Monday, March 31, 2014

It's a fabulous Monday!

Hope everyone had as fabulous a weekend as I did! It was busy, but fabulous. I'm going to say fabulous 1000 times today. Just so you know.

Saturday was a busy day - up early to head to the comic con, which was - yep, you guessed it- fabulous! Absolutely, amazingly, wonderfully, fabulous!

After that, I got stuck into house things while KC worked hard on our beautiful new floors - which are almost done! With all the stuff we have been doing, the house was an absolute wreck, so I stayed up until 2am cleaning and preparing for Sunday brunch with my girls.

Got up early on Sunday to clean some more and cook everything. We regularly do brunches, but this is the first I have ever hosted - actually, it's the first thing I have ever hosted and I was really nervous. Thankfully, it went wonderfully, and we chatted and ate and laughed at my friend's baby interacting with my cats. He loved them, only one of them liked him! Interesting preview of what it will be like when we have kids!

Had a nap, cleaned out my closet (how do I have so many clothes, but nothing to wear?), helped KC a little bit, went to bed early. All in all, great (fabulous) weekend. In a pretty good mood today!

Will do a recap of the comic con soon, but for now, here's today's outfit!

Top: Old Navy (exact, similar, similar)
Skirt: Goodwill (similar, similar)
Necklace: Forever 21 (exact, similar, similar)
Belt: Forever 21 (exact, similar, similar)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Five On Friday #6

Yay Friday! I'm linking up with Darci,  AprilChristinaNatasha and all the girls for my Five on Friday!

1. I am a bit of a mascara junkie. Funny thing is, I'm not very good at actually applying the stuff, but I like them the most out of all the makeup things. What's your favourite? I have tons, but right now am hooked on this one from L'Oreal. 

L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Power Volume 24H Washable Mascara

2.  Oil Pulling. Read about it here.
Uh, What? Have you heard of this? I am intrigued, and might try it! I am very insecure about my teeth, and the whitening strips hurt and don't work! So, why not, right?

3. Burnished Cafe Maple. That is the name of our flooring that arrived yesterday (!!) and that hubby is hopefully installing tomorrow. It's from Lowes, but not online. Boo. It's a huge job, the biggest we have yet to take on, and I am so happy and proud of him. We are getting help from our friends, thank goodness. I can't wait to show the progress of our living room when it's done!

Penny approves of the new flooring. Chelsea just wants to say hey. 

4. Tomorrow I am going to the Louisville Comic Con with my friend and her husband. I am super excited. My friend's husband and I are getting photos with & meeting (if only for 2 seconds) Matt Smith and Karen Gillan - yep, The (11th) Doctor and Amy Pond. To say I am excited is to say the biggest understatement of the century. I have tried to keep mum on it, not jinx it and all that, but ohsfdgjkzbvjhzfdmydhvbmzxdbvgawwwd I am so excited I might.just.squeal. I will, no doubt, post about it. a lot. because. Doctor Who.
Matt Smith, Karen Gillan To Attend Wizard World Louisville Comic Con; First-Ever Fan Dual Photo Ops Saturday, March 29
basically me. found here

5. Go Cards!

I am not gonna pretend I'm some hardcore sports fan, especially not college sports because that would be a lie. I didn't grow up around all of this, though I enjoy any sport live. I'm a UofL fan by default (hubby + best friend = no choice) but I'm not a mean fan, and I've never actually seen a basketball game live. On the bucket list, yo. I really wish I was a UK fan because I look so much better in blue. Just kidding. kinda.
Plus this counts towards today's outfit  post.

Top: Target (not available online, similar)
Cardigan: Old Navy (similar)
Jeans: American Eagle (old, similar)
Flats: Target (similar)

Happy Friday!

PS. Weekly Outfit Collage, cause that's how I roll.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

All the polka dots

Who is obsessed with polka dots?
That would be me. Seriously.
None of the cares given.

Top: DKNY from TJs (similar)
Skirt: Goodwill (similar but there are approx 1000 at your local goodwill, courtesy of the 80s & 90s.)
Shoes: Madeline (similar)

Fun note time: I wore these earrings to my bachelorette party, and the bridal party wore them to the wedding. Fancy schmancy. And they were $3 each. Holla.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Book Review; The Night Circus

Last night I finished The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

See that 'This is a marvellous book' up top?
Audrey Niffenegger is the author of The Time Traveler's Wife, which is a favourite of mine. 

I first spotted this book whilst searching for fun presents for my bridesmaids & MOH. I wanted to put together a ‘basket’ of stuff, so I got them each a book. I got this one for my MOH, who, as far as I know, has not read it yet. I got it because it had great ratings on amazon. I very rarely gift books without reading them first, but honestly, it had been so long since I had read anything that I didn’t have any other ideas. Thankfully, I have returned to my former bookworm self and after re-reading The Book Thief , I started on The Night Circus not long ago.

just hanging with my sheep. does anyone else get really annoyed when the sheep eats a page? BAAAAD SHEEP.

Overall this book was okay. I expected so much more, not because of the reviews but because of the book itself – there truly are spectacular parts of the books that kept me turning the page, dying to know what happened, giggling and crying along with the characters. But there were just too many parts where I wasn't enthralled, bored by too much description about places or people that weren't important.

I don’t particularly enjoy split narrative books. I don’t know why, they kind of bug me. Just as I begin to like a character, interested in their story, it up and changes to someone else. At least in this book, you didn't have to wait that long before your favourite character would return, but it’s still annoying to me. It is not necessarily a drawback, because honestly, how else are you supposed to tell several different points of view? I get it, I just don’t love it.

I felt like the author spent too much time describing everything but her characters, a feeling that many of the reviewers on Amazon share.  I knew far too much about places, tents, dresses.. I never really loved any of the characters, never really felt like I knew them. My favourite characters were Poppet, Widget & Bailey. Bailey interested me so much, and I’m so disappointed with how his story ended. It just wasn’t enough for me. The book could have been written entirely about those three and I would have found it much more interesting.

I especially didn't like Marco, didn't trust him. Celia held promise as a child, now all of a sudden she is this beautiful, confident woman – really? With her upbringing? With such a father? She talks about the stress and how she can’t handle the weight of the circus, but she doesn't act like it – I don’t  understand.

I don’t think the plot is strong enough, the ending made no sense to me – it was so anti climatic, I felt like the book dragged and dragged and then all of sudden in the last couple of chapters so much happened that I couldn't really keep track, there could have been so much taken out of the front and middle parts to spend more time on the ending. Some of the writing repeats itself, one particular part I can’t remember has almost the exact same description as something earlier in the book – so much that I thought I had been given a faulty copy, and they had messed up my book. But further reading showed it was just trying to remind the reader that you’d already been here inthisexactspot much like in the movies where they flashback to earlier in the movie just in case you were too stupid to pick up that Commissioner Gordon was the cop that helped little batman.

Also, I think the highest 3 star rating on Amazon said something about the repeated 'so and so laughs' and it's basically the author laughing at their own witty writing, even when it's not that witty. I don't know why, but the ending with Alexander and Widget annoyed the buggery out of me. Going on and on about stories - all of a sudden Alexander has a personality and we like him? Oh ok, no worries. It annoyed me because it was like the writer was trying to say 'this book, this story should touch your soul, leave a mark on your heart' and it most certainly did not. Maybe the author didn't intend to do that, or make me feel that way, but she did, and it annoyed me. There are definitely books that have become a part of who I am, that I think of daily or have impacted how I live my life - this was not one of them, it felt presumptuous of the author to say that. Gah! I know I'm not making any sense, but there you go.

I expected so much more about the competition, or at least more of a love story. I was very disappointed.

I won’t post this review on Amazon because there are already 2000 or so reviews, most written much more eloquently than I could ever put it. If I did, I would give the book a 3. It wasn’t as bad as some books I have attempted to read (I couldn’t even get past the first page of a certain 50 shades book) but is certainly nowhere near as good as Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, Pride and Prejudice.. any of my favourites. Hell, I’d go so far as to say I enjoyed Twilight more than this book. Yep, I went there. But, I actually enjoyed the Twilight series (don’t stone me). Those books, as well, were not as good as any of my favourite books, but sometimes you want a light read. I’m all for books that get people reading –which Twilight (and 50 shades, blech) did. 

All of this being said, I would probably see the movie if one is made. It really was written visually well, and movies cut things out of books all of the time, so as long as they cut from the front / middle of the book, the ending won't be so weird. Or maybe they'll change the ending completely!

And one last note - I know this came off super negative nancy, I didn't absolutely hate the book, I just felt like it could have been better, and as a reader that disappoints me. I wanted to love this book, it really is a brilliant idea and it makes me sad when a book doesn't end the way I want it to (sup, sookie stackhouse).

Pearls, Lace & Leopard.

The theme of today's outfit is comfy and easy. I went home sick yesterday and still don't feel 100%. So, ease and comfort were today's top priority. I think this outfit would look great with a colourful necklace, but I had to make do with the pearls, as I am lacking in the jewellery department.

top: old navy
pants: portmans (old)
flats: target (similar)
necklace: forever21

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wearing my heart on my .. skirt.

This is the first time I have dared to wear the skirt I made. I don't know exactly what I am scared of, but it's terrifying! I brought a pair of pants to work justincase it fell apart or something.

It needed some colour, I thought a solid coloured long sleeve top would look good, except, I don't really have any! So, I popped on this scarf. Pattern mixing, what what!

Top: Cotton On
Scarf: Express
Skirt: Made By Me
Tights: Target
Shoes: Madeline

Enjoy your day, lovelies!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Feeling French

Yes, I know how absurd that is.

How do you feel French? I have no idea. That's just what popped in my head this morning when I looked in the mirror. Maybe I have been obsessing over our Europe trip a little too much. I don't actually know any French people, I have never been to France, so really, I'm just full of it.

Top: Forever 21 - old
Skirt: Goodwill
Scarf: Target
Shoes: Madeline

After painting, ripping up carpet and all the little staples underneath, I looked like a complete mess all weekend. We went to home depot, where I didn't mind looking like a bum, and then afterwards realized we needed to go to the grocery. So we went, me with paint in my hair and all over my clothes, gross and disgusting from all the work we had been doing. No big deal, really, except we ran into people that KC went to high school with and chatted for a bit. I so badly wanted to tell the girl 'I promise I don't always look like this. I promise I am a girl, and sometimes I look cute'.

I'm sorry Coco. I will do better next time.

So today, I took full advantage of the fact that I don't have to do any more work (today) and dressed as girly as I could.

Take that, stranger in Kroger.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

House Decor Plans & Thoughts

Since we bought our house - okay, even before that - I have been obsessing over how our house would look, what we would fill it with and how pretty it would be. Thanks to HGTV, Pinterest and millions of blogs, there is just so much out there - and it is wonderful. But it is also extremely terrifying and intimidating.

I am an indecisive person by nature, and it's taken me a long time to even know my style in regards to clothes and accessories, let alone how I would decorate a house. I see a pair of jeans on someone, I want them. The exact pair, if I can manage it, or something very similar. Those earrings? Cute, where'd you get them? Tell me, now. Sometimes I can walk by something in a store, not bat an eye, and the next day I will see the same item on someone and somehow that helps me see the item better - and then want it. Does that make sense? It's hard for me to see a pair of jeans on a shelf or in a dressing room and see what they can be. That sounds silly, but it's true. So that's a huge reason why I buy things after I see them on other people. I'm trying to be better about that, because everyone is different and things that look amazing on a stranger might not look, or feel, amazing on me.

So how does an indecisive person decorate a house? I thought it would be so fun. I pinterest-ed for hours, created many boards, read all the blogs.. I am not quite sure of my style, I kind of know what I don't like, but then sometimes I change my mind. I tend to like more expensive things, though I absolutely cannot afford them - champagne taste on a beer budget and all that.

I'm getting to the point I promise. 

You know that laundry makeover post that's all over pinterest? Yeah, this one. I had seen it a bunch of times, pinned it and seen it pinned on all of my friends boards. I have opened the blog post before, had a look at the pictures but last night I actually read it. This particular little snippet had me intrigued:

read the full post here
It was like a light bulb moment. Wait, decorate my house with what I like? Not what's on pinterest? But what if my friends don't like it? What if the internet doesn't like it? Who cares? It's my house. Boom. Light bulb, mind blown, all of the epiphany related cliches. In my head.

Kelly talks more about it in this post. It seriously opened my eyes, in the most ridiculous way. Of course I should decorate my house the way I like it. Ahem, I mean ours and we.

Like I said, I am a pretty indecisive person, so I didn't suddenly know exactly how I want to decorate my house, or what kind of 'theme' or 'style' I was going for. I still look to pinterest and blogs for inspiration, and they are wonderful resources. But now I can look past something that I don't like, and be all I don't care whereas before I thought I should like all of the things just because everyone else did.

Some of the things I don't like, but was trying to convince myself I did?

White couches. Why are these everywhere? The more I saw them, the more I thought I wanted them. After reading Kelly's post I know better. I don't even like white towels, even though I read somewhere I should and now all we have are white towels. And I hate them. I cannot wait to get more, different coloured, any coloured, just coloured towels. How would I deal with couches? I don't want a slipcover I have to wash. No. That's fine for you, and they do look very nice, but it's just not for me and mine. 
found here
I think this is gorgeous. 
However, I know what I am like, and I just know it's not for me. 

Chevron. I don't mind it in small doses. But I don't like large amounts, and I don't like it in home decor - for my home.
found on pinterest with no link. if you know where it's from, holla!
That's a lot of chevron.  I think it looks pretty snazzy, and if you like it and can rock it, all of the power to you. It's too busy for me.

Stripes. I do not like them on the walls, on the floors, the furniture, no no no. But I love stripes on clothes. Like, I have an unhealthy amount of striped things in my closet. Weird.
found here.
I love this blog. She's fabulous. I have learned so much from her blog, and found tons of inspiration.
If I were in her house, I would think this room was so pretty. I would ooh and ahh and feel so fancy if I slept here (it's her guest room, I'm not a creep) but again, its just not for me.

Chalkboard. Maybe it's because I am the least creative person in the world and writing on a chalkboard gives me the heeby jeebies and it always looked so bad when I was in school and had to do it, no matter how hard I tried to be neat.

But, how awesome is Jessica's chalkboard? On a scale from one to ten, I would say twenty.

Burlap. Pallets. Shabby Chic. I am not even sure if Shabby Chic belongs in this category, but there you go. I think this style makes me think of 'country' and there is absolutely, one hundred percent, nothing wrong with that. I see some things on pinterest labeled 'shabby chic' and I do like them, kind of rustic and vintage, and very gorgeous. I applaud those who can pull it off, its just not me, not me, not me.

one from etsy / two and three no sources but if you know, let me know.

What do I like? I know, it doesn't seem like a lot, after that list.


All those bookshelves on pinterest? You know, the ones without books. Or with books organized by colour. That's fabulous. For them. Would drive me batty. We recently bought some bookshelves, fancier than our previous $20 craigslist cardboard thing and I'm excited to fill them up. I want to put some cute little trinkets and stuff on there, but the main feature will be books. Because we have a lot of them, and we want to show them off. I applaud you if you like those bare bookshelves, or if you aren't a book hoarder like hubby & I.

Yesterday I was looking for living room layout ideas (stupid corner fireplace) and I kept seeing a recurring layout. 2 sofas opposite each other.. neither facing the TV. It bugged me. That would put a mighty crick in my neck if I were to watch TV. I don't know why it bugged me, because we are the least TV watching people I know (except in football season). We don't have cable, netflix or anything. But I still want my sofa facing the TV. Just cause.

Grey. All the grey.

Can I paint my entire house grey? Or is that against the rules? We just finished painting our living room with Glidden's 'Fossil Grey' and I love love it. It's really light, which I think really brightens the room up, and won't clash with any future grey furniture purchases (I am hoping to get a grey sofa / sectional).

Kelly actually suggests not to paint first (here), so I apparently screwed up but I don't care. I will keep that in mind for next time (really is a great idea) because I just couldn't handle the yellow any more, and I knew I wanted grey. Although, I think that's why I hate our master bedroom so much, so now instead of picking things to match the paint in there, I'm going to find something I love and then find paint and other things to match that.

But, it will most likely be grey. I love all the greys.

I am just going to pause right here and point out the above picture. Whenever I think about how I want my master bedroom to look, this comes to mind. Like, the front of my mind with a blaring fog horn pointing out that I love every single thing about this room. That bedding. I want. Unfortunately it is far too expensive for my husband me to purchase. I have dreams about this bedding. Every single thing about this room is perfect, and if I could replicate it I would in a heartbeat. Maybe one day!


know the source? i found on indulgy

Now really, can I paint my entire house grey? Someone tell me if that is okay.

White. I love all the white things. Just not towels or couches. Ha! Bookshelves, pitchers, frames, owls (I promise I liked owls before they were cool.. just ask my mum),  furniture.. I love the clean, crisp, brightness of white. I like how it contrasts with our (soon to have) dark floors and dark sofa. We have white kitchen cabinets, but they aren't the bright white you see all over pinterest, so I am hoping to update them soon.

from z gallerie. someone want to buy these for me? i want them, but ugh shipping.

I absolutely love this room, as I have mentioned before. We got the exact same bookshelves after obsessing over this post and I can't wait to get them up and full of stuff!

no source. boo.
And I also like colour. Not a lot, it kind of overwhelms me and I eventually get tired of it. I  like pops of it all over the shop.


no source.


Speaking of all over the shop, I have no theme in my 'style' Seriously. This stuff is hard.

This post was super long. I guess I just really wanted to put it out there that I am okay with not pleasing the internet, and decorating for myself (and my hubby, but unless I deck everything in pink he doesn't care). I just want my house to feel welcoming, warm and lived in. So that's my style. Lived in. Feel free to steal it!