Tuesday, July 29, 2014

They said what now?

Yep. I'm throwing every person who has ever asked me a stupid question or made a stupid remark about Australia under the bus.

In the most loving way possible, of course.

Almost all of these are asked with either genuine interest, or people think they are being funny. I get it, and I don't get mad. I just thought it would be fun to share.

Do you have a pet koala?

Just, no.

Did you ride kangaroos to school?

Do you ride deer?


Does it rain there?

What the actual fudge.

Do you have electricity there?


How do you drive on the other side of the road??

I get this, it's hard to wrap your head around. But we also drive on the other side of the car so everything flips, it's not like we are driving on the other side of the road for fun. And when it's how you learn, it's how you learn. We're not screaming and scared we're gonna die because we're on the 'wrong' side of the road.

It's hard though, sometimes I forget. Only when there are no cars on the road, because I use them to figure out which side of the road I should be on. So when there are no cars, it's like second nature to go to the left.


Person: Do you have places like this?
Me: Like what?
Person: You know, streets with shops.
Me: I can't even.

A dingo ate my baby!

I get that there was a joke on Seinfeld and it was a movie, but is an incredibly insensitive thing to say. The true story is heartbreaking.

Do the toilets flush the other way?

My favourite is when they argue with me. Bitch, I know my own country and it's toilets.

Oooh I want to go to New Zealand!

Yeah they aren't the same. I want to go to New Zealand too, let me know how you like it.

What part of England are you from?

The part that they send convicts to.

Seriously though, you won't believe how often I get this. I don't mind :)

Do you have a North and South there?

Perhaps this was meant in a Civil War type way. Or a BBC show type way.

any excuse to use this gif

How did you survive with all the deadly animals? Everything is trying to kill you!

Every country has animals and shit that can kill you. I lived in the city and the only deadly things I saw in my lifetime were red back spiders (so effing small you'll never see them) and funnel web spiders. holy shit balls no wonder I'm afraid of spiders.

When do you celebrate Christmas?

At Christmas.

How come the seasons are different? In winter, is it hot? In summer, is it cold?

Yeah we just up and changed the meanings of seasons.

Yeah but why are the seasons different?

Because, Science bebe.
Why do you spell it like that / call it that instead of how we do it or what we say?

I didn't invent the English language.

Whatever you are speaking isn't the English language.

You speak and write American English. I speak and write British English. Get over it...

Ooh, say this or say that! Say 'put another shrimp on the barbie!'

It's called a prawn, hello...

403 A Knight's Tale quotes
Do you have gay people there? If not, I want to go there.

Ask the first person you see in Australia this question. I doubt you'll make it much further than that.

You're not from Australia, you don't have an accent.

Tell me I'm not from Australia again. Do it.
Also, I do have an accent, thankyouverymuch. I just don't sound like Crocodile Dundee. We all have different accents, just like someone from NYC isn't gonna sound like someone from the deep south. Know what I mean?

Hey I know a friend of a friend's cousin's uncle - his name is John Smith. Do you know him?

Yeah, tall guy right? Has hair, wears tshirts sometimes?

cant hardly wait
Side note: I get this one all the freaking time. And when I was in Australia and met an American (or Canadian, cause why not!) I'd ask where they were from. They'd say California or something, and I'd be like 'I know people in Kentucky'. Cause we're all the same.

Why the heck are you in KY if you are from Australia?

Cause America is a beaut, mate. And I love it. Plus, home is where the heart is.



  1. the ignorance of people sometimes! argh!! no gay ppl in australia--wow. they do realize they're people and that they are everywhere? i didn't like NZ--no offense NZ people, it just wasn't my fave!

  2. now you know what candians feel like. seriously. you'd be surprised how many people know very little about canada. and by people, i mean americans. sorry americans, but it's true. i don't know how many times i've been asked about our weather (hello, SAME WEATHER for the most part), or what kind of money we use (a guy from New York which is only 8hrs away from canada asked me this WTF), or if we live in igloos (no joke, this guy was dead serious) or if we see moose roaming around. there are a ton of other stupid questions i get but those were ones that stuck out in my mind.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I can't people ask you these questions. The driving on the other side would be weird but like you say it is all in how you learned it.

  4. LOLOLOL!!!!! This is both hilarious and sad all at the same time. Some of those questions are just down right absurd! Makes for excellent blogging material :) Mate!

  5. WOW! You had me laughing at some of these, and shaking my head at the others.

    Please don't judge me too hard, but I didn't know the dingo joke was about a real story?!!?

  6. This was hilarious, but at the same time some of the questions are so insensitive-- and just kind of stupid... I'm loving your ever so often use of that North & South gif ;) still need to read & watch!

  7. I honestly couldn't even laugh at these because I'm so sad that people actually ask you this stuff!!! I mean, really?!? Did you ride a kangaroo to school? Do you have electricity? No wonder other countries hate Americans! If this is the same population representing us I'd hate us too! LOL!

    <3, Pamela

  8. Hahaha I love this. Yesterday my daughter asked me if kangaroos were real. I told her yes, they lived in Australia. She asked me if people lived there too. =).

  9. the stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me - I mean I give you full permission to slap them!! I once went out with a guy (one date - you'll see why) He was born in Australia and moved to the states when he was like 4 - he liked to think he had an accent but he didn't. He took me to Outback on our first date (fitting he thought) and then proceeded to say goo'day mate to the hostess, the waiter, and then he said throw another shrimp on the barbie - with an accent and I almost died from embarrassment - i mean come on!!

  10. You crack me up. I was gonna be a smart ass and ask a funny question... buuuuuuuuuut it slipped my mind.

    Stop laughing at me.

  11. omg! I loved this post. First of all, I can't believe people ask if there are gays there. Some people are so ignorant. Also, love your rant about the opposite side of the road. lol seriously, it seems like you handle these questions better than I would. How do you not stick pencils in your eyes over these questions. You deserve a brownie, at the very least.

  12. Those are hilarious. I get questions like that sometimes about Argentina.. and yea, I have to SMH.

  13. But now I want to hear how accented you are - you should post an IG video! One of my friends is Scottish and she doesn't speak with an accent because she got tired of people asking her about it but when she's on the phone with her mom, she has one. It's weird since it's like a switch. Sorry Seinfeld ruined the dingo eating someone's baby... I didn't know that was a real thing, oops. How hard was it to learn to drive in America? Like, my brain wouldn't be able to flip like that. And I can't believe no one asks you about the Crocodile Hunter!

  14. My mom does the whole "oh do you know so and so" when she hears of a place she knows someone in. It bothers me..haha.
    And this post made me realize I dont know too much about Australia! Tell us more!

  15. Wow...people ask the stupidist questions! Seriously!

  16. Bahahahaha omg Im dying! Do you ride a kangaroo wtf?! People are so annoying, glad you cleared things up! ;)

    <3 Shannon

  17. oh wow, these questions are crazy....and sad. Seriously, people really think like this?! I give you credit girl!

  18. These crack me up. Although, I watched '10 deadliest creatures' on discovery channel, and like 8 were in Australia so... I can kind of get that one!
    Isn't the real dingo story that they blamed a dingo but really they murdered their daughter?

  19. My goodness at the questions! I would get a tad bit (aka a lot) irritated after a while.

    I would probably ask you how you ended up in KY. But I am really curious about people's lives and their journey's. So, I would ask that question to anybody living in a different place. :)

    It totally makes sense to me that different parts of Australia would have different accents. Just look at even Southern (American) accents. Us Georgians have way different accents from Alabamians. I can even tell a difference in accents from different parts of Georgia, subtle but different. I just love hearing different accents from all over. And I am with Lauren. I would love to hear your accent. ;)

  20. Love this so much!! I laughed on so many of these and I can totally empathize with you because I live in Alabama and get asked all kinds of ?s from people across the country. I might have to copy this post in some form later...

  21. I want to say, "I can't believe you would get asked this stuff," but sadly I CAN believe you got asked this!! People asked me really dumb stuff about living over in Korea all the time. The best was when they asked me if I would be teaching in North Korea or South Korea, lol.

  22. but no really, what way does the toilet flush?! ;)

  23. Damn it, I was secretly hoping you DO in fact have a koala. Sigh. ;)

  24. LOL!
    I must be living under a rock I've never heard the dingo baby thing.
    When I worked at a hotel people would call then have their friends call me back to listen to me talk. FUN TIMES....lol

  25. OK - I don't want to be insensitive, but the dingo thing is real?!?!? I need to google this.
    I literally BUSTED LAUGHING that you got to use your North/South gif again :)
    Oh, people drive on the wrong side of the road on my country road too :)

  26. Bahaha "Has hair. Wears shirts sometimes" Love that movie! Hilarious (and a little scary) the things people come up with.

  27. I loved this post girl! Not going to lie I'm guilty of this as well when I meet anyone who isn't born and raised in the US. I'm sure I asked you some lame questions when we first starting our blogging bestie relationship ;-)

  28. This might be my favorite post ever from you, maybe. This was hilarious, people can be oh so ignorant...

  29. hahahaha ohh people, we just cant help ourselves but ask dumb questions. i love your tags on this post

  30. hahaha wow! I love how you wrote your answers - the hilarity of frustration sometimes!

  31. So I went on deployment to both Scotland and Australia (Perth) in 2012. There may have been one instance in each country that I tried to drive on the "American" side of the road and was QUICKLY reminded by oncoming traffic that I was, in fact, NOT in America.

    And then.. I drove on the the "wrong" side of the road when I got back to MD and parking lots with no lines were EXTREMELY confusing for about a week.

    Speaking of convicts, the Fremantle Prison was AWESOME to tour... and it being so close to Little Creatures Brewery with the sticky toffee pudding didn't hurt. :)

  32. Oh - these are classic!! Sometimes people truly amaze me with how their brains work!!!

  33. So much ignorance in the world with these questions. I did get a great laugh out of your responses.

  34. I've missed your blog so much! I've been so busy lately I've done ZERO blog reading. It's awful =( Your posts always make me laugh!

  35. haha dying laughing right now. these are hilarious -- and the things people ask...? no. just NO.

  36. I am laughing so hard at this. You're hilarious! And why in the world do people let things like that come out of their mouths!?!

  37. What about: "How can you use tampons without applicators?" ;P

  38. Forgive me but this is hilaaaaarious! I can't believe people actually ask such ridiculous things. The Christmas/seasons ones made me snort-laugh.

  39. Hahaha these are awesome! A pet koala would be pretty awesome though....

  40. I'm sorry but some of these are hilarious. But sad at the same time because...really? Wow, people...just wow.

  41. This post is great, I'm not sure which is better though; your answers or the labels for this post!!

    So.... What did you name your Koala?

    Just kidding!

  42. Ohhhh my gosh. Are people seriously this dumb?! By the way, we went to the plantation that North & South was filmed at this weekend in Charleston! I thought of you!!

  43. Ohhhh my gosh. Are people seriously this dumb?! By the way, we went to the plantation that North & South was filmed at this weekend in Charleston! I thought of you!!

  44. Dude you wont even believe the stupid fucking questions I get. Once when I was younger and in a chat room a guy asked me how I have internet and if we have electricity. I said Ohhhh its simple I plugged my fucking computer into a coconut tree and bam electricity.... I live in the Caribbean not the dark ages fool!

    I get the wrong side of the road thing all the time too ....

  45. HAHAHA This post! People are so stupid!
    I would like for you to do a vlog because of your accent and so I can hear you talk...HA!

  46. *snort* but then people can be dumb as rocks anywhere, so... I still get "isn't Vermont part of Canada?" from people who LIVE in the US!

  47. Laughing my arse off over here! Wtf is wrong with people! I hope that I never asked you any of that stupid shit! But seriously, that's some funny shit! I think you need to do a volg just so we can hear your accent :)

  48. Good gracious! I can't believe some of these! I didn't realize the dingo story was true, though :(

  49. bhaha! bangs. I grew mine out in Kindergarten and never looked back!

    1. dang it! I totally commented on the wrong post with this. sheesh. but seriously, people are crazy. apparently that includes me ;)

  50. I LOL'd at pretty much all of these. People are stupid. Although as a Texan I did get a few questions like this from a Canadian and a German when I worked at Disney in 2008. And now all I want to do is go to Australia....so thanks.


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