Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our First DIY Project: Dresser to TV Stand

We were by no means the first to think of this nifty DIY project. I, of course, got the idea from Pinterest. 

After moving into our first apartment in November 2012, we had very little furniture, and picked things up as we went. A bookcase here, a kitchen table there.. Thanks Craigslist :) What I really wanted, and was very picky about - was a good TV stand. Which is funny, because we don't watch a lot of TV, but I guess its a pretty focal piece of furniture.

Regardless, I just couldn't find anything I liked. I wanted something tall, not black and not metal. Once I had stumbled across the dresser into TV stand idea on Pinterest, I was hooked. I checked Craigslist so many times for the perfect dresser, and it took months of our TV being on a folding card table before I found one I liked, that wasn't outrageously priced.

KC was a bit hard to convince, but once I forced the issue, we came home with this bad boy.

Craigslist; $50
Its wood laminate, which is fine by me. It was in really good shape, except for a few nicks on the top. No matter, because we were going to sand and paint anyway. 

I got the bright idea to paint it white, I thought it would really brighten up our living room.

First we went to Lowes to get some painting tools (first DIY project y'all), primer, paint and wood for the shelves we were going to make. 

The sides of the dresser are actually doors, which I thought was perfect. We took the drawers out, and got to sanding away.

My handyman.
We didn't do a hardcore sanding job as the dresser really didn't need it, and we'd read as long as you used the primer that we got, there was no need. So then we got to priming. We used this stuff:

We were planning on only leaving the primer to dry for about 24 hours, but we got caught up doing something the next day, and then the weather was really gross and rainy for awhile. I was at work one day when KC decided to finish our project. He painted the whole thing himself, so I didn't get any photos.

Once the paint had dried, we installed our shelves. We used the holes that were in place already for the drawers. We had painted the shelves already, after Lowes graciously cut them to size for us.

Then we drilled a hole in the back so that the cords for our electronics could get through. We also added some door holdy things - what are they called? They make sure those doors stay closed. You know what I'm talking about... door catches! (thanks google)

And here is the final product, in our living room! Sorry for the not so great photo.

I am super proud of us, I really like the end product, though its not exactly what I had pictured. But its our first DIY project, and we learned a lot - like, take the doors off when painting. Pretty common sense, but we thought we would be ok.... not so.

I am planning on getting some wicker baskets for the bottom part, to store things like remotes and whatnot. We don't have a lot of stuff in our apartment, so right now, even those two side doors are empty.

This will definitely be going in the basement of our future house. And yes, that is a towel under the TV - the paint was showing marks really easily (??) so I want to get a table runner or something to bring in some color and also protect the paint. Or maybe I will just leave the towel there.

So there you have it, our first DIY project. Here's to many more!


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  2. I love DIY people because I’m one of them. It can be a fun and rewarding adventure that will enable you to save a ton of money.
    Very good write up and those are great projects you did.
    DIY is in my blood because my Grandfather was a self-employeed painter/carpenter for over 50 years. I started learning the trade when I was 10 years old. Those are lessons at will last a lifetime.

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  4. Wow, that's a steal if you bought that from Craigslist for only fifty bucks! Really nice to see DIY projects completed. It inspires everybody to follow! Did you have to use any high-powered tools like the palm sander?

    1. nope! did it by hand. which is probably why it didn't last more than a year lol

  5. For a first DIY project the result was more than excellent Kristen! It reminds me of my cousin's first renovation piece although she roughed it up in the end (Shabby Chic style). It's always a pleasure to see people getting into woodworking, great work!


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