Friday, April 4, 2014

Five on Friday #7

Thank the freaking crazy week it's Friday! I'm linking up with Darci,  AprilChristinaNatasha and all the girls for another Five on Friday!

1. Stitch Fix – have you heard of Stitch Fix before? I first discovered it on delovely details blog, and I was so intrigued, so I signed up. My first ‘fix’ is not until late May though, which is lame! So to get me through then, let me know if you have and you liked it?

2. 30 before 30 or pre baby bucket list – I had a list in my head, but I was calling it my ‘pre baby bucket list’. Then I found Ashley’s blog, and apart from the fact I am convinced we are supposed to be besties, she had this list ‘30x30’ and I thought it was a great idea to put what was in my head onto paper / internet. Plus, it helped that it gave me a more concrete deadline and a number of things to do. So, I whipped it up, and you can read it here, and seriously, if you love lists like me, you need to do this. If you have already done a list, let me know! I love reading them. If you have kids, or are over 30, and have a similar list, seriously, let me know. I really love reading lists and other peoples dreams and goals. Just writing the list has really motivated me to get the ball rolling on a lot of things and I’m so excited!

3. Living Room Transformation. I posted this picture on my facebook and I have to re-share it here. The full ‘reveal’ will come soon, as it is not completely finished, but I am so freaking happy with the way it looks. KC worked his little tush off, spring break is for relaxing but not for my hubby! With the help of our friend’s mom (yep) he did the laminate flooring himself, we put together the bookshelves and painted together. Of course, we still want need a new couch and a new TV stand, but it’s definitely our favourite room in the house. Do you have a favourite room? I love love love reading blogs about projects, before and afters, and I seriously love me some house tours, so if you have any of the above, holla at a girl.

4. Mustard things. I am obsessed with mustard right now, anyone else? I recently bought a scarfcardigan, top, belt and bag. Love. I want so many more mustard things! Skirt, shoes & necklace. Am I the only one that gets obsessed with certain colours?

of course the first skirt is perfect, but sold out. the second skirt is too short. isn't that dress gorgeous? sold out, of course. I love all of the shoes- flats, heels and 2nd heels. and that necklace is so pretty!

5. Still on my Doctor Who high. I mentioned last week that I was going to comic con to meet Matt Smith & Karen Gillan. I went. And it was ahmazing.

any Archer fans?

Read about it here, or just look at the picture below. It’s already framed up on my entry wall. Boom. 

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


  1. You just officially became my favorite blog read of the day, love that you quoted Archer! One of my favorite shows!! Love the living room transformation!! Happy Friday love!

  2. Love the new book case you guys added to the living room!! I'm a huge fan of the mustard color with dark denim jeans!! Just love the contrast! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Your living room makeover looks fabulous!!!! And I'm loving your all things mustard

  4. Love the living room transformation!!! Such a difference! Love. Love. Love it! Bravo! I love list making too. Sometimes I secretly write silly stuff down too, like paint my nails, so I can check it off and feel productive if I'm having a crappy day! Happy Friday friend!

  5. Can't wait to hear how you like StitchFix - I am considering joining too.


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