Friday, March 21, 2014

Five on Friday #5: Five Favourite Books

Its Five on Friday time - I'm linking up with Darci,  AprilChristinaNatasha and all the girls for my fifth Five on Friday!

I am currently sick, so I am going to do a five things I hate about being sick.
Just kidding.

If you like to read and have ever been asked what your favourite book is – you know it’s a hard question to answer. Any booklover will feel she has many favourites and it’s impossible to pick just one. There’s the one that made you laugh, or the one you’ve loved since you were a child, maybe the one that gave you nightmares, or the one that made you cry. Maybe it’s a series. Maybe you love a book but haven’t read it in several years because it’s not really a read time and again type book. 

Is this just me? It’s hard to pick a favourite book when I feel I have so many. Sometimes I don’t even remember books I have read until I see them again, and then I'm like 'ooh - that one! Yep, love that one'.

Today’s Five on Friday is going to be my 5 Fave Books. I know, I just said it was hard to pick a favourite, or even 5. These are just books that have a special place in my heart right now. I am always looking for book suggestions, so please comment with your favourite – whether it is one or ten!

Pride and Prejudice -This may have been a bit predictable. I love this book. I have read it so many times, sometimes I literally finish the last page and close the book for just a second, inhaling the sweet smell of the book, before starting again. I laugh, cry, I feel all the things. 

 The Time Traveler's Wife -I haven’t read this book in a couple of years but it was my ‘favourite’ for so long, I can’t help but still feel ridiculously attached to it. When I was about 18 a teacher loaned me her copy of this and promised I would love it. It can be a somewhat difficult book to read because of the, well, time travelling, but it is so worth it. I have never cried so hard as when I read this book. I think I have read it about twenty times, I read it on almost every flight when I was travelling to and from KY. I have gifted it to several people, some who have read it and others who didn't.

 The Book Thief -This book is definitely a favourite. When I first started it, I did not think I would enjoy it. It is from Death’s point of view and is set in Nazi Germany. It’s not my ‘typical’ kind of book. But it is amazing. If you haven’t read it, you should. There is a movie, which I enjoyed, but as always the book is a thousand times better.

The Bronze Horseman Trilogy- Yep, I’m going to put a trilogy in as one book. Boom. This is the most beautiful love story I have ever read. It is set in war torn Russia and follows the relationship of Tatiana and Alexander. It was suggested to me by a friend and again, I didn't think I would enjoy it but it is so beautiful and amazing and wonderful. I have suggested and gifted this to several people. The below picture is the order to read them in.

Harry Potter (Books 1-7) - Another series as one, don’t judge. I can’t say anything about Harry Potter that hasn't been said a bazillion times, but I absolutely loved these books. I resisted them at first, as I was a teenager and thought myself too cool for these books, and I’m so glad I got over myself and read these books. Superb writing, fabulous story, love love love.

I am currently reading The Night Circus , which I am mostly enjoying. It’s been awhile since I have found a good book that I’m actually interested in and eager to find out what happens. Don’t spoil it for me! 

I really would love any and all suggestions if you have them, don't be put off by the list above if our tastes don't seem the same - I love many more books with varying styles.

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