Thursday, March 6, 2014

To Goodwill or To Not Goodwill..

OK guys. Most troublesome morning yet! 

I remembered about this dress late last night and thought it would be great for work. It has actually been in the goodwill pile for so long, but I'm glad I didn't end up donating it. 

Reasons it was in the goodwill pile: 
Too short. 
The top is coming apart from the waistband, its cheapish material. 
It's Australian, so tough to sell on ebay when sizing is different, it confuses people. 
Also kind of upside down cupcake looking on its own. 

This dress is sleeveless, so I put a plain black long sleeve tee underneath, and you can't see it in the pictures but in real life you could clearly see the long sleeve tee under the sleeveless dress.I paired it with thick tights and ankle boots. 

Now - I thought a blazer would be cute. 
1 . Polka dot blazer. love the fit, but scared of pattern mixing! 
yes, in case you were wondering, this is exactly how i wore my hair to work.

2. Black blazer. I don't think the drapey sides looked good with this dress. Also I was standing super weird, so that could also be why it looks frumpy.
can you spot Chelsea and her fluffy butt?

3. No blazer, but with a scarf! I thought myself quite clever with this option. 

4. After I got to work, I got the brilliant idea to fold over the top of the skirt and just wear my long sleeve top as the top, and the dress as a skirt. Does that make sense? The waist band is so thick this dress can totally be skirt, and that opens so many outfit options (I think). 

Ok. You really can't see the sleeveless dress over the long sleeve top in the first photo, but in the second you can definitely see the absence of it. Does that make sense? My shoulders are less bumpy. Bumpy shoulders are so 80s.

Its still short and kind of cupcake looking, but what do you all think? Because the top was coming apart from the waistband, its almost like this 'refashion' is begging to be done. I think, as a skirt, it would look cute with colorful tops or cardigans. I'm kind of excited, and proud of myself (a little). I was a bit afraid to wear this to work as it's still a bit short, and its the first kind of this style and length I have worn to work. Another girl at work who is shorter than me wears similar length dresses and skirts, but as my tall girls know, it can hit the same place but look completely different short girl vs tall girl. I'm jealous of you shorties / average-eys.

I know, my photo taking skills amaze me too.

I also *tried* to make my hair a little more cute and a little less like I'm going to workout. Did it work?

Long Sleeve Top: Cotton On
Dress / Skirt: TEMT
Booties: Target
Scarf: TJ Maxx
Polka Dot Blazer: Francesca's
Black Blazer: Target

And for funsies, I made a collage of my morning - shocker, I know. I shared this on my gochicorgohome profile and the ladies were super helpful, as usual. 

Annnd a striped skirt has been on my wishlist for a while. This isn't exactly what I had in mind, but hey - it was free and it is kinda awesome.

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