Thursday, May 8, 2014

Liebster Award for All!

Jennifer so sweetly nominated me for one of them here awards!

If you haven't heard of these you have been living under a rock and you can read more about it on Jennifer's blog because I don't want to waste precious blog space. jk.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
Hey, where I live now! Fo reals. I am from one of the biggest cities in the world, and people are so floored when they find out I love it here more. Wanna know why? Cause it's where my peeps are. Peeps is where its at. If I could take everyone I love and smush them into one place, I could be happy anywhere.

What is your favorite meal to cook (or eat at a restaurant)?
I am not a good cook! My fave meal to make myself is 'nachos' and by nachos, I mean doritos + black beans + cheese = microwave to make the cheese all melty and then top with alllll of the sour cream. I know it sounds weird and gross but its how my mummy made it (well, she used meat instead of beans but I digress) and it makes me feel like a kid again.

I also really love sushi, especially from Sake Blue. But I'll take Kroger's as well, I aint fussy.

What is one thing you want to learn how to do?
 I would love to learn how to sew more / be better at it.

What is your favorite piece of clothing?
Sweats. Haha! anything comfy schmomfy.

If you could go back and change one thing from your past, would you? (Life might be different if you do.)
I don't wanna change my life, you know everything happens for a reason and all that, but if I could go back and show them high school bitches I don't give a rats ass about them, I would.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
Um... to make money! I would love to read minds, but I think that would be more trouble than its worth.

Your ideal day is?
Shopping, eating, followed by a nap.

What is something that always makes you smile?
Pride & Prejudice. And shopping.

What was your soundtrack to 1998?
Spice Girls! And 5ive! haha :)

Would you rather be able to go back in time or go to the future?  Why?
I am terrified of the future, so past fo shiz. But not my past - like way in the past, like to meet Jane Austen or Queen Elizabeth (not the one thats alive now) would be crazy awesome, am I right? 

Now for erryone else.

I have seen 10 or 11 questions / nominees,  but imma go with 10 because its less and the first time I tried to do this I gave up, but I kinda like Jennifer's questions for me, so what the hey! What can I say, I like talking about myself. And I love reading other peoples answers.

If you haven't been to any of these blogs before, please clicky clicky because they are awesome sauce! So yeah, the nominees are:

1. Emily @ Eloquently Emily
2. Sara @ Rhapsody & Chaos
3. Angie @ Just Me, Angie!
4. Mia @ Make Me Up Mia
5. Elena @ Baby Ridley Bump
6. Krystal @ The Kay Times
7. Heather @ My Little HEA
8. Shelby @ Recent Somethings
9. Sam @ Sammi Rambles

I am almost 100% sure that all of these ladies have probably been nominated before! But, answer my questions in the comment section if you don't want to do a post. So demanding, I know. And if I didn't nominate you leave your answers anyway cause I love this ish. And I probably thought you were too popular  (Hi Amanda! Hi Kathy! Hi Jessi!) to nominate, jk to my nominees. Love ya all, mmk.

Questions for you! I kinda want to answer my own.

1. Favourite guilty pleasure TV show.
2. Biggest pet peeve? 
3. Favourite store - in person or online.
4. Which song do you hear and you can't help but shake your booty?
5. Tell me the most random, awesome, strange fact about yourself.
6. Favourite book? 
7. Who's your celebrity girl crush?
8. If you could meet anyone dead (not alive, and not a family member!) who would it be? you can answer why if you want.
9. Dream travel destination?
10. You have a million dollars. What do you do first?


  1. Thanks for the nom doll!! I haven't done one of these in awhile so I'm thinking I'll do yours!

  2. Congrats girlie!! So fun getting to know more about you! Xo

  3. 5ive! Oh my gosh I loved them!

  4. Your perfect day is my perfect day... as long as that's online shopping in sweats!

    Ha-ha you're sweet, yes I have done a Liebster before but love that you thought of me (and nominated mama!)

    Am I a bad person for never having read Pride & Prejudice?

  5. Congrats on your award! Spice girls were totally the girls of my middleschool/highschool years.

    It was fun learning more about you :)!

  6. LOVE this!!! I love getting to know more about bloggers through fun questions like this! Your ideal day and favorite piece of clothing are definitely the same as mine! :) And YES to your soundtrack hahaha!

    <3, Pamela

  7. Baby when the lights go outtttt... I LOVED that song!

  8. Hahaha!!!!! Your Dorito recipe, but dang that sounds weirdly good!! I want to learn to sew so bad! My mom is awesome at it so I've asked her to teach me like 100 times, but I have such bad ADD I end up lasting about 5 min and she ends up doing the whole project herself! Poor mom! Congrats on the award! :)

    <3 Shannon

  9. Yay!!! Congrats girl!!! You are just too funny! Xoxo

  10. Hahah love your answer to the superpower question! I haven't had doritos in ages but might need to pick some up next time I'm at the store!

  11. Love reading these! I have done it, so here I go with my answers ;)

    1- All of the Real Housewives
    2- Negative people!
    3- Sephora aka heaven
    4- Flo Rida- Low
    5- I don't eat sea food because fish and other sea creature totally FREAK me out. Yet I'm moving to FL.
    6- I suck, I don't read so I honestly don't have a fave. I read The Hunger Games and 50 Shades series, I enjoyed them...
    7- I LOVE Giuliana Rancic
    8- This is hard! I honestly have no idea...
    9- Bora Bora or Greece
    10- Buy a white Range Rover :)

  12. I wish I could spend every day in that ideal, nap, eat (nachos preferably)

  13. I'd be afraid of the future too... what if you're not there? YIKES!
    We have 'Nacho Night" all the time - my best 'cooking' there is too :)

  14. I would love to be able to sew better. I can sew by hand okay but I want to learn to use a machine. My husband bought me one last year. After using it twice I got into a fight with it and it was banished to the basement. It can stay down there until it learns its lesson....

    Shopping, eating, and nap. That sounds wonderful!!! I miss naps =(

  15. Oh my gosh the super power to make money is brilliant - I've never even heard that answer before but it's perfect!! I so remember 5ive!! they were my jam back in the day!!

  16. Your perfect day sounds just like my perfect day!!!! And 5ive!!!!!!! Slam dunk the funk, baby!!!!!!!

    I could go for some sushi right now. Yummmmmm

  17. Aw, thanks, you! I have done this in the recent past, so I will just answer for you here :) (Oh and before I forget, that dorito nacho dish sounds pretty amaaaazing!)

    1. Hart of Dixie. 2. One-uppers or liars. 3. This changes by the day! Lately, Zara. 4. Dark Horse, K.Perry 5. I can't think of anything I haven't already shared... Uh, I once trained for the olympics in gymnastics. 6. No way can I just pick one. The Book Thief. Ender's Game. Keeper of the Lost Cities. The Passage... 7. Olivia Wilde 8. Jesus :) 9. Anywhere with clear water, sand, and sunny skies. Or the Amalfi Coast. 10. SO boring -- but save a buttload of it or invest.


  18. Bahahahhaaha thanks girl for the shoutout! I have tried to write a Liebster post before and then I got distracted or some other random post came into my head you know like driving down a flight of stairs as a 16 year old ;-)
    -Okay so first Doritos in the nachos??? How I have not thought about this before? I think Mark would die and be the happiest man ever if I made him Doritos nachos.
    -I wish I could sew my mother is an amazing seamstress but never had the patience to teach me lol.
    -Ugh I wish I could go back and tell HS Amanda that you are literally going to never see these people ever again in your life (because I haven't peace out Boston Biatches).
    -Shopping, eating (ladies who lunch with a glass of wine) and a nap sounds like perfection!
    -Stop it that picture of 5ive! just made my entire week.

    If I had a million dollars (or won the lottery) I would first go on a shopping spree but then I would open a clinic for people who are working but don't have insurance (like they would have to bring proof of last pay stub) and they could get free healthcare. It would be run by Nurse Practitioners and it would be a medical/nursing training facility and oh all the patients would have to sign a release that since they are getting free care they can't sue so like we could actually practice medicine the correct way. Is that like way too specific? Clearly I've thought about this already!

  19. Love the questions and of course reading your answers! Thanks so much for the blog love :) I just may have to answer these little q's asap!

  20. Your ideal day is perfect! Napping is always good! My ideal vacation is a trip to Italy!

  21. oh Mr. Darcy..... i heart you

  22. Haha! My super power would be making money too ;) Love reading these and getting to know bloggers better!! Great post lady :) xx

  23. omg... 5ive!!!! HOW DID I FORGET ABOUT THEM?! "Baby when the lights... go out...!"
    "Peeps is where its at." Agreed. Doesn't matter where you are, as long as you have good company while you're there. :)

  24. I want the same super powers as you do! I've always wanted to read peoples minds but I know id probably hear way more than I need to! Loved learning more about you!

  25. Love this! AND Thanks!!! I will answer the questions in a post either today or Saturday. :D

  26. your nachos sound like the bomb and the best way to make nachos to me!

  27. This was so cute--it was so nice to get to know you better! What you said about your favorite place to travel is wherever your friends are was so cute! ;D

    <(') Hoda || JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

  28. Love the JLaw gif. Obv. Also, I want some of those nachos that you described. TASTY.

    As for a random strange weird fact about myself - I can pop both of my big toes out of joint. It is simultaneously awesome and creepy.


  29. Ooooh I love sushi too. So much yum. And I love your use of an Amy Poehler gif here ;) congrats on the award!

  30. Omg I want to try your nachos. I'm all about a meal that can be made in the microwave! And we have the same exact ideal day.. shopping, eating, and sleeping = 3 of my favorite things!

  31. Yes to sweats! A girl after my own heart :)

  32. Your ideal day is my plan for this weekend. Shop, eat something delicious, then sleeeeep!!

  33. These awards are a fun way to get to know people a bit better. I enjoyed your answers for sure!! :)

  34. Congrats on your Liebster!! Love your answers and you have some pretty awesome questions for these girls!

  35. Bahahahahahahah! You show them high school bitches what's up! ;) I loved reading all this! Super fun! ;)

  36. If I won a million dollars...most likely book a trip and then start writing a business plan :) I like reading everyone's answers to is so fun!


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