Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lace, Polka Dots and a little bit o sparkle

So yesterday I found a ‘style me march’ challenge by DeanStreet Society, and I figured, hey why not! Only 10 days late ;-) turns out yesterday was I swoon for stripes and I was wearing stripes, so.. fate? I think so.

Except, today’s is a little bit o sparkle, and I hope they really mean a little because I own zero, zilch, nada sparkley things. Except these earrings. They were given to me by a beautiful friend back home, and they are apparently named ‘Kristen’ – you know how shops name jewellery and stuff. Well these were meant for me. my friend bought them as a somewhat joke – 'you don’t have to like them, I just thought it was funny that they were named after you' she said. I cant even get a souvenir with my name on it at home, but I get earrings? I’ll take it. Because I love these. I wear them all the time. They are the perfect bit of sparkle and pretty to add to any outfit.

Top: Old Navy
Blazer: Francesca's
Pants: Worthington by JC Penney
Earrings: Gift
Shoes: Madeline

I first spotted these lace tops on Caroline over at Tasteful Style and promptly ordered 2 from Old Navy – they were only $10 each. Score. I ordered the salmon and white, and then she posted the blue one. Now I need that one. Just realised they are now $15 each - boo Old Navy, boo.

Seriously though, these tops are perfect. Comfy and casual, easily dressed up. I see lots of mileage coming from these, if only I can figure out how to style a salmon coloured top. Suggestions?

It’s dirty hair day. What did I do before the sock bun?

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