Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wardrobe Essentials #2: Jeans

Continuing on from the first part of my little wardrobe essentials series, I'm going to jump into the workhorse of the wardrobe: the jeans. Or at least, they are the workhorse of my wardrobe. Jeans were always something I could never have just one of, and I can't seem to cull down my collection, even though I might wear the same 2 or 3 pairs all the time, I have to keep 10 on hand justincase.

#1 Skinny Jeans. I can still remember when skinny jeans were considered trendy, and I thought I would never wear them - I am pear shaped, and I thought they looked stupid. Now, they are the most reached for. Funny, that.

I love blue and black skinny jeans. My black jeans definitely get the most wear, and they were quite expensive - I bought them back in Aus almost 4 years ago, I wouldn't spend that much money now, though they have certainly been worth it. My blue jeans are the same brand (Nobody), though I originally got them off eBay.

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I haven't ventured into the world of coloured skinny jeans yet, though I am intrigued. I do want a pair of polka dot skinny jeans, so that kinda counts, right? I also really want a pair of distressed skinny jeans.. you may or may not see both of those in the April budget post..

one, two, three
four, five, six

#2 Straight Jeans. These are basically skinny's older sister. you don't really need both of them, but if you are like me.... I like the difference. Though to be honest, haven't found a pair I love that actually look straight on me.

one, two, three and four

#3 Bootcut Jeans. I like these sometimes. Sometimes they are called for. They are my least reached for, though I think they look awesome on shorter peeps with some high heels.

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I am probably offending all of the real fashion bloggers with the flip flops in this outfit but... oh well.

one, two, three

Besides the style of jeans, I really think the 'essential' colours (or washes) are black, dark blue, light blue and that really dark blue. Or at least, that's what I like.

one, two, three, four

Of course, then you can venture into the coloured world, which opens so many possibilities. I love jeans, and if I had a job where I wore jeans every day then I would probably have even more pairs, including coloured and prints. But as it is, I don't want to buy a pair of jeans I won't wear that often. But white? Praise you if you can do it, I could never wear white jeans. I am the queen of spilling all of the things on all of the people. I love the blue coloured jeans.. but would I wear them? Help.

one, two, three, four

Are jeans as much of a workhorse in your wardrobe as they are in mine? Do share.

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  1. Okay, so the other day I said something about you not being a "real" fashion blogger, just because you said it first. But as I've looked over your blog, you are DEFINITELY a real fashion blogger! Style and wardrobe are a focus of nearly every post. And I like the way you do it. I stand by what I said before--you do fashion, but you do it real. And I like that :) Happy fashion blogging! :D


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