Saturday, January 10, 2015

My 2015 Shopping Goals

I know I've already posted alllll the goals and everyone is soooo sick of them, but here's just one more post for you - feel free to ignore as it is mainly for myself and staying accountable. In fact, I'm just gonna go ahead and disable comments on this post because I know everyone is sick of goals and resolutions and it's mainly for me. And it's a Saturday, so you shouldn't be reading this. Go watch some Netflix!

Once upon a time I had a shopping addiction. Some people might say they are addicted to shopping as a joke - well believe me, it's no joke when it's real. Maxing out credit cards, personal loans with nothing to show for it, fear of being discovered, emotional shopping, lying about shopping, thinking about shopping all the time.. Yeah, no joke. Watching 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' was like watching a movie about my life - but I didn't have Prada and Gucci to sell and get my happy ending. I had to work 3 jobs to pay off my stupid decisions - and serves me right.

I thought I had cured myself because I was 'so much better than I used to be' aka 27 year old Kristen was way better than 21 year old Kristen. However, I started tracking my spending on this blog and realised I was wasting enough money each month to cover a return flight to NYC. Yes, seriously. I was shocked and quite disgusted, actually. It took me until the end of the year but finally, I was making better purchases - thinking about them for at least a week or making sure I would actually wear them in X amount of outfits. But I still have a long way to go, and these goals are going to help.

You might think what's the point? Shopping is fun. It's not hurting anyone and as long as you're happy, and paying your bills - that's all that matters. You'd be right - it's not hurting anyone, we are paying our bills, and shopping makes me happy. But I don't want shopping to make me happy - it doesn't last. I don't like 70% of the clothes in my closet and I am so freaking sick of that. I am sick of wasting money on things I don't like because I convince myself that I do. It's so stupid not to like your own clothes.

Another reason is because I don't want to fight about money anymore with KC. We don't 'fight' per say, but he can't understand why I always need to buy something. He never buys anything for himself - he doesn't replace his work pants until they have a hole in them. He doesn't restrict my spending or punish me or even ask that much anymore. He'll just remind me that it's me that wants a new couch, a trip to Europe - and those things can't happen if I am wasting so much money each month. And he's right.

So here are my 2015 goals for shopping:

1. No impulse shopping.

Online shopping is definitely my weakness. I want to think about every purchase for at least a week before I click checkout. That doesn't really apply to in store shopping because I shop at places like TJ Maxx and you can't really think about those purchases for a week. However, I am going to try really hard and go in there for certain things and to walk around the store before purchasing.

2. No more than $100 a month.

This seems like a lot and I certainly don't want to spend $100 every single month (that could buy me a bloody couch!) but I want to make sure I don't go over it, ever. This is for everything - clothes, shoes, accessories, books, house stuff. So..... definitely will never purchase a pair of Hunters..

buy me here because I can't
3. No more cheap clothes that don't last.

I have some super cute clothes from Forever 21 and the like.. but mostly, they fall apart, lose their shape or just plain suck and I am sick of it. Sometimes cheap clothes are awesome - my black booties from (Aussie) Kmart were $15 and are probably the most worn shoes in my closet. So I'm not ruling them out entirely but I am going to try and make smarter purchases and buy better quality clothes.

4. No more getting sucked in by other bloggers.

I don't follow a lot of fashion bloggers - less than 5, actually. Sometimes I see something on them - heck even on 'lifestyle' bloggers - that I want. Like blanket scarves, vests, coloured jeans, cute cardigans, blazers, sequin leggings - no more Kristen, no more! It's fine to get inspiration and maybe I will find something that is right for me but most of the time I don't, I just think it looks great on them and it doesn't crossover to being awesome on Kristen as well. Sure, I could create outfits online or in the comfort of my own home, but if I don't feel comfortable enough in them to wear in public - they cannot be in my closet anymore.

5. Fill holes in my closet rather than create new spots.

I need some looser 'cover up' style cardigans, work pants, and shoes. I don't need new tshirts or tank tops. I need some tops for work and a couple that are 'fun' tops that I will actually wear - quit buying tank tops you don't need, Kristen.

6. Buy more house stuff, but no more projects until previous projects are done.

House stuff is hard for me. I want all the things but can't bring myself to buy them because my list is so long, and I feel like those purchases are more frivolous than clothes (which is not true). So I want to try and start getting all the little things I want - baskets, picture frames and other miscellaneous decor. So that eventually, my list will start getting smaller and I will look around my house and not feel so overwhelmed with the 'to-do list'. I need to learn that I don't have to everything at once - I don't need to do a bathroom makeover in a weekend, I can do it over time. This doesn't mean go crazy, it just means that I would rather buy house stuff than clothes. I still want everything in my house to be useful or beautiful. The budget is the same. Oh and I have 2 DIY projects currently waiting in the junk room to be completed. No more until they are done.

this is happening. you think i'm joking? so does KC. see the tutorial here.

Most people probably don't need goals like this. But I need structure and rules to help remind me that I'd rather go to Europe or buy that new couch than waste money on polka dot jeans that I'll never wear.

Wish me luck! Because comments are disabled I'm just gonna pretend you're all shouting good lucks and best wishes to my shopping addicted self. Thanks bunches!