Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ridin' Solo.. solo, solo...

When I first heard that song, I was like 'riding so low? thats no good' and my friends just shook their heads at me.

Hubby is a teacher and had the graduation thingy last night. Which means...

and by here I mean home

So, inspired by my girl Amanda's post heeerreee I thought I would take you on a journey that is the exciting stuff of me, home alone (well, my kitty cats are here) on a Friday night.


Let's get crazy now.

So after a reasonably hectic day at work, I consider going for a run but decide on some excuse. Then get mad at myself for being so lazy and un-motivated. Make promise to myself tomorrow next week I will get myself back into gear.

Better stop at the grocery to make sure I have all the necessities aka the food that hubby would shake his head at if he saw me eating. Also, he hates hates wandering around the grocery aimlessly, so I use this time to take my sweet ass time and go up and down every aisle and buy something pretty in the cosmetics aisle. He'll never know, because it will come out of the account with the other groceries - Him: what did you spend $50 on Friday? Me: toilet paper and stuff. You know, groceries.

mmm chips ahoy.

I get home, turn the music on and have a little dance party to all the cheesy pop music he hates. Whilst dancing, I put the 'groceries' away and feed my babies.

Then feed myself.

Kroger sushi. The fanciest of all sushi.

Then I sit my butt down with a soda in a fancy wine glass.

I put a movie on - such a hard decision sometimes. I never know which one to choose...

I also have my laptop out, to do some bloggy blog reading. And my phone is next to me, so I can instagram to my heart's content. I pretend it's also in case someone texts me, but lets be real. Kindle is close by just in case I want to read. 3 guesses as to which book is opened right now.

Snack time.

See something a fellow blogger is wearing.. I want that. Head over to pinterest to get more inspiration, get sucked into the pinterest vortex... but where would I find said cute item? In my price range? Best go to shopstyle to do a huge search. I seriously love this website. 

Back to pinterest. Don't you hate when you're looking at 'women's fashion' and you see something ridiculously not women's fashion?

This isn't fashion. But I'm intrigued.
Someone make me this cd and I'll love you forever!

Didn't put me in a good mood. Boring list. A 90s list would be better. Googles 90s list. 
Len, "Steal My Sunshine"
Much better, buzzfeed. Well done, good mood accomplished.

Continue scrolling through pinterest. Ooh, cute bedroom. Why doesn't my master bedroom look like that? Start obsessing over the home decor boards. I always end back up at this bedding. I want it. Wallow in those sorrows for a second or five. One day, Babs. You will be mine.

Amanda's blonde. Maybe I should be blonde again. Look through old photos. Way back when y'all. Here are some gems that were just too awkwardly awesome not to share. I have too much time on my hands.

Brunette it is. Like Keira. Or Lizzy Bennet. Speaking of, the movie ended. I missed all of it. Rewind.

Need a refill. I'm not a huge wine drinker, but I'm feeling it tonight.

After all this wine, what would be a better idea than to paint my nails and my face with a mask. And then take a photo of it. There was no way this photo would not be horrible, so don't judge. I tried to distract you by making a stupid face.

Lots of skinny beautiful girls on the internet. Start to feel inadequate, I should work out more, be prettier. Do the makeup stuff. But the wine gives me confidence. 

Somehow end up on the Camp's blog - gosh her kids are too cute. I always said I wanted 4 kids, but hubby doesn't. Read too much of Grace's recommendations for newborns and new mamas. End up on Amazon in the baby section. What the shit am I doing?

I binge watch a season of New Girl and then off to bed. I'd say a fabulous 'single girl' night and honestly I would still do most of it if hubby were here.


  1. This post just made me laugh SO hard! I've been contemplating bangs a la Lizza Bennet after I watched P&P 25x the other week! I'm jealous you can pull of blonde hair so well! I'm not sure if this post makes me want to watch P&P again or watch Bridesmaids! I haven't had chips and dip like that in AGES, but oddly enough now I'm craving some-- good thing I'm on my way to target soon!

    Anddd, I feel like I just had an entire convo with myself in response to this post!

  2. "But the wine gives me confidence." Bahahahaha! Don't you wish you could just walk around with a glass of booze all day?! Damn society!!!!! ;P

  3. hahaha that sounds like a good night to me! :D

  4. HA. this cracked me up. thanks for linking to el camp!!!

    now I want a night to myself .........

  5. Your bad day has to be a lot of girl's good day ...
    "Should" really, really needs to be deleted from our vocabulary :)

  6. That is such a cool wine glass! Very fancy indeed :)

  7. Haha love this! Lets be honest- what girl doesn't do at least 3 of these things when they're alone?!

  8. Hahaha LOVE it! This sounds like the perfect Friday night to me ;)

  9. This is so how my brain works too!! So many things and get distracted. Wine is always a good idea.

  10. I think I almost always do a face mask and paint my toes anytime I have a "free" night :) Oh Pinterest...that or blogging is what I do while we are watching TV.

  11. Haha, this was awesome! Also, why I never get anything done unless I give myself a list and time restraints!! so-lo bwahaah!

  12. This is exactly the derailed train of entertainment I end up in with no hubby. Awesome night :).

  13. Your Friday night was eventful! Mine was maybe 3 lines worth of "Netflix, Instagram, early bedtime" haha.

  14. Fun night!! My hubby was off on a bachelor party the other weekend and my night looked very similar! :-)

  15. My husband went to bed really early on Saturday night so I was like yessss alone time! Ran to Target then got home and did so much blog stuff and watched shows he hates. It was great. He needs to go to bed early more often!

  16. I am so mad at myself that I didn't see this already till now! However it just gave me the best laugh ever!!!! I love and I have the same rambling mind/train of thought. Wound up looking at baby stuff hahahahaha I mean how do we stumble onto the things that we do??? I just spit my water out at your blonde girl comments. Ummmm the second picture with the extreme hand on hip pose I mean does it get any better than that? You and Mark can go grocery shopping together. He insists on going down every aisle! Like this past Sunday we went down the chip and cookie aisle which is usually off limits for me and for good reason....ummmm the cookies and chips were BOGO. I didn't have my phone otherwise I would have taken the picture of the little conveyer belt looked like we were a bunch of stoners. You know how many cookies he eat all day? I lost count.....but they were the chewy mint chocolate chip ones! These posts makes me so happy I made need to do a part 2 version! <3 yah girl!

  17. this just made me laugh out loud- this is soo many of my Friday nights!

  18. Bahaha...absolutely love this post! Reminds me of very similar nights home alone!

  19. Love this post! I like the blond hair! Btw, my blog moved to

  20. Bahahahhahaha! Girl, I freaking love the nonsense you post! It's perfect, truthful, and shamefully just like me but much better said! As a matter of fact, as I read this I thought damn, I'm so ADD that I can't even keep track of what I do! But she's got this all under control and mastered! I've got some learning to do! ;)

  21. This post was awesome. Gave me a great laugh!

  22. Hahahahahah! Thank you for this it was just what I needed on this rainy day!

  23. Hi!! Nights alone are the best! I also go out and get things the hubby wouldn't agree with, lol! :) Your black and white cat does look freakishly like mine.


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