Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Flyday

Um, where did this week go? And also, why did it take so long... or is that just me? Fast and slow. After today, I have three - count them, 3 - days left of work and I have way more than 3 days worth of work to do. So, if you see me commenting or anything today before 5pm, tell me to get back to work. jk.

It's time again for Friday Faves with Amanda. I don't need to tell you that, but I suck at intros, so just laugh and pretend it was funny.

Meet At The Barre
whatcha waiting, whatcha waiting for

Fave Song

I mean, how can I not be jamming to this song since Wednesday's post revealed so many other first wives club lovers out there. This is my fave part about blogging, y'all make me feel un-lame.

Fave Recipe

Fake ice cream using bananas? Sign me up. Um, not sure you can call this a recipe, but whatever trevor. I have made this so many times it's not even funny. I first discovered it when Rose posted it, but I have seen it one thousand and one times since. It's a popular one.
original post
I am sure you've heard some variation of this 'ice cream' but here's my tip, don't freeze the 'nanas first. Put them in the blender along with your selected poison (I like chocolate), pour into freezer appropriate container and into the freezer it goes. My blender really did not like the frozen banana.

Or, just go and buy regular ice cream from the grocery. I don't judge.

Fave Quote


Fave Outfit

So cute, so casual. I am hoping to recreate aka pretty much copy this look completely when this tunic arrives (that I got on sale, I aint paying $40 for a top, no offense if you do, I'm on a budget y'all) after obsessing over it on Gina @ On The Daily Express. Hopefully it arrives soon and is as awesome on me as it is on her.
simplicity top knot   ripped jeans   flats
original (old!) post here
Fave Purchase
not my photo but you get the idea
This counts. I went to the Disney Store and it was ransacked, they hardly had any Frozen stuff. WTF people, get a new obsession. I haven't seen my cousins kids since right before I moved and I need them to like / remember me. I think this will work. 

Shameless photo of last time I saw them, seriously I think they are teenagers now.

Fave Blog

Krystal aka Kay aka awesome. Seriously, get your booty on over to The Kay Times. I'm so jealous of her Caribbean life, she's hilarious, gorgeous and all around fabulous. And she's teeny tiny so I feel like she's my own little polly pocket. But like, don't mess with her, she was hardcore in high school ;) 

The Kay Times

Fave Funnies

Sometimes I don't want to be the bigger person.

Taking the high road doesn't sound as fun as bitch slapping you.

Ok, not really but still funny. I'm just gonna go across the world to where it's winter.

Summer has snuck up once again on me and my giant ass. (But seriously tho)

I have secret boards so people don't get annoyed with my obsessive pinning.

All the time

I feel like Cher from Clueless or Pretty Woman, right?!

it's true.

OMG this used to drive me crazy. Does anyone actually wash their face like this?!


I think I am getting worse at disguising my disgust as I get older.

Hehehe.  I don't know what's worse, the fact that I find this funny, or the fact that it's true!

Mind blown. Not funny, amazing.

Haha that is awesome

We all have that friend, right? The one you can be the bitchiest version of yourself and they won't judge? They're the best.

I seriously have the worlds smallest boobs, but even mine hurt and move more than I thought possible whilst exercising. Like, is that our version of being kicked in the balls?

Laughed way too hard at this

I hear the mario kart noise every time I see a banana peel.

i died.

Look, 2 posts without gifs. Go me!

Whelp, never mind.

Have a fab weekend everyone, you deserve it! Guess what, we leave in less than a week!!! Did you forget?!


  1. i have concave bitch tits so moving boobs during workouts are not a problem for me :) as for people i hate talking to me? i just turn around and walk away. i gots no time to pretend like i'm interested in hearing what they have to say.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. GAH! You just haaaaaaaaaaaad to rub it in my face that you got an Elsa doll... when you DAMN well know I have been searching hell or high water for that bitch. I am so jealous!!!

    I will be buying that thing for an arm and a leg while in Disney in July. Shoot. Me. Now.

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed these . . . and how is it that I've never seen that banana ice cream? I'm going to try that! Have a great weekend!!

  4. Okay, seriously with the Frozen obsession! Still haven't seen the movie but I know a couple of the sings thanks to my nieces & girls in the neighborhood always singing them! I get it... People Iike Frozen!

  5. Omg that harry potter scene is seriously mind blowing! and i do feel cool walking around with tons of shopping bags....although that rarely happens!!!


  6. So Im scrolling down and see my face! haha Thanks pretty!

    People are still so obsessed with Frozen and I cant even understand how it lasted this long! That ice cream would sound delish for my mum but I hate bananas. Like even the smell can make me gag so Im pretty sure I cant eat it. Ill try to make it for mum though (with a gas mask on haha).

    And YES to the judging quote.

    You're amazing girl thank you and go do some work!

  7. My husband definitely washes his face like that - but at least I just give him the side eye and he cleans it up lol!! Oh first wives club - such a great movie!! That outfit - ugh can I please look that chic while not "trying" too hard?! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I have a feeling they are going to LOVE the Frozen dolls. My nieces would!!!!!

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHA, so funny! That banana picture made me laugh out loud, haha.

    BELLACEPTION, oh my gosh that's incredible, just incredible.

    Glad you were able to find the dolls, woohoo go you!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

  10. I totally make that RDJ face when people are talking. I can't help it.

    I have huge boobs and I have to lock those babies in when I exercise or they really do look like that picture. Zumba is the worst for it.

    I REFUSE to buy my daughter anything Frozen related. She has the movie, she has the soundtrack courtesy of Spotify. That is enough.

  11. Hahah yes I love that quote, great reminder! Also I make that banana "ice cream" all the time but you're right real ice cream is way better so sometimes I have both haha

  12. Haha you seriously had me cracking up today! Bellaception?! That is crazy! And you are not alone about the boobs hurting thing, I feel your pain! LOL so every time I say the word "battle" which doesn't happen often but when it does I totally say it in the Mario Kart voice and I always say "I'ma gonna win" in the Wario voice... don't judge. ;) Happy Friday!

    <3, Pamela

  13. Haha, I actually do wash my face like that but I don't have a problem. I've been told my sinks are a good height but they're almost too tall for me. I had no idea the Elsa dolls were such a hot commodity, but it makes sense. Your cousins are so adorable!

  14. Loving that outfit and I want to try that banana ice cream recipe! How good does this look- (Skinny cake batter no churn ice cream). Going to try that soon too. Your cousin's kids are totes going to love you for bringing frozen dolls! lol XO Oh and I used to be obsessed with Mario Kart haha!

  15. Aw, hey, thanks for the shout out! My fingers are crossed that you get your tunic before you leave!! I'm sure it will look great on you. :) Also...the banana ice cream. I made it like a dozen times before someone wrote a tip to "peel the bananas before freezing." I was It is really hard to peel frozen bananas, and I know this for a fact. So yeah, I wish I had tried it your way (blending first!) before doing it the worst way possible for months!
    Gina -- On the Daily Express

  16. Ahahaha the lady exercising is totally me, thats how I feel anyway. I have to wear two sports bras, annoying! And the banana peel....hilarious.

  17. You are so funny! I also LOVED the First Wives Club and thanks because now I have that song in my head. :) I am SO making that ice cream over the weekend! I may be the only person on Earth that has not heard of it before but I am TOTES making it now! Thank you for the tip! Have a great weekend! xo

  18. Haha! So true...when I was my face, it's never that pretty or clean! :) And I have the world's smallest chest too! I don't even know what it's like to experience that photo :-p Shoot...I could probably go without a sports bra!

  19. Love the Robert Downey Jr and the taking the higher road ecard!! Omg!! Also loving that outfit, those destroyed skinnies are adorbs!

  20. OMG, those funnies! Hilarious! I can't even pick a favorite! LOVE your quote choice of the week- so true! So nice of you to brave the disney store for your cousins! I'm sure they will love you for it though! Most importantly... are you going to be blogging while you're away?!

  21. Bahahahahahha!! Those funnies are too much!! Ya you would think a benefit of having small boobs would be for them not to hurt.. Ya no! I need that banana ice cream! Totally trying! Oh and I want anything Jennifer puts on!! She's amazing!

    <3 Shannon

  22. haha, loved the e-cards! some of them are so funny, when I come across them in pinterest they make me laugh so hard I cry

    happy friday!

  23. I love reading your posts, you just crack me up! Loving that outfit :) Have a good weekend and happy Friday !

  24. Funny that you mention Mario Kart since it came out today!! AHHHH!

    I pin like 5,000 things at once after being quiet for days too!

    I still haven't seen Frozen yet. Oops/.

    Your funnies are cracking me up!

  25. yup yup love that song/clip and that movie. I'll watch it whenever its on TV. Your funnies are too good Love it. I have never tried banana 'ice cream' but I think its a good time to try.Happy Friday!

  26. I think gifs are kind of essential for a Friday Faves post!! And please... I have big boobs and every time Jillian makes me do jumping jacks I want to straight up cut a bitch... even with a sports bra like a straight jacket!

  27. I am the same way about wanting my friends/cousins kids to remember me! Distance sucks!

  28. You're on fire today. This whole post had me laughing! And that quote though, it's so true and I love it so much. Your cousins are so cute!! I'm sure they'll love the Frozen dolls :) I'm the same with Pinterest, by the way. I don't go on for weeks at a time, and then I'm on for 6 hours straight.
    And YAY FOR KAY! I love her too! Great choice :)

  29. Oh my gosh, there are so many funnies in this post! And the big boobs thing? TRUE. My boobs have grown through pregnancy and wowza...they're not stationary haha

  30. I love that you give shout-outs to blogs with no strings attached :) (if that compliment makes any sense). love that you are so close and generous with your cousin's babies, too. My two cousins just found out one is expecting a boy and the other a girl and I am just as excited if they were my own sister!! :)

  31. I failed miserably when i tried to make the banana ice cream Im going to try it again!

  32. oh my gosh funny you post the first wives club. my friend just sent that to me as a happy friday gift this morning haha

  33. haha YES to the shopping bags!! Love your funnies! Have a great weekend

  34. The banana ice cream sounds interesting, though for some reason it doesn't seem appealing right now, but real ice cream does :) I've been craving ice cream all week! That is such a sweet gift to take with you to your cousins! This week has felt long...I dread next week :)

  35. You have the funniest quotes!! Yes I can never wash my face in the sink without having water go EVERYWHERE! I also love Krystal's blog!

  36. LOOVVVEE Frozen. No shame. I definitely need to own those dolls haha. And gawwddd your e-cards are so spot on. Best bitchiest friend to bitch with? Heck yes. All day long.

  37. I love that whole outfit! Lately I've been leaning towards a more classic and simple look.

  38. I'm on my iPhone because I'm being held captive in car...not like in a Taken kind of way but in a Mark is driving and I forgot to charge my iPad and I had 5% battery and I had an epic comment back to you but it was like a race before time to get it in and then it died....and i chucked it across the car and got a lecture about throwing expensive things and not charging my iPad if I had "blog things to do" now I'm commenting on my iPhone and I want to straight up chuck this too because trying to comment on an iPhone is terrible!!!! I died when you said they are probably teenagers now ;) love yah girl xoxoxoxo

  39. HAHA to that ecard about the face washing! I find it so funny because that is how my husband washes his face - literally splashes the water all over the place. He always gets ready/leaves before me each morning so who do you think is left to clean up all that water?! And how have I never heard of this fake ice cream with bananas? Yummm I will definitely be trying that one! It would be so good with some peanut butter, too! Have a good weekend!!

  40. I tried the freezing after the blending - it tasted different... I don't know why. It wasn't as creamy. Weird. Maybe I need to thaw it a bit before I try to eat it.

    I have a secret pinterest board as well for that reason. Whoever thought of that idea is genius.

    We're all counting down with you for your trip :)

  41. Wait you don't wash your face like that? Have I been doing it wrong for all these years? Does that mean I should stop washing my hair like the herbal essences commercial? I totally thought making obnoxious noises in the shower was waaaaay better for my hair. Eff my life!

  42. OMG girl I suuuuck at intros, hahahaha! They're so hard to come up w/ sometimes!
    And sometimes being the bigger person SUCKS! hahahah

  43. Your funnies are always so wonderful. MAN I can't remember the last post I did with a gif. I used to be all about the gifs!

  44. Oh the people that pin 5,000 things all at once, I am always looking for the hide button. :)

  45. Dairy free ice cream, you say?? Hello my vegan heaven. I kinda miss winter already? This summer weather is kicking my butt and I just wanna be not sticky when I go outside!! LMAO the bathroom commercials.

  46. Bahahahahaha! Polly pocket?! I mean seriously! That just made my day. Nice throwback :) I just started following Kay too! yay! I've seen those pins for ice cream made with banannas but I just haven't gotten that ambitious to make it. I like your comment of "or just go buy ice cream" Lol :) I love the quote about judging! I hate to be "that" person! But sometimse... I just. Can't. Help. It. Have a great weekend! Let the countdown for your holiday continue! ;)

  47. That outfit is cute! So casual and light.

  48. Bahaha I LOL at that banana one...not where I saw it going. I was like "oh...a banana...being sexy...I get it she's taking her clothes off...BAHAHAHA she fell!!"

  49. So true about the go-to friend! Even two bras and my boobs still move. Ugh it sucks being a woman!

  50. so if you like that banana ice cream with chocolate, check out trader joes' chocolate covered frozen bananas. or if you don't have tj's i believe a lot of grocery stores have bananas on a stick in chocolate which is probably good too :P

  51. Fake ice cream?! Um, yes!

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