Saturday, May 4, 2013

139th Kentucky Oaks

Yesterday was the 139th Kentucky Oaks, and I went with KC and our friends. It was a great day - last year we went to the Kentucky Derby, but decided to switch it up this year. Last year was stinking hot and I stupidly wore heels and an all black outfit. This year - I was smarter, and so was the weather. 

2012 & 2013

Here are some more pictures from our day at Kentucky Oaks!

yep, we tailgated.

Yep - not only did we tailgate, we did shots.

The official color of the Kentucky Oaks is pink. This is both in honor of the official flower, the stargazer lily, and for breast cancer awareness.

I chose the occasion to try out - I definitely recommend checking them out if you haven't already. I wore the Floral Ruffle Getaway Maxi Dress and it was perfect - I wish I owned this dress. I will definitely be using rent the runway again. 

My bangle is by Harper & Olive - I love this bangle and wear it all the time. They make such fabulous bangles, I have so many more I want to buy.

Yesterday was a fantastic day, and we had tons of fun. The only downfall - after one too many drinks, I attempted to take a photo on my (brand new!) iPhone, and dropped it on the incredibly mean brick ground. The iPhone screen did not survive. I was very upset, I've owned 3 iPhones in the past and dropped them too many times to count and they have all survived. KC is going to order me a replacement screen and fix it for me, and the phone itself still works, so I guess it could be worse.

Today is Derby day - KC and I went to The Fishery for lunch (fish and chips; yum!) and cleaned our apartment from top to bottom. Doctor Who is on tonight, and I'm very excited. All in all, a perfect weekend! Happy Derby everyone!