Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A little fan girling

So, we all have them. Girl crushes. This one just happens to be a blogger. Maybe you've heard of her? The Londoner. Or more informally, Rose. She was probably one of the first blogs I ever, and I mean ever, read. I think I found her by google-ing ways to lose weight fast - and before you gasp in horror, what I found was the opposite - called The Anti Diet . If you're a girl, or a guy, who has ever struggled with your weight, on the scale or in your head, or if you breathe - you should read it. It really opened my eyes about eating and being as healthy as I can most of the time. Since then, I stopped binge eating, throwing up on purpose, and starving myself.  I have also been an avid reader ever since.

I don't check a lot of blogs every day, mainly I check them when they update instagram or facebook. But Rosie's, I check every day. I don't know why, but I love the way she writes and what she writes about. Sure, I can't really relate to her fancy outings or even more fancy but gorgeous wardrobe, but she writes about them like you're there and that they aren't a big deal. Also, I just love that she's from the UK and says mum and tea and all the other good English things that make me miss home.

Anywho so I made her fried rice, as I told you about in the last post. Then I posted that awful picture on instagram. and she liked it. She liked my instagram photo. Sure, I kinda tagged her in it, but I could tag Hilary Duff and she wouldn't like my photo. The Londoner - THE Londoner - Rose, like she's my friend - LIKED MY PHOTO. I immediately took a screen shot and sent it to the hubby, who knows of my obsession with - I mean, admiration for her.

Seriously you guys. I don't even care how lame this might be. She's, like, my idol. She's sweet, funny, down to earth (far as I can tell!), is gorgeous and just lovely. And she liked my photo. So yeah. I'm awesome, and all of those things too, right?

This came up on my phone. I had to read it like 5 times. Surely not THE Londoner, I thought.

it says rosielondoner. right there. and that's her instagram. i might have it framed. 

just once more for good measure.
You guys. Seriously. She may not be a celebrity like Britney, but I have loved this girl's blog for over 2 years and I have a serious girl crush. I can't even.

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