Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Favourites

It's Friiiiiiiiiiiiidddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

You guys, we're breaking up. It's for the best. It was a good run, but I found someone better. Less demanding, More fun. 
Meet At The Barre
From now on, I am just doing the Friday Favourites with Amanda. Bye bye 5 on Friday. It was real. Now I can do more favourites!

on a side note, don't google break up gifs. you might start crying. or whatever

Favourite Recipe
Didn't make them yet! But don't these look amazeballs??
make these and then eat them or send them to me

Favourite Song
I have always loved the Goo Goo Dolls and we got to see them on our honeymoon and they played this and I have loved it from the second I heard it. Seriously, at least google the lyrics if you don't want to listen to it, it's super freaking cute, ok? 

Favourite Blog
I'm gonna cheat but not really and name 2 blogs as my faves for today, because Jessi has 2 - personal and fitness. I'm pretty sure everyone in the blogging world knows who she is, so no words needed. But awesome.

 photo JEsmall.png
isnt she pretty too!

Favourite (guilty pleasure don't judge me) TV Show
I got all caught up on my TV shows and I mean all of them and I hate waiting for new episodes, and I know the acting is terrible and so is the CGI and all that and KC literally spends the whole time making fun of the show but I what happens in Once Upon A Time, like one particular couple HURRYUPANDKISS please?! Ok, maybe two couples. Not together though.

 Oh, and also, Hart of Dixie you're killing me.

Favourite Quote

Favourite Outfit
Summer is full of casual events for me, as I have noted I'm not really someone who goes to fancy things, like weddings and such. But there are lots of dinners and BBQs and get togethers that I like to look cute & casual & comfy and I am luh-oving this outfit from Sammi. Simple, casual, doesn't look like you've tried too hard but doesn't look like you rolled out of bed. Amazing what a statement necklace and a pop of colour can do, right? Now I want some blue shoes.
full post here

Favourite Pin
Remember when you did one of these and thought you looked cool? Now you can again...
Topsy Tail x3
original doesn't seem to exist but click here

Favourite Workout
I was bored last night and went through the workout link up I saw the other day, and decided on doing this for fun. Oh, it's fun alright. Do it if you want your abs to cry happy tears. Or maybe my abs are just babies?
see B's post here

(Non)Favourite Purchase
Unfortunately, it was not this dress. It was super cute, just not for me. I ended up returning it because it was just a little too 'little girl'. Also it arrived crazy wrinkled and was SUPER tight at my underarms, but really loose in the chest department. 

Favourite Discovery
I might be slow to the everything, but our Boston guests showed us a bunch of these guys' videos and, hilarious. This one was my fave. Ay-ay-ron. ha!

Favourite Funnies

all day Friday
Pretending to look busy on a Friday is hard work.

when i leave work

Oh my, yes.

I want this

I Hope Your Day Is As Nice As My Butt Babe fitness is key and glad to wish you well if its also a compliment a compliment back at yourself because that butt is rock'n! Fit booty is a must for those sunny days. #butt #fitness #booty

Especially when drunk, love my girlfriends

It's true.

Technically I'm from the 80s but I get your point bro
This is SO true!!

How I feel about the weekend

I''m gonna be home alone tonight, shit is gonna get crazy.

Have a fabulous weekend everybody! Hope it's awesome and exciting and all that good stuff. Mine will be a lot of this:

side note i want this couch

Obviously I won't be hanging out with my mummy dearest, so give YOUR mom an extra hug for me, ok?
don't cry don't cry don't cry


  1. Umm mini chicken pot pies?!? Yes please!! If you make those you have to post them! And I tried doing the topsy tail thing...yeah didn't work on me :( Super sad because it looks cute! Happy Friday!

    <3, Pamela

  2. Love that quote on positive living. And girlfriend, I'll give you a run for your money on the president position!

  3. I love that ponytail and the Ecard that says that you only choose things for the color and smell = ME!! Haha Have a great weekend!!

  4. Jessi is one of my faves too! Shes's such a sweetheart! Those funnies have me laughing soooo hard and that quote is the truth!!! I like it keep it positive! Have a great weekend girl!

  5. haha i've got nothing in the chest dept. either, it's all good!

    That hairstyle looks really cool, I kind of wanna try it out

  6. I open your post next to the comment form so I don't miss highlighting my favorite parts. One I'm so glad I stole you away it makes me happy *insert evil muhahahahha laugh*
    -Can I tell you how much I love that song? It makes me instantly happy! So sweet!
    -I use to watch Once Upon a Time but it kept on conflicting with other shows on my DVR so it had to go #firstworldproblems but I'm so happy her hair is longer....seriously it stressed me out in the beginning
    -Girl that quote is like the mantra of my life
    -I need blue ballet shoes now
    -Oh the topsy tail! Did you have that red little contraption thing? I wish I still had that. That looks so pretty but I'm sure I would mess it up it looks a tad complicated lol
    -I love me some planks may have to try that torturous one!
    -Bahahaha I need that Philadelphia shirt
    -Home alone tonight??? You must send me some selfie mask pictures and the color you decide to paint your nails because let's be honest you know you're doing both of those things!
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!! xoxoxoxo

  7. <3<3<3 you're just the sweetest aren't you? I see what you did there - you want to make ME cry this morning!!

    I'm thrilled you broke up with 5 on Friday - this post is full of awesome.

    I'm terrified of doing that 20 minute plank workout though, you're more motivated than I am!

    Happy weekend <3

  8. ahhh, Kris! I'm so sorry your pretty dress did not fit right!! I hope you find another one that you like even more and is even prettier :) #1-That chicken pot pie looks AMAZING!! Now I want to go eat something. #2-That quote is so true, so good, thanks for sharing. #3- You. Are. So. Sweet. Thank you for featuring me in you post today, and I'm honored to have inspired you lady ;) #4-That hairstyle actually looks pretty spiffy...unfortunately I won't have the chance to do it anytime soon as I am going to be a nut and go cut my hair off today!! Lastly, I won't be spending the day with my mom either, so we can be sads together-I'll be thinking of you girly *big hug* love ya!

  9. Mini ckn pot pies... Yum! Love the movie The Break Up btw. So good. Happy Friday!

  10. Hahah! Great funnies! Love the Fresh Prince tshirt :) and that hairdo from pinterest is so pretty! No way I'd ever be able to make that happen and look like that though ;) haha! Have a great weekend lady! xx

  11. Hahah! Great funnies! Love the Fresh Prince tshirt :) and that hairdo from pinterest is so pretty! No way I'd ever be able to make that happen and look like that though ;) haha! Have a great weekend lady! xx

  12. So much goodness here!! Love Jessi and both her blogs - she's the best!! The t-shirt with fresh prince of bel true!! hate plants but i'm going to love that workout!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  13. Love Jess's blogs! (I mean we do share the same name haha) This post had me laughing literally out loud! Glad I'm the only one in the office...wait...why am I here then? ha! Hope you have a fabulous weekend lady! xoxo

  14. I like Once Upon A Time too :) Though I liked the first season better but there's still something intriguing about it to me. Love all of those gifs. Hilarious!

  15. LOL! I love the breakup with Five on Friday gif. Too good! I love your funnies, good lord I'm book marking this post forever so I can look at those!

  16. Hahahaha ok I loves this whole post!! I want to try that topsy tail hair as soon as I get home! How cute is that?! I really want a pot pie now and it's ok I'll be te Vice President of your itty bitty titty committee! Have a glorious weekend!

    <3 Shannon

  17. So I used to love Hart of Dixie but it's getting a little ridiculous this season... I was honestly hoping they would cancel it but it will live another year and I'll keep watching, of course! And I'm the opposite when I'm home alone on Friday - I lay in bed and watch Netflix and drink wine, hehe!

  18. I love Once Upon a Time. I think my worst guilty pleasure show is True Tori.... I know. It's sad. I can't stop watching it though!!!!!

    So I pinned the ab workout but instead of doing it I'm now going to google Key and Peele videos....

  19. Oh my gosh at that hairstyle! I am definitely trying that out! My mom was laughing at me a few weeks ago because when I do a fishtail I start with a topsy-tail and feel like I'm back in elementary school or something! Those mini chicken pot pies look so good- I love anything mini! And I really need to start watching Hart of Dixie again- I think I watched most of Season One when it was on & I love Rachel Bilson!

  20. I love alllll your funnies :) And, we've talked of this before, but still. #teamhartofdixie WHICH I hear has been renewed next season. I sooooo thought it'd be over and I'm sooooo happy it isn't!

  21. No your abs aren't babies. Planks are freakin evil. {Says the girl who just ran hill sprints yesterday.} BUT THEY WORK so it's so worth it to cry through any plank workout, haha. Stealing that workout, by the way! Thanks for sharing it. And oh my god, those shirts! I want them both!

  22. No your abs aren't babies. Planks are freakin evil. {Says the girl who just ran hill sprints yesterday.} BUT THEY WORK so it's so worth it to cry through any plank workout, haha. Stealing that workout, by the way! Thanks for sharing it. And oh my god, those shirts! I want them both!

  23. THE TOPSY TAIL IS BACK?!??! how did this go under my radar!??!

  24. OMG! I am so making those chicken pot pie muffins! They look awesome! I also love that ponytail! I'm so glad my daughter doesn't read blogs because she would see that and then I would have to spend all weekend trying to do it on her hair and failing miserably, lol! I hope you have a fabulous weekend! xo

  25. oh my goodness topsy tail is back?! Hell yeah!

  26. Love, love the Friday funnies! Here I am Friday morning checking blogs already! haha!

  27. The Fresh Prince shirt is everything! I got so into Once Upon a Time when it first came out and then I got way behind. I need to dedicate a weekend to netflix and just catch up on it all.

  28. haha loving all the gifs and Bradley Cooper after work! So happy the weekend is here!

  29. OMG I want that shirt "in West Philadelphia" :) too funny! I needed something like that when I was single (though they were not that young) but seriously I use to stop guys when they approached me and say "wait, how old are you". Of course I'm not bragging ...that is what happens when you wait until your an old lady to get married :) Though I'm glad I waited...patience and all the frogs paid off :)

  30. I love how you highlight a new blogger. I always enjoy coming across a good new one and I had never read her's before. But now Im glad I did. :)
    Also those tanks...I want both!

  31. You are KILLING me today and I cannot even list all the reasons why. That tank! The whole entire first half about the Five on Friday links!,.. I just died for a moment. The HAIR!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! The hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. but for reals that plank workout was no joke! so happy to hear you tried it :) also. i will remember to not look up breakup gifs. no need to start crying at my work desk. which i probably would, so many feels.

  33. The Goo Goo Dolls? Those shirts? Those GIFs? Those ecards? I love everything in this post!

    Also Bridesmaids is hilarious. I watched it again the other night and it keeps getting funnier.

  34. Love all of it, especially the Goo Goo Dolls and Jessi, she seriously rocks.

  35. I love everything! Especially that Fresh Prince T-shirt! Hilarious. I also am dying for a couple couples to kiss on Once Upon a Time. :) have a great weekend!

  36. CD leaflets with words were my LIFE hah. Didn't have the GGD CD but Mariah Carey, Spice Girls and The Space Jam soundtrack were on repeat. Sad hah. Have a great weekend!

  37. Heck -I remember lyrics on the inside of CASSETTE covers :) haha

  38. bahaha I want the West Philly shirt. As soon as I read it the song started playing in my head.

  39. Totally going to go check out Jessi! Have a fab weekend!

  40. ahhhhh your funnies!!! Yes to ALL of them!!! And I mean....I really HATED when I didn't know the lyrics to a song. There was no astrolyrics or whatever it is called. Just sad.

    I wonder if I still have my topsy tail...hmmmmmmm.

    I LOL'd way too hard at how you feel about the weekend. I did that across the bathroom floor this morning!!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  41. I love love love the Goo Goo Dolls.

    I wish I was staying home tonight! This week kicked my A.

  42. So many favorites and they made me smile. Nice shout out for my Jessi, I'll hug her extra tight back for your Mum!

  43. Omg I love that GIF from bridesmaids where she falls over the couch! Hilarious! Your rock with the GIFs! Have a good weekend!

  44. Wade is so damn hot. Love that quote, words to live by! Pretending to be busy is hard work! Ay-Ay-Ron!!! I am home alone tonight too, painting my toes in my jammies with a Mango-beer-rita and my DVR. Perfect!

  45. OK, I have to forward the West Philadelphia image to about ten people immediately, so thanks for that. And P.S. I think it's okay to still link up to five for friday even if you aren't exactly following that. I mean... I far I haven't been kicked off. As far as I know.....
    Gina -- On the Daily Express

  46. Those mini pot pies look amazing!!! That is amazing that you got to listen to the Goo Goo Dolls on your honeymoon! Have a fabulous weekend :)

  47. Bahahahah... I looooove "Substitute Teacher"! Seriously... my girlfriends and I watched that way too many times in a row when it came out!!!!!!
    And I love me some Jessi, too... beautiful inside and out! :D

  48. Guess who has to try that recipe and is absolutely loving that necklace (that would be me)! And you go with the workout girl!

  49. Gonna have to check out Jessi's blog! Love your post, girl. They crack me up!

  50. ooooh! Ain't you fancy with sharing my pot pie recipe?! Or should I say Pinterest's recipe?! haha! :) Thank you, thank you! I LOVE that quote! So true! Topsy tail x3 looks awesome! Although I'm totally that person that finds a million easy hair styles on pinterest and completely fail at doing them. I blame it on having a Ma that owns a beauty salon and spoiling me for the first 23 years of my life. hahhaha! That plank workout looks intense.... But I need intense work on those babies! So I'm totes stealing that workout! I hope you had a good weekend!


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