Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Recap + Monday Madness

Monday is not an easy day for anyone. We had a fairly busy weekend, so I did not want to get up this morning a little more than I don't want to get up any other morning. Why must my bed be so comfy?

After work on Friday, and after my mother in law attempted to put a band aid on her flooded basement, we set off to visit family up in Illinois.

Pre road trip selfies and pretty trees are a must, right?

seriously, mushyness feeling. love my hubby.

our tree randomly blossomed overnight. Since we have only been in the house since December, this is the first time we have seen it and are super in love with it. The flowers around the house are starting to pop up and say hi as well.

I started and finished Fantasy Lover on the drive up - I had read it before, but it had been several years so it was that good place of remembering bits and pieces but feeling like a new read. It's a bit of a naughty read, so if you aren't into that kind of thing, steer clear. But it's not crass like 50 shades, in my opinion. I don't read books like that often, but it was lent to me originally and I enjoyed it, so when I found it again in a bookstore, I was happy as a clam. 

After we arrived, we stayed up late chit chatting and catching up. We were all converging for a baby shower for KC's cousin, who I adore. She's loud, hilarious, honest and a ton of fun. I cannot wait to see her as a mother.

The next day was a flurry of activity, getting the shower venue ready (of which I did nothing), getting the food ready (also, nothing) and doing something with a truck (also, nothing). So basically, I got myself ready and watched Frozen with the littlies.

After my pathetic selfie attempt, I got KC to take an outside (clearly needed sunnies) picture of my favourite outfit ever.

I just love this outfit because I really feel 'me' in it, and because I'm still discovering my style and what I like, that's a great feeling! It's comfy but cute, reminds me of summer and makes me feel like a lady, even if I may not act like one.

i don't even know what I am doing.
Top: Target (similar, similar, similar)
Skirt: eBay 'vintage' (inspirationsimilar, similar, similar)
FlatsKelly & Katie Dido Flats in black) (similar, similar, similar)
BeltForever 21 (similar, similar but nothing beats F21's prices!)

The shower was a success, and I daresay the new parents got a lot of goodies! Cannot wait to meet the little bub.

After the shower, we all headed back to the main house and stayed up ridiculously late for a bunch of oldies and played card games and ate everything in sight. We played Cards Against Humanity which was literally the most fun, hilarious, naughty, awesome game ever. Seriously, if you have a good sense of humour and a group of friends that would enjoy this, you need this in your life. I am totally buying this as it's a great way to get everyone involved, its not hard, you can change the rules (we didn't keep points, but I totally won) and it's a great ice breaker if you have any newbies to a group. Couldn't recommend it enough. We played with varying ages (from 21 - 60), boys and girls. You do need a sense of humour though, its not for the easily offended.

We also played Mad Gab, which I had never played and was a lot of fun, but Cards Against Humanity was definitely the winner of the weekend.

the women of the family, minus one who was consoling a very tired unhappy babe.

Early Saturday morning when everyone else was working hard and I was enjoying the lazy, I stumbled across a table and chairs on Craigslist. I had to refresh my page a couple of times. It looked nice, in a style I wanted, matched my kitchen, and it wasn't falling apart or ridiculously overpriced. I couldn't believe my luck, but we were out of town, and the seller was an hour away from our home anyway, so I thought for sure it would be sold by the time we could make it out there. I sent them an email, crossed my fingers and we headed up to E-town yesterday to bring this baby home!

can you be in love with a table?

It is seriously beautiful, sturdy and just fabulous. It came with 4 chairs, but we could easily fit 4 more (ok it would be a bit cramped) if we wanted to, and will one day buy 2 chairs for the ends, but for now we'll use the chairs from our old set when we have guests. The sellers refinished and painted and all that, but honestly (sorry lovely people we met on Craigslist) did not do a very good job and the leaf (middle) is a different colour than the rest of the table, there are marks and the white paint job is pretty bad. The fabric on the chairs is cute, but has a few spots. But, overall, for what we paid, compared to others I had seen, this was a bloody bargain and I am seriously in love. I did not want to pay $500-$1000 for a table, and I unfortunately have that 'champagne taste on a beer budget', and I hated all the cheap ones and loved all the expensive ones, so I am super happy with this and the price we got it for.

After all that, it was almost 8pm and I was knackered. So I whipped up my favourite easy meal, mashed taters & gravy, showered and conked out. And here we are at Monday to do it all over again ;)

Skirt: Goodwill (similarsimilar)
Shoes: Madeline (similarsimilarsimilar)

I think we can deduce that I love polka dots, mustard things + flowy skirts.

Have a fabulous week, lovelies!


  1. I am loving both of those skirts!! Sounds like a perfect weekend!

  2. That pic of you and the hubby is so adorable! I love it! Your tree is gorgeous too, what a nice surprise for you all :). Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Great find on that table! Both of your outfits are seriously cute, too!

  3. Love it! I too have a champagne taste for decor on a beer budget!!! Y'all's tree is gorgeous and I love the polka dot skirts! The sass in your posts keep me chuckling. Love it! Happy Monday!

  4. I both love the dotted top and skirt! I´m glad that you had a fun-filled weekend and that pic of you doing the V-sign´s so hilarious. :)

  5. Okay. I LOVE both of your polka dotted outfits! You look so good! And that table and chairs look great! Sorry they're not as great as you wanted, but at least from the pic, they look really good :)


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