Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekend Shopping Haul

On Saturday my best friend and I had a shopping date, not something we do that often at all. It was such a fun, girly, silly time. I highly recommend it - so much more enjoyable than traipsing around the shops on your own.

First, we started with getting our nails done - shellac, darling. Mine are the pink.

Then we dropped by our neighborhood Lowes to support the Girl Scouts and bought 2 boxes of tagalongs - KC's cutie of a cousin was there and I promised I would drop by. I would be surprised if the cookies last but a few days!

Then for the grown up fun.

First stop, Bed, Bath & Beyond. Can be a seriously dangerous place! I bought a 'trapper mat' that I am going to try out in front of the litter box - hopefully that will stop the litter alloverthehouse. I also got one of those dish drying mats, because I'm fancy now and have a dishwasher so I don't need my big hunk of plastic rack that we had at the apartment - but I still need something to rest the things I hand wash on besides a tea towel. Oh my goodness, riveting stuff I know. Just keeping it real.
trapper mat dish drying mat

Bath & Body Works. Honestly, not a big B&BW girl. Never have been. I have a couple things, some soaps here and there. But I wanted some candles and we had coupons...

Top: 3 little Lilac Blossom candles. This smells amazing. I wanted a big one, but they were all out.
2 bigguns: Cheers to Capri (Lemoncello) and Sydney Harbor (Australian Waters).

The Capri candle smells amazing. The Sydney one? It smells pretty good. 2 things. 1. We spell Harbor with a U. So.. it should be Sydney Harbour y'all. 2. Australian Waters - WTF? No. But. How could I not buy this? Gotta represent.

They had a bunch of different city scents - Paris, London, etc. Kinda cool!

Off to Francesca's we went. Oy, this is where my money went. But I just couldn't help it. So many pretty things.

This blazer. Oh my god! So excited. You know how sometimes you see something in a store and you just know instantly - that is so me, I'm gonna love it. I can spot polka dots in a crowded clearance rack and I yanked this baby right out. My size, 50% off? Thank you shopping gods.

Farringdon Polka Dot Blazer
I cannot wait to wear this - I have so many ideas. I actually saw this polka dot blazer from Target on someone else that looked so great - I went to my local Target and searched but no dice. I was going to check out another, but I am so glad I found this instead, its much more casual and cute and my style. I will wear the crap out of this. Just wait. Did I mention it was 50% off? Whooop.

Murrell Chiffon Maxi - Sold Out
And this pretty. Didn't I mention I was obsessed with mint lately? It was also 50% off, and a little bit too big but so pretty. A quick sew and it will be made for me. This might just be my Derby dress!

Also got these earrings for $5 each. Bargain!

not available online!

After that I thought I had better slow down - I'm used to thredUP, eBay and goodwill prices. These purchases might be pretty great for brand new items but they still took a pretty little chunk out of my bank account.

But then.. DSW. Maybe shouldn't have gone in at all? But these little beauties were only $26! So cute. I have been wanting a pair of tan / brown flats for a long time.

Kelly & Katie Dido Ballet Flats

From Ulta I got some makeup & of course my favourite makeup remover wipes.

covergirl neutrogena rimmel

Then off to the ever expensive but awesome Victoria's Secret - with my own secret (gift card). I got 10 pairs of underwear for under $4 because I had a birthday gift card for $50. Boooom. I got a variety of the 5 for $26 type.

Lastly, but not leastly, Gap. I kinda think Gap is a bit overrated, though I have bought some things second hand or from their outlets. They have some cute and good quality items, but most of the time they are just too expensive for me. So - we found these super cute tops that were $25 each. We tried them on, fell in love with the basic gorgeous-ness of them but man - $25 a pop? I don't know about that. So I thought - Gap online always has coupon codes at the top of their website - seriously, every time I go to or there is a coupon code up there. So we sat out front of the dressing room, added 4 tops (2 each) to our shopping cart, entered the 35% off code, and instead of paying $100 for 4 tops we paid $70. Talk about saving money! Also, it's kinda sucky the actual store didn't get the business, but it is the Gap - they'll be fine - and they got our money on the company level. So! These Fluid T's are on the way to us:
navy & oatmeal
Ok, they really don't look that great in these photos. But they are. They are longer in the back, which is fabulous. Great tees for layering, work, fun - I am already picturing the outfits. You will see these guys again.

And that's it! It doesn't seem like that much now that it's all written out, but it's been awhile since I have bought that many things that wasn't from TJ Maxx or Goodwill. We were pretty proud of ourselves - though exhausted. Shopping is kinda hard - can't do it like we used to!

I spent the rest of Saturday night browsing online for more clothes and outfit inspiration from Pinterest. So on Sunday I really wanted to hit up Forever 21 because I was drooling over some things online, but I didn't want to pay shipping or fill my cart up with $50 worth of things I didn't need or particularly want. After some serious pouting, KC obliged. After seriously going through almost every rack I found the top I wanted and then the necklace. I do not enjoy being in Forever 21 - they have some really cute, affordable things (also have some questionable and not so great quality things) but I am constantly wondering if they can turn the music down and maybe tidy things up a little!

Diner Darling Polka Dot Top - it's only $10!

Opulent Faux Pearl Necklace - also under $10

I seriously love all things polka dots, stripes and pearls. I have been wanting a faux pearl necklace for ages but didn't want to pay what a lot of retailers were asking. Forever 21 for the win!

And that's all folks! Pretty productive weekend if I do say so myself.

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