Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Humpday Confessions #2

otherwise known as the day I overdose on gifs.

Thank the freaking cheese it is Wednesday. Now if it could just hurry up and be Friday.... kthanks.

Linking up with Kathy for her hilarious link up. You should too, all the cool kids do.

I really really wanted to do better with shopping this month, like less than half of what I spent in March, but sales.. and .. holes in my closets.. and all the things I wanted needed for our trip in June... I know I 'confessed' this last week, but.. a lot can happen in 7 days y'all.

Old Navy had an awesome dress sale.. and then they bloody had to email with 2 day free shipping - that never happens.

I have since unsubscribed to Old Navy's emails. It had to be done.

However I sold a truck load of stuff on eBay. Like, way more than I spent. So, winning!

mo money

Hubby has an amazon rewards credit card. He had points to spend. I pouted. I got to spend more than half of the points on myself. What's his is ours, whats mine is mine, right? 

I get super freaking emotional right before my period. Yesterday I started crying because I'm not sure if I like my Derby dress anymore. Also, we have to get up really early and there will be four girls and not enough time for one person (aka the best person) to do everyone's hair & makeup, so I volunteered to do my own so she wouldn't be stressed which is a horrible idea because I suck. I got home and cried some more.

i know i'm not pregnant, but shut up.

Then, I practiced my hair idea, and it was somewhat non-sucky cool. I surprised myself. And I tried on my dress again, and I kinda love it. So, screw you stupid emotions.

Speaking of crying.... sometimes you need a good cry. So, I watch this. If you don't know what this is, we can't be friends that's ok.

I have a half marathon this Saturday....

I spend the majority of my working day time thinking about travel. Booked a girls only trip in September. Super freaking pumped. Not road tripping, but I'm sure the passengers on the plane won't mind if we go all Britney on them.

And lastly.... This:

makes me:

well pretty much anything p&p makes me giddy.

Also, I just discovered this link up / blog hop with Liz. So I thought why the eff not. Yay for blogging friends! 

The Hump Day Blog Hop


  1. I should probably just unsub to all the store emails...I don't need to know about your sales/coupon codes/free shipping. I DON"T! Go you for unsubing to the old navy ones! I feel you on the spending, but it's great you've made some money back!! And I'm sure you will look spectacular for derby!


  2. no need to wait for old navy free shipping coupons: just order what you want, add in whatever to get the free shipping and then return the shizz you never wanted in the first place. hello loophole!!! HOLLA!!!!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

    1. I may or may not have done this with other online merchants shhhhh

  3. good luck on your half! i get absurdly emotional before my period too - commercials make me cry, bad weather makes me cry - just about anything!

  4. Yes to being annoyingly emotional right before my period, I cried at the even news and a commercial last night!!

    You're so lucky to have found such a great friend, one of these days I'll find a friend in my newish city!

  5. I absolutely love Pride and Prejudice! :D The book and the movies.

  6. The baby throwing money out the window - classic and amazing!!! Crossroads was seriously one of my favorite movies and your girls trip sounds like it's going to be a blast!! congrats on selling a ton of stuff on eBay - I have stuff up now and I'm watching it like a hawk willing it to sell haha!

  7. Selling stuff on eBay is genius...I should probably get on that.

  8. Sales are the bane of my existence!

  9. I cry about ridiculous stuff all the time. It is so annoying!!!

    If you sold more stuff than you bought...then did you really spend money? No!

    I have a separate email account for store emails because I have zero self control when I hear about a good sale.

    And now I want to sing some B Spears loudly for all to hear.

  10. Bahaha oh man I better start getting back into the running game too...I have some races to prep for! And shopping? Let me just say right now that I need ALL the things! Key word of course need...not want...or...JUST want...:D Shopping for my honeymoon is definitely on my mind right now lol.

  11. Love this! I cry all the time and I wish I didn't- so embarrassing!

  12. Well if you made more when you sold your other clothes, then you could theoretically say your new purchases are investments for your new side business (clothes re-seller). away :)

  13. Hey Lovely! I completely understand the emotional havick that time of the month leaves on us! I can be an emotional wreck at times!! And keep up the great work with the hair and makeup. That was really nice of you to do. I would've done the same for sure! <3333


  14. I'm pretty sure I am obsessed with all of these gifs. Haha we sounds like the same person right before that time of the month... :)

  15. Go ON with your bad self for unsubscribing! I can't bring myself to. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!

  16. Oh the emotions!!! Why are they not controllable?! Love all the gifs, keep them coming. Love that Brit movie and all things Brit basically. She's my guilty pleasure. Confession - I have not seen P & P but I was gifted it at my favs party so I just need to watch it.

  17. When you made more than you spent, you shouldn't feel guilty - there's still profit...even if it is just $1. And I haven't had an actual blood period in years (birth control) but I still get all the emotional shit that comes with it - anxiety, crying, general bitchiness, etc.

    ♥ Duckie.

  18. So funny! Good luck on your marathon! I have so much I need to sell on eBay, but I am being SO lazy! You are so good to sell more than you spent! Great job!


  19. Why'd you have to tell me about an Old Navy dress sale? I must resist...


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