Monday, March 17, 2014

St Paddy's Fun & House Plans

Hey, it’s Monday again! How exciting…

Do you ever just have those Mondays where you are just dragging your feet, and the day never really picks up? You just keep dreaming of your bed because you are so going to bed at like 7pm tonight. Then you get home and have way more energy than you should and don’t go to sleep till a crazy hour like 11pm.

No? Just me? Every single Monday. Without fail.

On that note, hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend. I had too much of a good time on Saturday, so all of my hardworking intentions for Sunday disappeared into a haze of staying on the couch all day with all the fast food and sugar I could inhale. Thankfully, I feel loads better today. I don’t drink that much that often – and every time I do, I regret it.

So the reason we went out was for St Paddy’s Day! It was a gorgeous, beautiful, warm-ish day and we soaked it up. Unfortunately we missed the parade, but there is always next year.

Fun fact, this is the 4th year I have Paddy‘d it up with my best friend. KC has joined us the last 3 years, and my friend’s husband has joined us the last 2 years. My other (blonde) friend was there in 2011 so it was awesome to go out with her again. Another fun fact, the reason we missed the parade is because that same friend had her 1 year old’s birthday party that afternoon – and of course, there is no competition – get crazy drunk and get all the green things, or get to spend an important milestone with the most adorable little girl? No competition.

Enough with the words. Here are some photos from our awesomely fun day celebrating St Patrick’s day.

Jeans: Nobody
Tank: Target
Cardigan: Old Navy
Flats: DSW
And I have a green bow in my hair. what what.

they both did this without planning. can you tell they have known each other forever?

Like I said, I spent most of Sunday on the couch on my laptop getting amazing ideas and dreams for our house, all of which cost money, take time and manly muscles to help. We did order some bookshelves that I cannot wait to receive and put up, but we have a few projects coming up soon and may wait till we finish those to put them up. I got the idea here from The Inspired Room, but we only got 2, which should work with what we have planned. The bookshelves were on sale, plus my redcard discount (free shipping!) plus $10 gift card with each $50 spent (I may or may not have placed 2 separate orders to get 2 gift cards). Boom.

I think I have read that blog post a thousand and seventeen times. Seriously. Love everything about that room.

Our upcoming projects for the living room and hallway are 1) paint and 2) replace the carpet with laminate flooring. We are so pumped to do both – in fact; I am popping into home depot on my way home to get some paint samples. We are hoping to have it done before the floors get done, which KC will do on his spring break – which is in like 2 weeks. No big deal. Why the rush? Because 1) I’m super impatient. 2) We are having our first guests (italicized because that’s important, yo) ever for the KY Derby. They are coming for the weekend, don’t give a rats behind what our house looks like but I want it to be awesome and special and fabulous. So yeah. We have a lot to do.

Not gonna say bye without posting today’s outfit!

Pants: Target – my bootcut turned straight pants.
Top: Old Navy
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Target

Have a fabulous week!

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