Monday, September 29, 2014

Oops I copy catted again.

Copy catted? Copy cat'd? I am the copy cat. This time Alyssa taunted me with her Q&As that I love so much. Even though she didn't technically nominate me, I'm doing it anyways.

11 things you never wanted to know about me

1. I can recite these movies from start to finish: Pride & Prejudice (2005), The Little Mermaid + Beauty & The Beast.. but only when they are on.

2. I count when I walk, and I have to land on an even number. I will take an extra step, even if it's a little one.

3. I was a model briefly. And I was a recurring extra on a popular TV show at home.

4. Mum said I used to go up and hug random people when I was little, and while they were oohing and ahhing over how cute I was, I would bite their knees.

5. I have split my head open twice.  

6. I sleep with both arms above my head.

7.  I like to read anything and everything and I go through phases of being obsessed with certain things, like weddings, houses and babies. 

8. I am a super fast reader. All I did as a kid was read. And read some more.

9. My memory is pretty shocking. I forget most things, and then remember the most random like 'you had the pasta last time we were here, 4 years ago' but not what we had for dinner last week.

10. I really love babies. At a party or gathering, I seem to be drawn to them, even strangers, and I'm like gimme yo baby. But I am 1000% not ready to have one of my own.

11. I couldn't take tablets until I was about 16. 

11 answers to random questions asked by Alyssa

1. What's the best/most interesting that's happened to you since you started blogging?

I'm gonna be totally cliche here and say the people + friends I have made. I would always read that and roll my eyes because as if but then I actually started commenting and talking to people and besides wondering why people were being so nice to me, I started really thinking of people as my friends, even if we've never met.

2. What was the hardest post to write?

Hmm. This one about pros & cons of living in the US. I love America, otherwise I wouldn't live here, but there are some things I am not a fan of, and I wanted to share. It's a touchy subject and I knew I was bound to offend someone but this is my blog, so... Also, this post about my past struggles with dieting & body image was harder than I thought.

3. Do your friends and family know about your blog? Do they read it?

Haha no. The only person in my real life that knows about my blog is my husband. Not even my mum or my best friends know.
I wrote this post a couple weeks ago, and since then my best friend found out I have a blog. More on that later.

4. Are you where you thought you would be today five years ago?

Ha no! Lets see. I am 27 and 5 years ago I was 22. I went out a lot, drank a lot, worked a lot, ate a lot, and wore really short dresses. I kinda thought at 27 I would be living in a cute little studio in the middle of the city, working in a fancy office overlooking the opera house, making lots of money and with a really cute boyfriend. Where I am now is way better.

5. What is one thing you hope happens, either in your life or the world, in the next five years?

Hmm. I want to travel more. I also want to complete everything on my 30 before 30 list. I would love World Peace, duh, but really what I would love is for health insurance in the US to miraculously change overnight to be more like what we have in Australia.

6. What is currently keeping you up at night?

I am a daydreamer, which I absolutely do as soon as I lay my head down at night. So, a night daydreamer? Anywho. Nothing serious right now, but I'm always thinking and planning and dreaming about something.

7. What's the most daring thing you've done this year?

I honestly struggled with this question. I haven't done anything daring. Harrumph

8. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

I am definitely an introvert, but an extrovert with the people I know and love. I am very shy when I meet new people and I will always choose my couch with a good book and a cat or two rather than a night on the town or doing something different. How boring, right? But with my friends, I am the loudest, the craziest, the 'lets do everything'est.

9. What is your most prized (material) possession?

I would say my laptop. I love the internet. It helps me stay in contact with people in Australia with facebook, skype etc. It holds all my photos (I really should back them up) and it's where I blog, and plan a million and one vacations I'll probably never take. It has all the pride & prejudice movies & tv series and even a PDF copy so I can read it anytime I want... Plus, it has dandelions on it.

10. Share a YouTube video that always makes you laugh.

Seriously KC and I could watch the babies eating lemons for hours. Hilarious.

11. Are there any words that you try to live by? Please share!

I like these quotes, which both happen to be tattooed on my body (in other languages)

Dare to Dream - pretty simple, it reminds me not to shy away from my dreams. I can do anything I put my mind to.

I think therefore I am - philosophically this means 'I am thinking, therefore I exist' but for me, it means what I think about myself is true. I got it after I was very sick and was trying to ignore what mean people were saying about me.

Also, I really dig this one.. maybe it should be my next tattoo!
So because technically Alyssa didn't nominate me, I am going to do the same thing as her, open nominations to anyone who wants to do this. I'll even make it easy (lazy) and you can do the same questions because Alyssa's questions were awesome.

Oh by the by, Alyssa and Tracy are hosting a super awesome link up tomorrow (read about it here) and you should totes magotes join the fun.
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  1. Digging the blog makeover! (especially the Pin It button. hilarious)

  2. Haha you were like the opposite of a sour patch kid! Sweet & then sour...I love that you used to bite people in the knees haha.

  3. I'm super curious about your extra work, and also to hear about how your blog was discovered by your best friend. By the way, the blog looks great!

  4. I would kill my child if she bit people's knees, but God would I laugh too. And how did the best friend discover your blog? Was it a good thing or kinda shitty?

  5. Noone really knows about my blog either, except my boyfriend and my best friend. I don't think I'd be able to write the same if I knew that other people close to me read it. I would be too concerned with what they thought about it. Also, I watched that entire video, and for some reason, I mimicked the faces the babies were making. I'm weird. lol

  6. I can't believe no one in real life knows you blog; so incognito of you! And babies eating lemons gets me every time!!!

  7. I love the new design.
    Also, biting people's knees? Hilarious!
    And I'm stealing this!
    Thanks for being a copy cat so I can in turn be a copy cat!

  8. Loving the new look lady, so pretty and fun! And love the cheerio!

    I had a hard time swallowing pills too and I'm a mega fast reader. Books on books on books!


  9. First, LOVE your blog makeover, so cute! Second, LOVE this! I literally LOL'd when I read you bit people's knees. Too funny. And I'm a super fast reader AND I couldn't swallow pills until I was like 16 too! Made life a bit difficult but oh well. I've been known to read an entire book in a day too! Oh and I'm also a night daydreamer.... I have a hard time switching off my brain when I go to bed and I'm constantly daydreaming about things!

    <3, Pamela

  10. You were a model and an actress- this deserves a post on it's own!! I love watching baby videos - they are so funny!! Loved this post and getting to know more about you!! xo

  11. I count when I walk too! I love when I find out somebody else does the things I think are really weird. ;)

    I am also a super fast reader. I was an early reader and read A LOT when I was a kid, maybe there is a correlation to that.

  12. Love this post! Always fun learning more about a fellow blogger! Especially those things like how fast of a reader you are and that you sleep with your arms above your head! So random! Lol!

  13. Heyyyyy! I'm loving the blog face lift! But, errrrr... What does "taking a tablet" mean?!?! ;)

  14. You were on TV? That's so cool! I am a super fast reader too. And when I was a kid and got in trouble my parents would take away my books!

  15. I love that you ran up to people to hug them and then bit their knees LOL! Like the new blog look too!

  16. HAHAHAHAHAH THOSE BABIES EATING LEMONS. when kayla was a toddler, she found some sour patch kids and wanted to eat them. i knew they were sour so when i said no, she made a fuss and then i decided to let her try them and of course, i whipped out my camera -- OMFG WE LAUGHED SO HARD because she made the exact same face as those babies!!

    Vodka and Soda

  17. haha number 4 about you biting peoples knees is too cute! And I like to think I'm a fast reader too thanks to gorging on books as a kid. Ian doesn't think I even read the pages and instead am just flipping them over every minute. He just can't keep up :)

  18. I love the makeover!!! Your signature at the end is awesome!!

    I love posts like this. How cool that you were a recurring extra! And too funny about biting people's knees!

  19. First off love the new blog layout!! Omg I spit my coffee out reading you use to hug people and bite their knees haha omg thats amazing!! Ya I know most Disney movies by heart too but the worst is the Wizard of Oz I could totally act it out too haha! Sooo you're basically famous and never told us?!

    <3 Shannon

  20. You were like the Sour Patch Kids in reverse! First you were sweet and then sour. Hahah. I can't believe you bit their knees. :)

  21. 1. I love literally everything about your new blog look.
    2. I love that you did this post and thank you for all the super-sweet shoutout! xoxo
    3. I don't even know where to start with your 11 things, some of them are too funny.
    4. Great answers. Maybe signing up for the half was a little bit daring though?? And I love that Teddy Roosevelt quote too :)

  22. I love that Babies Eating Lemons video! They looked like they'd been tricked and didn't appreciate it one bit, haha. I can relate to a lot of what you wrote about yourself, especially the being shy around new people, but completely insane (OK, you didn't use the word "insane" but for me it fits lol) around the people who know you well/love you. I also definitely heard the phrase "totes magotes" in James Earl Jones's voice (have you seen that Sprint commercial?), hahaha.

  23. First thought: you got another cat based on the title haha. Cute post and loved reading this (and glad you no longer knee bite).

  24. gyahh I just think you're cooler with every post like this that you do. I also sleep with my arms above my head and read somewhere that arms over your head is a "power position" and sleeping like that makes you more confident in every day life...I just think it's way comfier haha.

  25. This post is so fun!!!
    Ok, I count when I walk too....but I have to end on odd numbers! I also count buttons on electronic gadgets, like calculators, keypads, ect. Again, I have to end on an odd number. So weird!

  26. Always love these "get to know you" posts. :) I was just like you - SUPER skeptical when bloggers would say, "Oh, the best part of blogging is the COMMUNITY." I was thinking...yeah right. You all secretly hate each other and are really competitive and backstabby. Welp. I was wrong about that. I mean, there may be some of it, but there really are fun, awesome people who blog and make it fun. Some of them are even from Australia. :)

  27. I am totally going to do this. I have been needing less brain taxing blog material lol. I laughed at number 1 of your 11 things like Duh... it's Kristen.

  28. Loved all of your random facts haha. It took me until around the same age to finally take a tablet haha - And Joey is the only person that knows about my blog (of the people that I know in person) :) for now!

  29. I love your new blog look! I split my head open as a kid too. :( & I am a super fast reader. My hubby says I devour books! Haha. :)

  30. I am super duper good at remembering things from the past. And phone numbers.

  31. Ohhhh pretty new digs girl!!!

    Sorry I am cracking up over here about being sweet then biting the old were you till this behavior lasted till? :)

  32. This is cute :) I like the part about you biting knees, haha!

  33. I used to count when I walked, too!!! I swear to God when I was younger I did all sorts of weird stuff like that. I also would have to add up the numbers every time I looked at the clock... haha I have no idea why. Thankfully I've grown out of it all!

  34. What a fun post - I love these kind of posts because I always learn so much!!
    I read a lot growing up, too - my favorite hobby!
    I constantly refer to my blog friends as "my friend so&so" like we are real life friends. The other day I told some friends (in person ones) that are headed to Utah this weekend for the St. George marathon that I had several other friends running it. Then when they asked who I had to explain that it was some blog friends who I've never met in person but....Now they think I'm a whack job but that's OK!!!

  35. Did I miss something or does it totally look different around here?! I love it! Totes magotes! Hahahahaha!!!!! I love that movie.

    I find it funny that you ran to hug people then bit them because that is like Livvy. She is super sweet and you pick her up and she rubs her little kitty head against me and purrs....then that bitch bites my arm or digs her claws into my skin. Like WTF?

    I would rather stay in on the couch with a book over going out most nights too! And I totally know Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast as well!

  36. Reading a good book keeps me up at night! 😂 I don't think I could live without my laptop!! So fun learning new things about you. I mean that in a non-creepy way! 😉

  37. I am a super fast reader too. My mom actually had to stop bringing me to work with her at a daycare because I bit the other kids- oops!

  38. That's hilarious (and very original) about hugging people and then biting their knees! Too cute/mischievous!

  39. Love the new look! SO not surprised that you were a model, you gorgeous thing! I'm a fast reader too, just yesterday my dad accused me not reading the front of my birthday card and just skipping to the inside based on how fast I flipped it open. I was like geez dad, I'm just a fast reader!

  40. Bahahahahahahah... I'm dying over you biting people's knees!!!!!!!!
    I haven't done anything daring either. I mean, I trusted a fart that I shouldn't have trusted... does that count??

  41. no way you're introverted! never would have guessed that! i feel the same way about babies! one of the reasons i love my job.

  42. All I kept going back to was you split your head open twice. GAHHHH

  43. I love your new design!! Sorry if it has been a while since the change and I didn't notice! So interesting you had a recurring extra role. These were great tidbits to share!!

  44. LOVE that quote too- I feel like I need to say it to myself daily! I sleep with my arms above my head too-- well usually just one, haha. I can't wait to hear more about how/when your bff found out about your blog! And LOL at you hugging people only to go in for the attack when you were little. Too funny!

  45. Love reading these! I love the little mermaid and am a super fast reader as well! lol I had the same tablet swallowing problem! haha I am def more of an introvert. Always shy at first and new situations, but once I warm up I'm totally fine lol. I like my time alone to read,etc. I was never one to always need to spend time with friends everyday. Now that I'm a mom alone time is much harder to come by though(but worth it! ) lol I am also with you on the dreaming! I am constantly thinking of ideas/ projects so much though that sometimes I find it difficult to focus and balance things! XO Love the comparison quote .

  46. "Gimme yo baby" Baaahhhh! I'm like that then I give it right back :)
    Also, that baby video just entertained me for a solid 10 minutes. It also fueled my baby fever so there's that.

  47. Babies eating lemons are everything!!! haha and if I haven't said it already, I love the new design.

  48. Bahahhaa! You would bite peoples knees! That's hilarious yet so weird! :) Gimme yo baby - too funny! Someday you will be a great mommy of yo own baby! ;) I loved reading all of these things! :)

  49. Lol. I used to have similar habits when I would walk, take the stairs, brush my teeth, etc. I think after having kids, and then having to run after said kids, I was forced to grow out of counting my steps. Hahaha. And I am the same way when it comes to my memory! Somethings I can remember in specific detail, and other things I just draw a blank. Weird. I'm copy catting this post later today!


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