Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Budget

Happy Tuesday Y’all.

As it is April 1st, I’m linking up with Franish & the Budgeting Bloggers for my very first, absolutely terrifying, embarrassing, horrible-hope-my-husband-doesn't-see-this shopping budget.

Unfortunately, this is not an April fools joke. This is actually what I spent this month. Now let me just preface this post by saying March was a really abnormal month for me. I went on a shopping day with my bestie, which we haven’t done since we both lived in Australia, I had just started a new job and was trying to build a new wardrobe, I shopped in person and online way more than I normally do and I didn't go to goodwill once. Super weird. When I started to realise how much I had spent, knowing that I wanted to participate in this link up, I started selling my stuff on eBay like a crazy person.

I also bought a bunch of stuff for the house, and some books for our pretty new bookshelves. But, thankfully, this is just about clothes etc, otherwise my husband might literally kill me (OK, not literally, calm down).

On that note, let’s get started, shall we? All my prices include tax & shipping because that was easier for me.


1 & 2. Old Navy Lace Slub Tees. $11.34 each, originally $19.94.

These are so ridiculously comfy and versatile, and I got them for such a great deal and I've already worn them a ton (here, here, here).

3. Merona Striped Boatneck.  $12. Exact style but in solids, similar here.

I have been wanting a striped boatneck just like this for ages, so I snatched it up as soon as I spotted it. Super comfy, cute and cheap. Not on sale, but hey $12. Can’t go wrong!

4. Dorothy Perkins Polka Dot Top. $12.54, originally $15.

This order also took what seemed like forever, only arriving last Thursday. I wore this top to comic con, and it is super cute.

5. Forever 21 Polka Dot Top. $9.80. exact sold out (try in store!) but similar here.

I actually haven’t worn this yet, though I have wanted to. I’m just not sure if it’s too tight / revealing for work. It was cheap, and super cute though.

My SheInside order only arrived yesterday, which seemed longer than normal for them, so I haven’t worn this yet, though I’m pleased that the top is much more mustard than it looks online, which is what I was hoping.

7. Louisville Tee. $18

This is not my exact top, I got mine from my local Target. You can see how I wore mine here. This one is pretty cute though!

8. SheInside Mint /Turquoise Top. $19.99, originally $28.48.

Haven’t worn yet, looks typical of SheInside quality, but is super cute.

9. Forever 21 Lace Long Sleeve Top. $13.01 – estimate new would be about $20.

I actually bought this off eBay yesterday so I haven’t got it yet. It was one of those impulse buys when I sort by ‘ending soonest’ and it caught my eye, and sopretty. Hopefully it fits and is just as pretty in person! I couldn’t find it online, but here is a similar one.

10 & 11: Gap Fluid T in Navy & Oatmeal. $17.19 each, originally $24.95

My bestie and I saw these in person on our shopping date, loved them but they were a bit too expensive for a basic tee – so we ordered them online, using a discount code, while we were still in the store. Boom.

12. eBay Floral Top. $9.29. exact here, similar here.

Bought this off eBay after seeing it on one of the girls at GCOGH but it hasn't arrived yet. I don't normally buy things like this off eBay but it was pretty cheap, and looked great on the other girl.


1. eBay Polka Dot Skirt. $14.99, inspiration from Mod Cloth $39.99

I have coveted this skirt from Mod Cloth for what seems like forever. You know when you really want something, but can’t justify paying what they are asking? If that skirt didn't have the pockets, I could have paid $40 for it, but I just didn't love it the way it was, and the reviews weren't 100% yay, so I went to my trusty friend eBay and found this beauty. It was a bit more expensive than I wanted to pay for something pre-owned, so I sent the seller a message and we worked it out. I love that about eBay!

2. Choies Deep Blue Midi Skirt. $14.69, originally $20.99

I originally saw this skirt on Katie’s blog, and ordered it soon after. It only arrived last week, I haven’t even tried it on yet – oops. I got a large, per Katie’s advice, and I held it up to me when I received it and it looks about right, if not too small. I really ought to try it on tonight, but we've just been super busy with the house and what not. It’s really cute, and you can see how Katie wore it here, so I’m hoping it will be just as awesome on me.

3. Printed Pants from Forever 21. $13.99 – not online, originally $22.80 (I think). pictured pants are here.

The pants pictured are not my pants, but I couldn't find them online and I forgot to take a picture at home. They are sort of similar, just your basic blue printed pants. They are a super thin material, almost silky (but obviously, not real silk) and I’m intimidated but excited to wear them.

4. Dorothy Perkins Green Pencil Skirt. $16.72, originally $28.00

5. Dorothy Perkins Blue Pencil Skirt. $11.71, originally $44.00

I tried both pencil skirts on and wasn't sure about them. I don’t really wear pencil skirts, but I wanted to try, and these were cheap and cute and I loved the bright colours. They are great quality, really cute and I really like them. I’m just not sure if I like them on me – I got some big old hips and I like my a-line / flowy skirts that hide those, because I’m super insecure about them. So we will see if these don’t go on eBay (too much hassle to return to UK) or if I get the courage to wear them.


1. Francesca's Mint & Cream Maxi Dress. $29.00, originally $60.00. sold out, similar-ish here, here, here.

This dress is gorgeous, and is most likely going to be my Derby dress. Well, it’s pretty much 100% going to be my Derby dress, as my bestie has already made the matching fascinator. It’s a bit too big, but it was gorgeous and on sale, and I’m just gonna take it in a bit to make it more fitted.

2. Dorothy Perkins Black Midi Dress. $10.03, originally $39.00

Y’all this dress was $10. What the hey? I thought for sure it wouldn't fit, would look ugly, or hug areas I didn't want it to hug. But nope, I tried it on briefly and I absolutely love it. I cannot wait to wear it. I want to get a belt and necklace that match before I wear it, to dress it up a bit, but seriously. My favourite purchase, I think!

Blazers / Outwear.

I’m really not sure about this blazer, its super cute and I wanted to love it, but I think it gave me a shoulder / neck ache the one day I wore it (seen here) which could be crazy, but who knows. It’s not tight fitting, it’s the lightest material, but I had the worst ache like my bra was too tight – you know that feeling? I’ll try it again because it is just too darn cute.


1. Target Pearce Pumps. $19.99. in brown, black and navy too!

I needed a new pair of nude pumps to replace my Maddens that were ridiculously inexplicably painful all of a sudden, and these had great reviews and I thought they were a shorter heel than my Maddens. Turns out, exact same height heel but these are so freaking comfy, and pretty cheap! I want them in all of the colours!

2. Tan Flats. $26.47, originally $49.95. sold out, but black here.

I had wanted a pair of tan flats, and these were too cute, and on sale to pass up.

3. Striped Flats. $11.48, originally $26.00

Found these on Friday night whilst wandering JCPenney with my bestie, after I had already spent money in Forever 21, I told myself I wasn't buying anything else that night. But then I saw these beauties. How could I say no? Bestie got the polka dot ones, which I loved but they didn't have my size, and I really really loved the striped ones, so no biggie. They said $13, but when I got to the register, $11.48 with tax. Boom! Can’t believe I almost passed them up! Wore them to comic con (with my polka dot top, pattern mixing yo) and they were so comfy, such a great purchase.


This belt was too cute and cheap to pass up. Warning, it is super long, but nothing a pair of scissors won’t fix – or, one of the reviewers wrapped it around twice, which could work as well.

So pretty. Couldn’t resist.

Are you seeing a theme? Me too. I did mention here that I wanted all the mustard things, and it seems I am well on my way to having all of them. Now all I need are shoes and a skirt. Oh, and a necklace.

4. Cat Tote. $15.99, originally $19.99. sold out online, similar here.

Does this need any words? I think not. Thanks to Katie who blogged about this tote, I snatched this beauty up for me and the bestie, who love cats – who doesn't?

5. 10 Pairs of VS Underwear. $3.84 instead of $53.84 because of a gift card. Woo woo!

Not pictured, cause that’s kinda weird.


1 & 2. Francesca's mint & blue earrings. $5 each, originally $12. not available online, but similar here (mint) and here (blue).

Pretty & cheap. Done.

3, 4 & 5. SheInside Necklaces in blue, green & pink (says red, but it's pink). $6.53 each, originally $17.80.

These necklaces were all different prices, but I averaged them for the sake of simplicity. They are cute, cheap and thankfully don’t look too bad. I wanted the green one in time for St Paddy’s, but womp womp, they didn't arrive until yesterday. So I wore it today.

I have probably worn this necklace 100 times since I bought it. OK, that’s not possible, but it’s definitely my most versatile necklace as I have worn it here, here and here. And it was cheap. So, boom.

7. Reverse Ombre Bib Necklace. $9.74, originally $11.80

Bought this necklace on Friday, very cute, cheap, unfortunately I realised the one I bought is slightly broken, shouldn't be able to see it when I do wear it though. Not sure how to style it, but I’m gonna try.

8. Anchor Necklace. $9.74, originally $9.99 – shipping was $2.25, discount code from Freckled Fox took off $2.50.

After seeing this on The Freckled Fox’s blog, I wanted it. How cute are anchors? I would love an anchor print top like this one, but haven’t found one I love that doesn't make my wallet scream. I like anchors, but don’t love them all over the place, so this necklace was perfect.


That was a lot.

If I had bought everything at full price, it would have been just under $850.

Holy moly.

Instead, I only paid $485.

Insert appropriate cuss word here.

I only spent $485? That’s insane. I cannot believe I spent that much. Husband would literally kill me. OK, maybe not literally, but I would get shopping privileges taken away for sure. I mean, he knows what I buy, but to see it written down with a total amount is not good for the heart. Like I said, March was a weird month and it will not happen again (I hope).

But anywho. Like I mentioned, I sold a bunch of stuff on eBay, totaling $320.

So really, I saved $365 because of sales, and made $320. So I’m in the positive, right?

After eBay sales, the damage is $165. That’s a much better number, one that doesn't make my heart stop.
So now that this is out on the internet for all the world to see,  I’m really really really really really going to try and rein my spending in for April. So far, day one, I am going strong.

Who am I kidding, I love shopping! And it loves me :-)

ETA: I wanted you to know, I lasted 16 hours.
But Target... buy one get one 50%  off.... pretty. and because I cannot resist anything named Madeline, and the other ones are named Chelsea - that's my kitty's name. So, fate. I promise I'll stop slow down now.


  1. Well, a new job is a good excuse! And a lot of those items seem pretty versatile.

    And thanks for the comment on my blog -- InPink has surprisingly great quality jewelry so if you ever need more costume jewelry I recommend checking it out.

    ~ Sarah, Shades of Sarah

  2. It adds up so fast, doesn't it? Kudos to you though for being honest and still showing everything. And, can I just say, I love every bit of it? Great taste! And not to tempt you further, but I did leave the link for you on that h&m dress in the comment section. Eeek ;)

  3. What a great post. I love you humor! I'm also glad to see someone else who bought as much as me. :) So glad you joined the link up.

  4. Well.. that's a lot. BUT periodically we need to bulk up our wardrobe a little bit, and it looks like you got GREAT deals on things so whatev. I think you did a good job!

  5. It scares me to think what I may have spent this month after seeing how fast it can add up! eBay to the rescue for sure to ease the buyer's guilt :)

  6. Wow, you have a whole new wardrobe here! I think that when spring finally hits it makes us want to buy. I really like the versatility you'll get from all your top here too.


    1. thanks Ginny! I know, I can't believe I bought so much! I didn't buy a single thing in January though (NY resolution) and February was pretty tame as well, though I didn't keep track I'm pretty sure I just went to goodwill, and no online shopping. Apparently, I not only fell off the wagon but it ran me over on its way out. Lol! April will be tame for sure!

  7. Glad you decided to join the link-up! I think you got some really great deals and fantastic pieces. I cannot wait to see you wear those pants!!! I think you mentioned before needing more clothes, as you left most in Aus, so it's totally reasonable to me to have purchased this many items. If I had purchased this much, I would I ended up in the $800 range you mentioned, as I am terrible at finding sales, so I think you did great to get as much as you did for that!

    1. thanks Sam! I don't really like paying full price for things, so always searching for sales lol.

  8. i don't think you did bad at all considering you ebayed stuff! it seems like you got some great deals and got some versatile pieces so i wouldn't worry too much! :)

    xo. jenn @ hello, rigby!

  9. YES! Cat tote for the win! But really, great items, so many good pieces. I mean if you need to get rid of them, feel free to send all the mustard items to me! ;)

    And those two tone Target flats are awesome and true to size. Just for reference ;)!

    Katie @ Style On Target

    1. brilliant, thanks Katie! I have a pair of target flats that are a size smaller than I normally wear, so I got worried for a second. No matter if they dont fit, Target has the best return policy in the world, right! thanks so much for coming to my blog, I feel like a little star struck ;)

  10. Thanks for the shout-out! Can't wait to see how you style your navy midi. :-) And I am glad you joined the linkup. You got such great stuff this month! I really like all the necklaces and that mint dress. And good work with ebay. I have listed some stuff on Tradesy, but I think I might look into going the ebay route instead.

    Katie - See What Katie Wears


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