Friday, May 2, 2014

Five On Friday & Friday Favourites!

Sup Friday.

I'm linking up with Darci,  AprilChristinaNatasha and all the girls for another Five on Friday! Also, linking up for Meet @ The Barre's Friday Favourites.

1. This gorgeous dress

I am apparently all talk when it comes to slowing down the shopping train wreck that was April (and March, if we're being honest). Kristina bought this dress in April and I hardcore head over heels fell in lurve (ew - did you ever spell it like that as a teen? I totally did..) immediately, and I bought it. I hope it is as gorgeous in person. But free returns, holla. Now, can someone invite me to their wedding cause I don't have anywhere to wear it!


2. Derbbbby.

I may have mentioned this pretty much every single day but TOMORROW is Derby. And I am EXCITED. ALL THE CAPS. Our guests arrive today, and I am super pumped and simultaneously freaking out. What do you do with guests??

3. Bikini's don't count as shopping right? Because it's basically underwear, right?

I like #3 but in #4's print - I don't like #4's bottoms. But #5 is kinda cute too... I don't have much up top, and I don't like prancing around the pool with a push up that looks unnatural (which, lets face it, is all the push ups). I feel like the little bralette top would be flattering and cute.. or maybe that's because it looks that way on a model.

one / two / three / four / five

4. Forever 21.

I bought 6 things from Forever 21 and one- one!- of them is keepable. Boo. 

keepable tank / am i a crop or am i normal length floral tank / skirt /
the worlds most awesome & cheap bra /
super cute maxis for super cute average height peeps
I ordered the bra that Amanda raved about - and it was too big, but I absolutely see it's potential as awesome-ness and I am going to order in a smaller size. The maxi dresses were too short and too huggy, and the skirt was not cute on me. One of the tanks was like a mix between a crop and a normal tank, like it couldn't make up its mind. I kept the blue tank, which is shorter than a normal tank and super flowy, so great to eat all the food very flattering. And I dig the colour.

But, now I have to trek to an actual store for a refund and IDONTWANTTO. Also, because I got a discount on one of the dresses (like $2) it's final sale! wtf. I'm gonna try and sweet talk / beg my way to get my $8 back. #firstworldproblems 

5. Chicago help please.

I know lots of you have been to / live in this awesome place. I have been once, about 5 years ago, on my own. KC and I are going for our anniversary and I want suggestions for a fancy-ish dinner place. I say fancy-ish, because we aren't rich and KC will dress up as far as shorts + a polo (I wish I were joking, but that is absolutely what he is wearing tomorrow), maybe I can convince him to wear jeans because its dinner, but it will be hot and whatnot.

So, a step up from Olive Garden but nothing 5 star or 5 figures. Lol. Any one? Help a girl (who just wants to go out and be fancy and maybe wear my new dress) out! I'll love ya 4eva.

Favourites, Favourites, Favourites! This my favourite part, no lie.

Favourite Recipe

Yes, this is absolutely darn tooten a recipe. The official drink of the KY Oaks (which is today!) is a Grey Goose Oaks Lily and you even get a fancy glass (see below) for your trouble - pretty sure these glasses are like $1 at Wally world after Derby, but whatevs.
I just said wally world. I'm turning into my mother in law. help.

1 oz. GREY GOOSE® Vodka
1 oz. Sweet and Sour Mix
3 oz. Cranberry Juice
Splash of Triple Sec 

The official KY Derby drink is the Mint Julep, but I will be drinking the Lily's all day, cause I like my sweet and fruity and not bourbon-y and I know, how un-kentuckian of me. I may also bring a little something something in my purse to save some money, honey. Don't tell security, k?
this is just a glass, and its last years. but you get the idea.

Favourite Song

I have been jamming to the oldies, pretending I'm all young and stuff. I am 100% certain none of you will know this, but this is what us weirdos over the pond listened to many moons ago. Jk, I don't think anyone besides me listened to it but you should. It's kinda horribleyawesome.

And if you watch Doctor Who - yep, that's our girl Rose.

Favourite Blog

Liz @ Fitness Blondie gets the honour today. She's gorgeous, funny and real. Love her posts and I have learned tons just this week alone. Seriously,  literally printed 2 of her posts to take with me to the gym. No shame.

Favourite Quote

Favourite Outfit

I want all of this.

Actually I just really want a white and red striped long sleeve (or 3/4 sleeve) top. Considering my obsession for stripes, I can't believe I don't have one yet. Have you seen one that is not over $30, preferably not over $20? I wannnnnttt one.

chambray skirt & stripes
sauce (cause with my accent, source is... yeah never mind)

Favourite Workout

Besides the ideas I got from Liz, I love the girls from tone it up, and this workout kicked my booty the other day.

Favourite Funnies
I saw this once in a walmart parking lot and cried laughing - my mom was ashamed of me because I understood it:)))
don’t use that tone with me sir
Those are my kind of people.

If you like Disney and the inappropriate, click here. Don't worry, its like almost G rated.

Have a fabulous weekend peeps. I apologise (not really) for clearly thinking I got hit with the funny stick today. I'm high on half day and excited for the weekend! Peace out, A town.


  1. I love Fitness Blonde's blog as well! Also that quote is soooo true!

  2. Happy Friday! I love those bikinis, but I do think they wouldn't look that good on me. I don't have the boobs to pull that look off ;) And that green dress is so pretty! Hopefully it's just as awesome in person.

  3. i need some new bikinis. i lost a bunch of weight so my old ones don't fit and the onces circa 1999/2000 have old elastics on the bottoms so if i wear them, i'm afraid they might pop and i'll flash my ass to everyone on the beach. so i fully support that bikini shopping doesn't count!!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. Hahah you always make me laugh, bikinis are basically underwear lol....I wish I was going to Derby this year but sadly I'll be working all day then studying for my finals :( boo...Have fun for both of us though :D

  5. omg i haven't heard that song in FOREVER! flashback!!

  6. Halfway bitch...classic! Love it!

    I so wanna go to Derby...never been but wanna goooooooooooooo!

    I hate when things don't fit, so aggravating!

    Happy Friday!

  7. I've been looking for a white + red striped top, too so if you find one let me know! I actually checked at the Gap yesterday because that seems to be their style but no luck. I want ALL of those swimsuits! I was trying to not buy any this year because I have way too many but yeah that's probably not gonna happen. As for Chicago and a nice-ish dinner :), I would recommend Quartino's, Roy's, Keefer's Seafood, Hugo's Frog Bar.. I could go on but those are good restaurants that you guys would both fit in wearing both outfits!

  8. I love Chicago but I also love food so my recs might be on the expensive/dressier side (I don't shop; I spend all my money on restaurants!). That sounds like a fun anniversary trip, though! That dress is so cute! I hope you find somewhere great to wear it!

  9. I've never had a Lily before but I will definitely be having one of those tomorrow! :) #5 on your bikini list is SO cute! Love that top! Have an amazing time at Derby tomorrow, I'm totally jealous! :)

    <3, Pamela

  10. I did the TIU girls HIIT workout last week and loved it!!! I love all those bathing suit options but that could be because they look unreal on the models lol and this is why i get to sad when i dont look like that after ordering them...what they aren't magical!? The e-card about shopping - truth!! Enjoy the Derby this weekend!

  11. I love that floral swimsuit print!! I have the top from the first swim suit and I love it! I think J. Crew factory might have a striped top like that! I know they had one in navy and white, not sure about red! Have a fun Derby weekend!

  12. You're going to have so much fun this weekend! Can't wait to see your pretty outfit.

    and bikini's do not count as shopping - I love #5!!!

  13. LOL, loving your favorite funnies ("condoms prevent minivans" LMAO!) and round-up of other faves. Just wanted to tell you I quoted you in my post today in case you want to check it out. :)
    Gina -- On the Daily Express

  14. Lol I never know what to do with guests. I just let them hang and be a ball of anxiety. Ha! Hope y'all hVe a blast this weekend!!!

  15. Love the dress you bought and all of those bikini's! I know what you mean about push-up bras at the pool haha!
    Have a great weekend!!

  16. "a step up from Olive Garden but nothing 5 star or 5 figures" Bahahahahah! That pretty much sums up Pete and I, too. I think the most we've ever spent on a meal is $120 or something like that. Anything more and I feel guilty... I'm just gonna shit it out in a few hours anyway! haha
    Dying over the "bitchy" ecard, too!!

  17. I really need to shop for a new bikini. I just want to lay out on the beach with a nice cold drink. Also, that last ecard is hilarious and oh so true!

  18. There is so much goodness in here I think bullet form or list form is appropriate so as follows....

    -That first gif I totally feel you....sometimes talking to people is major fail especially if they don't get my humor annnd I've maybe had a few too many of those amazing drink recipe that you listed ;-)
    -I love/hate VS bathing suits because every time I get them I'm like they don't look like how they do on the model....oh that's right because they are like 6 ft and their torso is the length of my legs. I do love that bralette one!
    -Oh no for the fail F21 order! I had a slight feeling when you said med in that bra but a small should be good! Maybe they will have it in your store? I am sending you patience for in store returns....go in the middle of the day or right before they close.
    -I love that quote and couldn't agree with you more!
    -Tell me anything to prevent minivans! I talked my sister off the ledge once and I'm so glad I did!
    -Cheers to halfway bitches.....the best kind!

    I'm sure we are going to continue this conversation via email ;-) xoxoxoxo

  19. 1-That mint dress is so gorg!! 2- I'm sorry only one of your F21 items was keepable :(. 3- Happy Anniversary, lovely lady!! 4- I LOVE that red striped top. Want.

  20. That drink sounds super tasty! Love a good booze! So happy to be your newest follower :)

  21. I love Liz and the Tone it Up girls too :) And thank you for making me want to buy every single one of those swimsuits! I really love #4!

  22. I am a total half way bitch. Let's be bff, ok? Only if you can handle snarky sometimes...because I tend to be a little bit at times.

    Ummmm that blue dress up top? I die! GIVE ME!

    Underwear totally don't count. Hello basic life need. Duh!

    LOVE Liz!!!! Love you!!

    Have a great weekend!

  23. Oh girl! I feel you on the shopping train wreck thing. I just can't seem to stop! It might be time for me to delete all e-mails from stores with discounts. I'm now trying to limit myself to only buying stuff from StitchFix whenever my boxes arrive monthly. It's so hard!!

  24. Don't you just love Liz?? OMG me too! and I printed stuff this week too! how funny!! Great dress too, so pretty, that color is great!! Have a great weekend!

  25. Oh I love those suits too! I think 3 & 4 as you said are my favorites as well-- but I do really like the last one! I'm clearly no help! haha Also love the color of that dress! Have a good weekend!!

  26. I have to say that after our small convo yesterday I was considering a shopping budget for myself, too. I just cant bring myself to do it though, lol! Maybe next month! I feel so much better that you also broke your budget! I'm not the only one that cant be restrained! How can you limit yourself now that it is sunny and Spring? Shopping for warm weather clothes is MY FAVORITE! I could buy 20 maxis a day. Have a great weekend! xo

  27. LOL! Your hilarious. I'm high a half day too! Whooooppppp! That "official" cocktail sounds pretty delicious! Drink 5 for me please! Can't wait to see pics from the weekend! I loved Liz's workouts this week too! And I totally bookmarked them so I could print them off and put them in my exercise room too! No shame :)

  28. Love the mint green dress! Love the Lilly cocktail. Love the outfit. Ok I may love it all! Have a happy weekend!

  29. Thanks for sharing the Lily recipe! Enjoy Derby weekend and have so much fun with your guests! XOXO!

  30. there are so many things i love in this post, but especially the derby talk!

  31. oooh I am drooling over bathing suit #1. I am a BIG fan of bandeaus and that color is absolutely gorgeous! The rest of them are gorgeous too, the color on #5 is everything.

    Also, that quote is GREAT, I love it. Have an amazing weekend!

  32. I totally laughed WAY too long over that dog's expression :) haha!!!
    Have fun during DERBY! I do whatever I can to stay away from the area. That many people in one place freak me out :)
    I find it a success when I order online & get to keep everything. Its like the On line shopping jackpot!

  33. Ugh I am waiting on a maxi from F21 to come in the mail and I am praying that it fits perfectly! It's always hit or miss with that store.

  34. Oh bikinis definitely don't count as shopping- everyone knows that! Duh! Have fun at the derby!

  35. Everyone is celebrating the Derby this year. Have a great time!


  36. Hate F21 in that most things end up not working out! And I just ordered 5 things so you know the odds are not in my favor ha. Have a wonderful weekend at the Derby! Loving the color of your new mint dress!

  37. I just bought a dress at H & M. It doesn't fit right, but at this point, it's a $30 dress marked down from $40. I cannot return to store and would have to pay the return fee. Not worth it. So, I have to try to make it work. I hope you get your $8 back.

    A wonderful blogger I know just posted about her trip to Chicago here. She ate at some yummy places! : )


  38. That dress is so pretty! And F21 is always hit or miss with me- I never know how their clothes are going to fit! :/

    I found you through the link up! I hope you have a great weekend!

  39. The dress is really cute. Love it! I would wear it to work with a sweater but I don't really go anywhere else. I think that the top on swimsuit 5 would be flattering for a smaller girl. Models always make everything look better but it's kinda their job.

  40. Ohhhhh love that mint dress! Looking forward to hearing about the derby...hope it was fantastic!

  41. I need all these swimsuits ASAP! Victoria Secret has the best suits

  42. Ok I'm just glad to know that I'm not the only one with a recent (ok if I'm being honest, always) shopping problem. I can't stop - and it gets worse let me tell you when you add a little to the mix! =)

  43. That dog funny is the best! Halfway bitch!! Love it! Why is it always you like a top and not the bottom! Mix and match it I say!


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