Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Faves

Yay Friday! My holiday is almost over, and I am back to work on Monday. Remember how I skipped a day coming here? Well I gain a day coming back, so even though we leave on Sunday and it takes 24 hours to get back we get back to Louisville on Sunday. Super confusing. And I'm back to work the next day. Yep. Wish me luck. But nothing can stop me from linking up with Amanda!

meet @ the barre

My favourite part of this week was catching up with some friends that I have missed dearly. The funny thing is, I really only caught up with a few people - good thing about moving overseas is that you weed out the ones who don't really care. Can't say I mind.

Favourite Post - um did you see yesterday's guest post by Jessi? I am a lover of gifs for sure, but I have never really looked for kangaroo gifs and the ones Jessi found were absolute gems. Interesting, crazy animals, aren't they? Check it out if you haven't already.


Favourite Food is hard this week because I have been eating a lot of food. Like a lot. Like, think of the amount of food that you think is a lot, then double that. Then triple it. Then put some whipped cream and chocolate on top. That's just what I had yesterday. 

After a sunset cruise in Cairns, we ate at Dundees - and it was beyond amazing. If you ever find yourself in Cairns you have to eat there. Like your life depends on it. I am a bad blogger and didn't take any photos - but there are tons on tripadvisor. We ate Kangaroo, Crocodile & Marshmallow Pavlova (among other things). Yummmmo.

Before the meal I was like this:

After the meal I was like this:

Fave Video - you should watch this video. It's so cute, and of course I cried. It's a dad taking his super cute daughter on a date, I mean come on. So cute. It's things like this that make me sad I don't have a dad - but super happy that I married a good guy that will one day be the dad I never had. Not to me, but you get it. Just watch the video.

I obviously wouldn't miss fave funnies two weeks in a row...

WATCH THIS RIGHT NOW. (It's a pet raccoon rolling down the hallway.)

Just know, the longer it takes you to propose the more expensive our wedding becomes. Thanks to Pinterest and all our friends weddings I have to out do.

Blair Waldorf

13 Hilarious Yet Questionable Harry Potter Memes



Hahaha stupid

Very Funny Quotes | Funny Love Quotes - Funny Pictures, Weird Pics, Amazing and Strange ...

That baby gif though, right?!


  1. hahaha that baby gif. that's my exact expression when i eat my one dessert a year (on my birthday). for real.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Is it bad of me to say that I'm happy you're coming back?! I've missed you!! Your gifs are just too much lol!! Can't wait for all the recaps once the jet lag wears off!

  3. Haha your funnies had me dying! I probably watched the raccoon at least a half dozen times in a row.

  4. Omg... the kangaroo gifs from yesterday are sooo funny! Glad you are having a great trip and vacations are definitely for eating!

  5. Those funnies are too much! The raccoon...holy crap!

    The time difference between here and Australia is so confusing. I have another blogger friend who lives there and when it was her birthday, I didn't know if I missed it or if I was late.

  6. Bahaha. I love the raccoon and the baby! My niece opens her mouth so big when she eats. She loves her food! I think she gets it from her aunt. ;) Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  7. Yes! I love your funnies this week. Enjoy the end of your trip!!!

  8. The before you eat GIF killed me, so so funny!

  9. Haha im contemplating sharing that proposal ecard on my boyfriends fb LOL

  10. hahahahahaha that baby gif is so me when it's time for any meal but ice cream specifically. I would have to love you with my hips because we all know I ain't working with that much in the trunk if you catch my drift. I miss you!!!! Have a safe flight(s) home!!

  11. Oh those funnies, you KILLED it. I'm dying. They're too good. Have a safe trip home and can't wait to chat about your trip when you're back!! xo

  12. Ha ha ha ha!! I'm so glad you're not skipping the funnies this week. ALWAYS the best. That raccoon?? Is that for real?!?? I'm so confused!
    Gina -- On the Daily Express

  13. That baby gif!!! That is how I look when I am eating ice cream too!!! How did you know?!

    Food on vacation doesn't count so eat up! :)

    When you move away from an area, you certainly do realize who your real friends are for sure!!! I hope you enjoy whats left of your holiday!

  14. OMG I WANT THAT FROZEN SHIRT!!! Because I do know all the words. AND I WILL SING THEM TO YOU! Right in your face! Just ask my husband!

    You know the part where the snow man goes "GO AWAAAAYYYY!!" ???? Well, we say that all the time. When he annoys me... GO AWAYYYYYY. When I am bugging him.... GOOOOOOOOO AWAAAAAAAAAY!!!

    My house isn't a normal house.

  15. Your funnies are the best!!! The racoon and the baby haha and the Lorde meme. Girl this post wins!

  16. I'm glad your trip went well BUT I'm excited for you to come home... I've missed you!

  17. omg! your funnies are on point!! HA! you had me laughing the whole way through. Sad to hear your holiday is over, that is the worst feeling. But excited to have you back here! :)

  18. Glad you are having a great trip! You are brave to go right back without a day for rest...I'm tired just thinking about it :) OMG that raccoon!

  19. Going on a trip means eating lots of food is a must! Those funnies are the best! And I think we should get together and make a Frozen cover video. Lol.

  20. lol that raccoon??????!!!!! And that baby?!?!?!?! Literally lol'ing! Welcome back! Hope you had a great time!

  21. That is soooo weird that you gain a day on your holiday! But it's pretty fabulous because it totally sucks when you lose time during vacationing! :) Isn't it funny how when you move away all the fake friends dwindle away?! Glad you were able to visit with the important people in your life and stuffing your face of all the good food!! You better do a photo dump holiday recap! :)

  22. Hahaha! That last photo! I do have a booty so I should say that :-p That raccoon is hilarious! Glad you got to catch up with some friends!

  23. The raccoon . . . I kept watching! And I agree about seeing friends when you go home . . . you really focus on the ones that count and that's a good thing! I'm with you on the food . . . and I'm not on vacation. I'm seriously on an eat all the foods kick and it needs to stop. Although I have declared that dieting is for the fall, am I right?!?


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