Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Flyday

Um, where did this week go? And also, why did it take so long... or is that just me? Fast and slow. After today, I have three - count them, 3 - days left of work and I have way more than 3 days worth of work to do. So, if you see me commenting or anything today before 5pm, tell me to get back to work. jk.

It's time again for Friday Faves with Amanda. I don't need to tell you that, but I suck at intros, so just laugh and pretend it was funny.

Meet At The Barre
whatcha waiting, whatcha waiting for

Fave Song

I mean, how can I not be jamming to this song since Wednesday's post revealed so many other first wives club lovers out there. This is my fave part about blogging, y'all make me feel un-lame.

Fave Recipe

Fake ice cream using bananas? Sign me up. Um, not sure you can call this a recipe, but whatever trevor. I have made this so many times it's not even funny. I first discovered it when Rose posted it, but I have seen it one thousand and one times since. It's a popular one.
original post
I am sure you've heard some variation of this 'ice cream' but here's my tip, don't freeze the 'nanas first. Put them in the blender along with your selected poison (I like chocolate), pour into freezer appropriate container and into the freezer it goes. My blender really did not like the frozen banana.

Or, just go and buy regular ice cream from the grocery. I don't judge.

Fave Quote


Fave Outfit

So cute, so casual. I am hoping to recreate aka pretty much copy this look completely when this tunic arrives (that I got on sale, I aint paying $40 for a top, no offense if you do, I'm on a budget y'all) after obsessing over it on Gina @ On The Daily Express. Hopefully it arrives soon and is as awesome on me as it is on her.
simplicity top knot   ripped jeans   flats
original (old!) post here
Fave Purchase
not my photo but you get the idea
This counts. I went to the Disney Store and it was ransacked, they hardly had any Frozen stuff. WTF people, get a new obsession. I haven't seen my cousins kids since right before I moved and I need them to like / remember me. I think this will work. 

Shameless photo of last time I saw them, seriously I think they are teenagers now.

Fave Blog

Krystal aka Kay aka awesome. Seriously, get your booty on over to The Kay Times. I'm so jealous of her Caribbean life, she's hilarious, gorgeous and all around fabulous. And she's teeny tiny so I feel like she's my own little polly pocket. But like, don't mess with her, she was hardcore in high school ;) 

The Kay Times

Fave Funnies

Sometimes I don't want to be the bigger person.

Taking the high road doesn't sound as fun as bitch slapping you.

Ok, not really but still funny. I'm just gonna go across the world to where it's winter.

Summer has snuck up once again on me and my giant ass. (But seriously tho)

I have secret boards so people don't get annoyed with my obsessive pinning.

All the time

I feel like Cher from Clueless or Pretty Woman, right?!

it's true.

OMG this used to drive me crazy. Does anyone actually wash their face like this?!


I think I am getting worse at disguising my disgust as I get older.

Hehehe.  I don't know what's worse, the fact that I find this funny, or the fact that it's true!

Mind blown. Not funny, amazing.

Haha that is awesome

We all have that friend, right? The one you can be the bitchiest version of yourself and they won't judge? They're the best.

I seriously have the worlds smallest boobs, but even mine hurt and move more than I thought possible whilst exercising. Like, is that our version of being kicked in the balls?

Laughed way too hard at this

I hear the mario kart noise every time I see a banana peel.

i died.

Look, 2 posts without gifs. Go me!

Whelp, never mind.

Have a fab weekend everyone, you deserve it! Guess what, we leave in less than a week!!! Did you forget?!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Light Between Oceans Book Review

I read The Light Between Oceans as part of the semi charmed book challenge, and bon's book club. Which means - something to cross off my 30 before 30 list y'all. Woohoo.

Possible spoilers.

So, this book. Wasn't as good as this book, or this book. Would I still recommend it? Absolutely, as long as you don't mind reading sad books. The top 'bad' review on Amazon says 'I don't need fictional sadness in my life' and this is kinda how I felt about this book. 

This book, I knew, like everyone else that a happy ending for everyone would not be possible. I laughed, I smiled, I loved the characters. The trouble with this book is that I could identify with everyone. I could absolutely understand Izzy doing what she did, as horrible as it was. I could relate to Tom and his wanting to set things right. Hannah - I couldn't imagine the pain from thinking your baby was dead and it wasn't, but I wanted her to be happy too. I liked that I couldn't guess the ending, I kept changing which character I supported throughout reading it. I wanted them all to be happy, but of course they couldn't be. And it made me so.freaking.sad. Like, my heart is hurting for these people who aren't real. I didn't cry until the last couple chapters or so, but when I did it was as if it was happening to me. 

Bonus about this book is that it is set in Australia. I loved, loved, loved LOVED reading all the Australia-isms. Very well written, very true, and made me very homesick.

While I will say this was a good book, and I did enjoy it, I really need to go read something light and fluffy now because I need a break from the crying and the sad.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this book. But, I wouldn't recommend it as much as I have recommended books in the past because I just felt like it was unnecessarily sad.

bon's book club
My questions are different to Bon's because I posted this in the morning, but I think I gave my overall opinion so I'm gonna say I passed. 

+ Who is your favorite character in the novel and why?

I honestly don't know - I think I liked Tom and Izzy the most. I felt like, even though I absolutely have not been in this position, that I could really identify with Izzy. And of course I loved Lucy.

+ What about the main romantic relationship (Tom and Izzy) did you like or not like?

I really love how Tom loved Izzy. If that makes sense. He really loved her, and I feel like the author really portrayed that and it made me love her even more than I already did.

+ Did you like the writing style?  Why or why not?

I think the book did take a bit to get me hooked, but it picked up eventually. I loved reading about Australia and about war from a perspective I had not read before.

If you have read this far - look, no gifs! - thank you! I know books and reviews aren't everyone's cuppa, so I appreciate it. I really am not sure which book to read next - something off the challenge list, or something quick, fluffy and easy. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Humpity Hump Hump ... Hump.

It's Wednesday... You know what that means! Linking up with Kathy for the boring edition of confessions... I'm boring today because I think my bitchiness retreats when I am this close to a holiday. How close, you ask? We leave for Aus in one week and one day y'all!
ps. fun fact, what you call 'vacation' we call 'holiday'. crazy shit, I know.

I have so much work to do.. even more so because I am leaving soon (one week + one day!) but I keep reading & commenting on blogs. This is going to hurt me, I know it. Must. stop.

When I think about possibly one day having a baby, it doesn't freak me out that much. When I think about having a child (which apparently babies turn into..) I freak the effing buggery out. I get all sweaty and my heart beats fast and other bad things. I am not ready for a person with opinions and a personality that talks back.

I get SO mad when I see a person on a motorbike without a helmet. Like, I want to slam my car into them so they can realise just why a helmet is so bloody important. I don't understand why its the law in some states and not others! All the stupids.

I have smelly feet problems. I know, gross. It's not my feet, but my shoes. I can't wear shoes for very long before I have to throw them out because the smell retains. Yup.

I HATE when people tell me something about Australia is 'wrong' just because it's different and it's not what THEY know and YEAH. all the caps. Number 1 offender: telling me Christmas in Summer is wrong. You know what's wrong? Snow. Snow is stupid. Cold Christmases are stupid. So there.

Ahem. I'm calm now. I don't care when Christmas is. But all of my memories are playing cricket while my uncle cooked the food on the BBQ and we all complained how hot it was and then it rained 10 seconds later. So it's not wrong it's just different. OK?
  1. 1.
    not correct or true.
    "that is the wrong answer"

  1. 1.
    not the same as another or each other; unlike in nature, form, or quality.
    "you can play this game in different ways"

before anyone gets their knickers in a knot, I love America. A lot. But I like my country too, and get weirdly protective of it.

I have spotify on my computer at work, and I have everything from Elvis, to country, to Disney to that talk dirty song. And I sing along and dance allll the time. No shame. I know this is a boring confession, but I am not joking when I say I'm breaking it down all day erryday (seriously, how do I get any work done).

Which leads to my next confession... one of my favourite songs to jam to, really gets me pumped and happy is You Don't Own Me... The First Wives Club version. Who knew Goldie could sing?

To keep up with the boring, this is me every day without fail:

As soon as I wake up: BREAKFAST TIME!!!
10 minutes later: Is it acceptable to have lunch now?
10 minutes after lunch: WHAT'S FOR TEA?! tea = dinner. remember, not wrong, just different ;)

I hate hate hate hate when people link to things I can't afford (unless they are worth it like these here tights that I NEED thanks to Amanda). Like ooh look at this dress I am wearing, I bought it from a thrift store but here's a similar one. Click on similar, oh it's only $300, I bet you paid a similar price at Goodwill.

It makes me irrationally mad when I visit all the links in a link up and someone has a post that is absolutely not related to the link up, but they linked up anyway. NO. So I x out of that bitch faster than... something fast. I will not reward your bad behaviour!

Ok but for reals, I have to go do some work now. So, I still love you all and will comment and respond back but it will most likely be tonight. Don't hate me too much, and if you do, well buggery to you.
ps. one week and one day!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Then vs Now

So, I may or may not have been watching The Hills lately. Some of the things that happen on that show are just ridiculous, but some of them I can relate to. It made me think about how I acted as a teenager - early twenties compared to how I act now. I know there are a ton of these out there on the interwebs, but these are just my thoughts. As always, all the gifs so that you can be slightly entertained.

Then: I thought I knew everything. How could I possibly ever be boring and grown up? I would be different. I know who I am, and I won't change for anything.

Now: I can recognise that I don't know everything, and I definitely recognise I made some poor (but fun!) decisions. I look forward to learning more about myself and life, and changing for the better.

Then: When I met another girl I was jealous of for whatever reason, I was either a straight up bitch or I was super fake. Like that person didn't deserve my congratulations or compliments.

Now: If I see a pretty girl, I am not embarrassed to tell her that she is gorgeous because I know compliments are awesome when they are sincere. If something fabulous happens to someone I love, I am truly happy for them. It's ok to wish for something similar for yourself, but jealousy just makes you bitter.

Then: You don't really think about where the relationship is going when you start out. It's just fun and it will probably end sometime.

Now: If you know you aren't gonna marry the guy eventually, there is no point to this relationship. note: by marry I mean be with forever. Not necessarily sign the paper and all that jazz. But if you know this person is not who you want snoring and farting next to you forever, there's no point going any further.

Then: If a boy I was 'dating' was a douchebag and a girlfriend tried to tell me, or if he cheated on me with a 'friend', or whatever - I ditched the girl. She was clearly jealous and trying to make me as unhappy as she was.

Now: Hoes before bros y'all. Or something like that. Within reason, if a girlfriend tells me something is up, I trust her. She's looking out for me. Boyfriends come and go, girls are forever. Obviously I'm married now, but you know what I mean. He's forever too.

Then: If someone didn't like me, I pretended not to care whilst secretly trying to convince them that I am awesome.

Now: I don't like everyone, so I can't expect everyone to like me. It's not always malicious when someone doesn't like me, it's just personalities not meshing. And that's okay.

Then: Spend all the money in the bank account! That's what it's there for, right? If there's enough to pay the bills, yay. If not, at least I had fun!

Now: Budgets. Bills first. Fun later.

Then: Pre drinks to get as hammered as possible.

Now: Pre drinks to save money.

Then: Twenty drinks, next morning I feel fine and dandy. Gloats and brags about never having a hangover before, I must be lucky!

Now: I need three days to recover, please. Calls in sick on Monday: I think I have alcohol food poisoning...

Then: When I went out, I wanted the loudest, fastest, craziest music and dancing all night. Lets get hammered! Someone falls over, someone pukes, someone cries (hint: all of those someones are me)

Now: Can you turn this down? Is there somewhere I can sit to drink my wine? Do you have snacks? My feet hurt. Also, this is how I feel in a Forever 21 store.

Then: If I did something wrong, and I got caught or chastised, whether at work or in my personal life, I would either argue or not own up to it.

Now: I take all responsibility for things I do. I messed up? Shit. My bad. I will fix it. Unless I broke it. Sorry.

Then: Whatever is trendy is what is on my body. I can't even remember what was trendy when I was a teenager, which proves this point even more.

Now: I like trends as much as the next girl, but I think I know how to dress myself better now. I know what looks good on me, I don't force things that don't just because they look good on someone else. And because I feel good, I look good.

Then: Girls were super bitchy. If you were proud of yourself, thought you looked good, had some confidence, you were judged. What a stuck up bitch.

Now: Girls are still bitchy. Womp womp. But I stay far away from those bitches. I am proud of who I am, I like the way I look and confidence is sexy.

Then: You're friends with people because you always have been, or for whatever reason. You keep seeing each other, keep trying to make it work because that's what you're supposed to do, right?

Now: I don't have time for toxic relationships. I could count my true friends on both my hands and I would much rather that than a bunch of meaningless acquaintances and have no one to call when I have a bad day, think I am pregnant or just want to talk to someone.

Then: I try to be everyone else, try to be what is cool, try to be someone else.

Now: I like myself, so that's who I'm gonna be.

Then: Afraid of getting old.

Now: This:

What about you? Any of these ring true, or do you think I am as crazy as ever?

Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Faves

Linking up with Amanda at Meet @ The Barre for Friday Favourites. All the cool cats do, so..... whatcha waiting for?
Meet At The Barre

Favourite Recipe

Sangria counts as a recipe.

Working frame blog copy

Favourite Song

This song is a wee bit lame, and the message is a bit stupid but I just love the beat and it's so fun to car dance to.

Favourite Blog

I am love love love loving Alyssa's blog and you should too. She is hilarious, gorgeous, gives a shopaholic some much needed budget help, has the most awesome leggings, and motivates me to get my butt off the couch and back into running

Favourite Quote

So freaking true, and is really hitting home with me this week.

Favourite Outfit

I love a good midi anything, and this red skirt is to die.for. I wish red looked as good on me as it does on Pamela over at Sequins and Sea Breezes.
original post

Favourite Workout

We all know I love a good lower body workout, and even better is one I don't have to leave the house for. I'll be honest, I have done this video a total of two times - once probably when it first came out, and then again last night. It buuuurrrrnnnns. You think it won't? Then please tell me your secret.

Favourite Purchase

If you follow me on the gram then you saw that this dress finally arrived from ASOS. I was surprised to get all thumbs up, from both IRL & blog friends. I really dig it.
I am positive it will look cuter with shoes + a bra.

Favourite Discovery

Kinda a discovery. Do you like books? If not, we can't be friends. If so..... go visit Carly and her summer book swap. Books + blog friends = all the fun, yes?? I am pretty sure the person I get will be given a copy of pride & prejudice... jk. jk.

Favourite Funnies

By the by, LESS THAN 2 WEEKS until I go home (for a visit). Can I get a little Aussie Aussie Aussie? (you say oi, oi, oi!)