Saturday, April 12, 2014

Gone in 6 Minutes

Yesterday morning, I woke up to a beautiful shining sun, completely care free and relaxed and all the wonderful things. What a fabulous nights sleep.

Then I looked at the clock. Um.. 7:54. What? I cocked my head to the side a bit, that would help my morning eyes to better read the time, I was obviously reading it wrong. Because I need to leave at 8am. So, that time had to be wrong.

Then I realized. I don't think I have ever moved so fast in my life. That hasn't happened since I was like 19 and working at McDonalds and had to get up at 4am.

i lol'd too hard not to share.
I am amazed that I got ready in time. fastest shower ever. Luckily, I had an outfit in mind and threw it on lightning fast and was out the door, complete with you-really-should-have-washed-your-hair-today hair. TGIF.

BootsWanted (similarsimilarsimilar)

Do you think I did the bootie trend alright? I read this babble post and scoured pinterest for like 5 hours. Threw on a grey tee, and the first necklace I saw. 

Can I talk about the booties for a second? $21 from Amazon. Bargain! I happened to find them, and they only had 1 pair left. In my size. The shopping gods smiled on me that day. Super freaking comfortable.

Seriously though - I know its jeans and a tee, but I was so comfortable all day and really felt like me. How can that be, when I felt like me in this outfit? Complete opposites, right? Oh well, I don't have to fit in a particular style box.

Weekly cool-lage time. See what I did there?


  1. Hi :) just came across your blog. I love your outfits for the week and I can't believe you got ready so fast! Waking up late is the worst.

  2. You look great in everything! If I had four minutes to get ready, I would not lookmeven close to that good! Great score on your booties! They are super cute!


  3. I love how you wore your ankle boots! They were such a great find. That statement necklace is a fun addition to the casual jeans and tee outfit.

    Katie - See What Katie Wears

  4. Loved the way you wore the booties! Such a cute outfit. Thanks for checking out our blog!!

  5. Love your weekly wardrobe pictures and all the humor you infuse into your writing. Couldn't help but smile as I read :)


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