Friday, February 28, 2014

Five On Friday #2

I'm linking up with AprilChristinaNatasha and the gang again for my second Five on Friday! So let's jump straight into it.

1. thredUP. 
go. now. fun.
Am I the last to find out about how awesome thredUP is? I first stumbled across its loveliness whilst reading the hilarity that is The Camp (if you don't know who I am talking about, go. Now. I'll wait.) and I admit I was not taken with the style of the website. I find eBay is a lot more user friendly, but I thought eBay was difficult when I first started, so I made myself go back and look for more. It's hard not to look for specific things, but also kind of brilliant - because I found some things that I probably wouldn't have searched for otherwise. Now, don't get me wrong - eBay is still my lover, and goodwill my mistress. But it never hurts to have extra avenues!

Apparently, thredUP has some sort of referral thing, and you get a certain amount off by clicking on someone's referral code - I'm not 100% sure but I clicked through Camp's link and when I went to check out I had a $10 off coupon in my cart.  Booyah. Also, check out retail me not- I think I saw a 30% off your first purchase.  So, I was gonna get 2 skirts (Talbots & Liz Claiborne) for about $18, with $10 off it was $7 something - and then I had $1 in my paypal balance for some reason so it was only $6 something out of my bank account. You guys, that's like goodwill prices. Not even eBay is that good. Includes shipping and taxes and everything. 

2. Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish
walgreens / drugstore
Hi, I am officially the worst nail polish painter in the world. Nice to meet you! 

I am not even joking. Horrible. I don't think I have ever painted my nails and not removed them immediately because they looked horrible, or I ruined them by smudging or something. But I am trying to take more pride in my overall appearance which includes but is not limited to fashion, hair, makeup and nails. I don't want to spend a lot on anything, and I was browsing my other home when I saw these. Small, cute, pretty and less than $2 each. So I picked up the four you see in the middle (L-R: sweet lavender, stand to attention, mintilicious and caramel cupcake) and went on my merry way. I used the purple last week and the red this week. Seriously, all week. They are a little chipped right now, but it's Friday and normally by Monday half of my nails would be ruined and I would have removed it by noon. So yeah, I am pretty stoked. I am going to buy some more, and maybe next week I will rock the mint! 

3. All things mint!

Nail polish, clothes, accessories.. Obsessed with mint right now, except anything that is mint flavoured. Yuck.
how cute are these? i want. from asos.
no source. but i love all the things.
old navy cardi

ermygawd. polka dots and mint y'all. gimmie. 2bstores.
it's a pity winter is almost over - right?!? please tell me winter is almost over.
otherwise, i might buy this scarf from sole society.
pretty, pretty, so so pretty from forever21.

4. Europe Planning.

I love to plan. Once I said to KC 'I wrote this plan for ..' and he laughed and said 'you, plan? no way'. I think he was being sarcastic.

So, naturally, before we have even left for our trip to Australia, I have already planned our Europe trip - possibly, hopefully, fingers crossed it happens - in 2015.

Here's what I have planned.

Dublin. It's oodles cheaper to fly from KY to Dublin than it is to fly to London. So, duh. Cheaper is better. Plus, Dublin? Yes please.
London. I have been to London twice - it was my first overseas trip and I went with my Nana to visit my family. I got tons of sightseeing in as well, and it was an amazing experience. The second time was with KC and our friends. He was sick for a lot of the time, and while he enjoyed himself, he is not super keen on going back. I am adamant that I can make him love this city as much as I do. Also, I haven't seen my family in almost 7 years.
France. I am most excited to see you. I have wanted to go for so long, I don't care if it is cliche or overrated or any of the things. I want to. Excuse me while I cry over the beauty of this wonderful country.
Italy. Another country I am so very excited to see. It looks absolutely amazing and beautiful, and the food. We shall eat the food.
Berlin. I'm not gonna lie, the next 2 cities are mainly for KC. Of course, I want to see them as well, but I am more excited about the above places and would rather spend more time in them than trying to do to much in too little time. He is not too excited and wanting to do this Europe trip like I am. But when the boy gives an opinion, I make note and make sure it happens, because it doesn't happen often. And I'm not taking my places off the list!

Amsterdam. Ok, who wouldn't want to see this awesome city?

Alright you guys, that is my Europe planning so far - as far as destinations go, anyway. I have already decided which areas and most of the hotels, as long as nothing changes too much between now and 2015 (ha!). I am so excited. I am more excited for this than I am for Australia - though I'm sure the Australia excitement will rear it's head soon.

5.  Pride and Prejudice.

Random, possibly. The best thing on this list? By far. Jokes.

My love affair with pride and prejudice started when I was about 17, and it is a strong one.

I love all things pride and prejudice. I may have mentioned that previously. I love the book, the BBC series, the Keira Knightley movie – I even like Lost in Austen, the spin offs and sequels (ahem..) and love Bridget Jones. Don’t judge me.

I can literally have the Keira Knightley movie playing on repeat for 2 weeks straight. In fact, I have. I had 2 weeks in between jobs, and I would start it in the morning and stop it when KC got home. I wouldn’t pay 100% attention, but I would fold the washing, muck about on the internet, make lunch etc whilst it was on. Every now and again, I’d look up and watch it like I’d never seen it before. Seriously. I love it. It’s not so much the movie I love, although I do love it, it’s the characters and the story that I’m in love with. As I am sure millions of people are. Jane Austen’s books aren’t classics for nothing.

Anywho. So for all my other Jane Austen fans out there, here are some of my favourite pride and prejudice things :
left / right
i love the idea of framing these somewhere - like the master bedroom. 
one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine.
i want all of these bags, and especially want that mug.

Boom. Second Five on Friday Done. Holla.

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