Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rent the ... anniversary dress.

Another clothes / shopping post? Wait, stop rolling your eyes and heading for the red x up there. I need your help. I'll give you candy. 

I have been considering using Rent The Runway again, possibly for our anniversary dinner, for no other reason than life is short and I want to be pretty. 
case in point.
I have used them twice before, and I loved one dress, and liked the other.
floral ruffle getaway maxi worn here
Lilly Pulitzer Jordan Dress worn here

My favourite thing about rent the runway is that people post reviews and photos, so you can see how the dress looks on a real person and not a model. Ladies post their stats, so I immediately try and find someone my height to better see the length of the dress. There have been several times that I have thought a dress was cute and changed my mind after reading reviews and looking at the photos, so very helpful in my opinion.

So what else is a girl to do but to ask for opinions? And if you think some of them are weird or ugly, and you have a lot of time on your hands a minute you should clicky clicky and look at the reviews with pictures to see how pretty it really is (or isn't, whatever).

Here are the front runners, in no particular order, though I do have favourites... and yes of course there are 15 'front' runners. 

one: Ali Ro Sweet Virginia Scoop Dress or if you're a baller
two: Erin Fetherston Blue Sea Mist Dress
three: Lilly Pulitzer Elisse Dress
four: Milly Poppy Fields Sheath
five: Eva Franco Ora Dress
six: Kate Spade Celina Dress
seven: Peter Som Dollface Scoop Dress
eight: Shoshanna Lost in Love Dress
nine: Shoshanna Dixie Ruffle Dress
ten: Moschino Cheap & Chic Follow Your Heart Dress
eleven: Z Spoke Zac Posen No Turning Back Dress
twelve: Robert Rodriguez Collection Sea Water Shift - I'm not a stalker, but Aliya rented this dress!
thirteen: Lilly Pulitzer Island Breeze Shift
fourteen: Lilly Pulitzer Joslin Dress
fifteen: Shoshanna Citrus Tribal Flare Dress
I absolutely love love love these two, but there are no reviews with pictures yet. I mean, how can you go wrong with that maxi? and isn't the blue stunning? 

left: Allison Parris Float On Dress right: Yumi Kim Pastel Paradise Maxi

Or, I could just get this maxi again. But where's the fun in that? I did love it though, and would absolutely buy it if I ever found it for the same price I can rent it for, lol.

Floral Ruffle Getaway Maxi
I realise that these are all varying degrees of fancy-ness and style but that is because I am what you call indecisive :) The dress may help decide the venue, lol. 

Sometimes they have sales and coupons and whatnot, so that may sway my decision. I ordered this dress in peach from asos, that might work. Or I might just pop by Target or TJ Maxx this weekend.. But doesn't it seem like such a fun idea - rent a fun dress and send it back on it's merry way?

By the by, not a sponsored post. I just really like rent the runway. Its fun! I am definitely the kind of girl that doesn't like to wear the same dress more than once, only because I get kind of bored of them and they look the same. Was that a night out on the town, KY Derby or anniversary dinner? Who knows, because she wore the same dress to all of them. Ok I know, exaggerating and #firstworldproblems.

Appreciate your help ladies. Has anyone else used rent the runway before? Good, bad, ugly? Think I am ridiculous for renting a dress? All opinions are welcome, except I won't respond to mean ones. Ha! 

Happy Friday-eve loves.


  1. I love rent the runway! I don't think you can go wrong with any of those choices!


  2. I love that last meme. Okay there went like 20 minutes of my morning dang that site is addicting. Now I'm thinking about stuff for engagement pictures. I love dress number 1 but it's not anything ground breaking but I love the cut, the lace and the color would look fab on you. #5 daaaaang girl that is short! No bending over in the one. Love #6 and # 12.....oh decisions decisions! Every time I wanted to use the site when it first came out I always wanted to rent a birthday dress whomp whomp whomp...apparently so does everyone else July 4th weekend so I have never tried the site tell me all about it! "Life is short and I want to be pretty" <-- Amen

  3. All of those dresses are gorgeous! Why am I drawn to the most expensive ones though?!!?

    I've heard great things about rent the runway, haven't tried it yet though.

  4. DUDE too many options - i loved the pink stripped one though. My coworker rented that mustache/bow one a few weeks ago and LOVED it!

  5. LOVE all of these! I don't know how you're going to choose! I think I'm going to use Rent the Runway for my birthday dress this year! The past several years I've bought a cute fun bday dress and never worn it again. Such a waste! I really love #8,9,11 and 15!

    <3, Pamela

  6. It's so funny, I had never heard of this service until a week ago and now I've seen it on several blogs in the past week!

    I am totally a fan and think you'd look so gorgeous in #11!

  7. I don't even need a dress for anything but now you have no wanting to rent one just because! Sooo my top picks were 6, 2, 7, & 13! Though I also love that Yumi Kim maxi! I don't like to wear the same dress if I'm going anywhere, where there will be photos-- haha, it doesn't bother me as much anymore, but it's always fun to get something new :)

  8. Number 5 and number 12. I want them both!!!! But mostly number 5. These are all so nice! I have a love hate relationship with fashion posts. I love love love to read em and I hate that I cant buy everything all at once!

  9. Ok 2,9, & 12 are my favorites...and I'll take my candy now :)

  10. I'm loving 1, 7, and 12!! Cute dresses!! I may have to try it sometime!

  11. I love RTR! It's especially awesome they will ship to hotels to rent on vacations :) I've used it twice with great experiences. You're definitely wise to rent in my book.

  12. 4, 6, 11 and 12 are the ones I can't decide between!

  13. So, I think all 15 are lovely...but I just really REALLY love #2!!!! There is just something about it that screams pick me pick me.

  14. BLovedBoston has great style so you should go with her pick! But, I vote for 11 ONLY because you need to be SMOKIN HOT for an anniversary and it has a GREAT fit!

  15. I've never used them but I've only heard positive things :) I'm obsessing over #12 girl!

  16. Ahhh I love them all!! I think 11 and the Allison Parris Float On Dress is my fave! I love a good fit and flare dress! So girly and flattering!!

    <3 Shannon

  17. I love #9!!!!! I'm a sucker for bright colors & a ruffled collar! You'll look fantastic in any of them

  18. 1 5 13 and the maxi with no reviews! All of them!! GYAHHH I love RTR.

  19. How have I never heard about this before??? Checking them out now! And I love all the dresses but the Yumi Kim maxi is fabulous!!!

  20. I've never used Rent the Runway, but I've been tempted a couple times. I might have to look that way for my next fancy pants to-do.

    My favorites: #1, #4, #8, #10-12, #13, #15
    Sorry, that's not very helpful is it? haha! What's on the agenda for the anniversary celebration??

  21. I love number 2 !!!! Erin Fetherston Blue Sea Mist Dress

  22. Adore #12! Beautiful color!

  23. I think 7 and 12 are super cute options!

  24. I love the pastel maxi or the dress with bows! How cute! All your choices are great :)

  25. I think 6,10 and 13 are really pretty! Can't go wrong with any of them though.

  26. Lol how about I help you narrow it down to 5? First of all they are all cute! So I just picked a favorite from each row haha. 1, 4, 8, 12, 14.

  27. I vote #4! I love the print, and it's versatile enough for lots of venues. I've never tried Rent the Runway, but I've heard good things. :)

  28. You'd look great in any of those!

  29. I vote 4, 6, or 12! I've heard great things about RTR! I rented from The Frock Shop out of Chicago quite a few times! Once for a pagent and twice for dresses I just wanted to wear to some events! best of luck making your decision!

  30. 5,6, and 9 are my Favs!
    Also love the Maxi......ahh.

  31. I really like all of them. I'm sure whichever you choose you'll be gorgeous in!


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