to wear and adore! Have a great week!

  20. I think you did pretty darn good! I always wonder about those croc flats! :)

  21. You did great!! I love the sheinside dress so such a bummer you didnt get to keep either. But then you have the stich fix dress and that is awesome! Those crocs flats are interesting. They may not be great on my size 5 feet but they actually are cute and this coming from a girl who hates crocs!

  22. The clothes are all super cute! I'm in love with the last dress & the jacket.

  23. Oh-emmm-gee those cat flats! Want!!

    You ready to feel better about your $600 green card? My visa application is due 12 March. Guess what my spousal visa application fee is...$6865 AUD. That does not include my $600 medical fee and $60 in police checks. My stress level this month is slightly elevated.

  24. If you're President, I'm vice! I hear ya on that one! I love that jacket. It looks like it would be perfect year round. And you'll have to let me know how the crocs hold up in Europe. I have a pair of Chacos that I wear in Rwanda but they aren't the most stylish shoes in the world.

  25. I really need to take your advice and try to sell some things on Ebay! I am just a procrastinator! I really want to buy that jacket but I am trying to be good and avoid spending money right now.

  26. OOoh that maxi is so cute. In case you are wondering... I have been blog reading MIA for so so long. That I actually have 9 tabs from your blog open. Oy. Good to hear about the Crocs. I kind of hate that... but kind of love it too. I want shoes that look ok that I can actually walk around in. I can't tell you how many trips i just sit and sit because my feet hurt too much to keep going. Sad day. Aw, and I love kitty flats. I'm not a label person.. .but I would totally buy the designer ones if I had the moolah. XOXO -Alexandra

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