Thursday, April 3, 2014

Blazing Pink Sailors

Happy Thursday!

Last night, one of my good friends texted me out of the blue to meet her for drinks and dinner. I was already in sweats and eating mashed taters with gravy for dinner, so I was pretty done for the night. But my friend sounded kinda tipsy (ok, a lot tipsy) and she is crazy fun all the time, but even fun-er when she's had a few. So I threw on a quick outfit, which included this freaking awesome new blazer from H&M. It doesn't look like it's online, boo! but it was $20! twentydollars! Bargain!

Let's talk a bit about blazers. Exciting stuff. I bought a blazer a couple of years ago, and it just felt wrong, no matter what I tried. I figured it wasn't for me. But I've been seeing them everywhere, and everyone looks so freaking good in them, and then Ginny went ahead and did this post. So, I told myself if one fell into my lap, I wouldn't be sad. This one fell into my lap. For $20. They had so many cute blazers, including this one for only $20 in store, that I had to stop myself from buying all of them.

Something I learned was that I was buying the wrong kind of blazer. I had a 'boyfriend' style blazer, and I couldn't work out why it didn't fit me the way I wanted. I tried this one on and I knew it was what I had been missing. I think the boyfriend style is cute, but not what I was looking for. I might have to go back for the blue & red one, it looked fabulous on, if I do say so myself. But I'm trying to be good.

TopGap in Oatmeal
Blazer: H&M (similarsimilarsimilar)
JeansNobody (similar)
BagForever 21

It was a great, impromptu fun night. We sent the above photo to our fourth friend who was out of town to make her jealous. She's in New Orleans - don't think she was jealous that we were at Mellow Mushroom.

Now let's move on to today.

What an absolutely miserable, rainy no good day here in KY.

I thought Spring was here to stay, but she left. And I know, I know, April showers May flowers, blah.

If you follow me on Instagram you know about the 2 style challenges - 3 days in and going strong-ish! It's kinda fun, and it's a great way to not have to worry about what to wear, and to go through my closet a bit more, otherwise I tend to reach for the same things each week.

Today's was Tickled Pink + Oh Hello Sailor!
Hence the really awkwardly weird post title.

Top: H&M but I can't find it online (similar, similar, similar)
Blazer: Same as above outfit. Yup.
ShoesJC Penney

Today, I'm linking up with Erin over at Simply Just Lovely for her Working Girl With Style link up, and Agi over at Vodka Infused Lemonade for her Tres Chic Fashion Thursday.
Tres-Chic Fashion Thursday Link Up


  1. I love the black blazer with the camel pumps!
    So pretty!!

  2. Yay for girl time! The blazer looks great and thanks for the shout out :)

  3. Fit is everything with blazers! I can't do the boyfriend style either even though I love it on others. Loving your pink paired with the striped flats. Really cute!
    On the Daily Express

  4. That blazer is pretty amazing, I really like the texture. And your striped flats look great with the bright pink top!

  5. You girls look like your having a fun time!! As I said on Go Chic, your pink top+anchor necklace outfit was really cute, and I want your mustard bag!

    <3 Sam

  6. Yay for impromptu nights out!! Looking gorgeous, girlfriend!! :)


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