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Vegas Honeymoon: Recap

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I had been to Vegas before (once with Trek America, once with my mum), KC had not. It was also our first vacation just the two of us. We have been on vacation together before to Disneyland, London, DC & Gatlinburg but never just the two of us, and we'd also never flown together. So, I was super excited. Also, was curious to see how the seating would work... I'm a window girl, KC is all about the aisle...

We stayed at The Signature at MGM Grand. Fanciest place we've ever stayed! It was amazing. The front desk lady was so friendly, she upgraded us to a penthouse with a view of the strip when she found out we were on our honeymoon. I was not expecting that from Vegas - I bet they get a lot of newlyweds there.

We arrived late afternoon, and our first trip was to Target - we were there for 8 nights and wanted to get some groceries so we could eat some meals in the hotel. Mostly to save money, but also with my gluten free issues, and both of our aversions to eating too much fast food, it was just going to be smarter to do so. We do this on pretty much every holiday - I like having breakfast in the hotel, having snacks on hand and not eating junk the whole time. I'm all about treating myself, but I don't want to feel like a truck ran over me whilst trying to enjoy my holiday!

After groceries, we walked up and down the strip and grabbed a drink from Paris Las Vegas.

The next day, we got up bright and early and walked from our hotel to Circus Circus where Adventuredome is. I had read about it and was super excited to let my inner child run free at the indoor amusement park. The walk was a bit over 2 miles and we made a couple stops to get inside air conditioning, and to take photos. We weren't worried about the walk, though we probably should have been. 2 miles is nothing to walk for either of us, but in the middle of Vegas summer with little to no cover for most of the walk - it was hot, and we both got a little sun burned from it.

If you are considering going to the Adventuredome (whether you walk or take a taxi!) my advice would be to skip it. It was $30 each, there were only a handful of rides appropriate for adults (who like to act like children) and they just weren't that good. I love Disneyland and Disney World, so I really do enjoy acting like a child, but this was just not a fun time. I was very disappointed. We were probably there for 2 hours, max. We rode the roller coaster 3 or 4 times to get our moneys worth, as each ride is $8 each if you don't get the day pass. 

That night, we went to see Penn & Teller at the Rio. We bought our tickets from and saved about $50 each. Well worth checking out that website for shows and things if you are heading to Vegas. The show was hilarious, and I will admit, I was super excited to see them both after being a die hard Sabrina the Teenage Witch fan back in the day!  I definitely recommend adding Penn & Teller to your entertainment if you're visiting Vegas. Also, they both hang out in the lobby after the show, and you get to meet them! Its not an organised line, you just kind of swarm them and wait for your turn to take a photo. But they are both super professional and obviously do this almost every night, so I don't think we were waiting very long at all. I would have waited much longer - this is Penn & Teller, people! How awesome is it that they hang out after the show - can you name anyone else that does that?

The next day we wandered around again, no real purpose. Then we went to see Absinthe at Caesars Palace. This was, by far, our favorite show. If you see one show in Vegas, make it this one! I totally stole that from somewhere, but there is no better way to say it! It was entertaining, hilarious and just all around a fabulous show. I was worried KC wouldn't like any of the shows, but he was almost falling off his seat laughing and enjoying it as much as I was. Although - please be aware this is 100% not meant for children, or those with a more mature sense of humor. Read the reviews on Yelp for more information.

The next day we caught up on laying by the pool before the Matchbox 20 & Goo Goo Dolls concert at Mandalay Bay. I was soooooooo excited for this show, you have no idea. I loved both of these bands (still do) when I was a teenager, and was never able to see them in Australia. So when I found out they were going to be in Vegas the same time as us, how could I pass it up? And they did not disappoint. They were both fabulous! It was so much fun to sing along to songs that took me back to those years - ten years ago, though it doesn't feel like it! I even teared up a bit when the Goo Goo Dolls played Here Is Gone - seriously my favorite song of theirs, was obsessed with it as a youngen, and it took me back so hard and fast - no other way to explain it. It made me so happy and sad at the same time. I didn't have the best time in high school (who did?) and I am so much happier than I ever thought I would be, which is fabulous, but sad to think I was such a debbie downer at such a young age. If I could only go back and tell myself to lighten up, high school is so easy compared to the rest of life. But I digress. Concert = amazing.

We definitely slacked from taking photos for the next couple of days. We went shopping, relaxed and indulged our lazy sides (it rained the night of the concert and the next day), went to see Jersey Boys (aahhhhmmmazzziiinggg! we were easily the youngest people in the audience, and the loudest sing along-ers!) and Zumanity (very good, hilarious, much like Absinthe in adult humor, but a bit more 'sensual' than Absinthe).

So that's it, our honeymoon! We had such a good time. I think Vegas is such a fun destination. Neither of us are gamblers or big drinkers, we were probably in bed by midnight each night and played the slot machines a couple of times whilst waiting on a show. There is so much more to do there than get drunk and gamble - unless that's what you want to do, if so - go for it! Also, I saw so many people with kids and babies - Vegas can be such a family friendly place and we are definitely going to take our future kidlets there. I just don't think that some of the shows are kid appropriate, but there is so much more to do - they might even enjoy Adventuredome more than we did.

On another note, I have been bitten by the travel bug again. I want to see the world so much. Europe is next on the list, and of course, Australia so KC can see my 'hood and my family. 

Until next time..

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  1. Looks like you had a blast! Ew, yeah, Adventuredome is gross. Haha! The shows you went to look great! We always head to a store to pick up food and drinks for the hotel too. You get healthier food and spend less money!


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